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Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


There are over seventy million Portuguese people all over the world. Considering that our country is home to just about ten million, you can imagine coming across a Portuguese citizen or person of Portuguese descent in different corners of the world is not that hard. 

Central Europe is one of the regions where, historically, the Portuguese have traveled to in search of a better life. If France has always been a popular destination for Portuguese immigrants, so have been the neighboring regions of Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Belgium is a country where people from many nationalities have established their home, and where the Portuguese are one of the biggest European immigrant groups, accounting for more than 50,000 residents. In Luxembourg, on the other hand, Portuguese folks make up more than 16% of the population and are known as Portuguese Luxembourgers or, in Portuguese language, as Lusoburguêses. But it is in Switzerland that the Portuguese immigration definitely stands out. With almost a quarter of a million Portuguese people living in the Swiss territory, you bet our culture, traditions and food are well represented around here!


Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


If you live or are traveling in Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland, you can still taste authentic Portuguese food and wines. These are the best places to do so:


Best Portuguese restaurants in Belgium




Brasserie Alegria Portugal

Visit Brasserie Alegria for a delicious complete meal paired with Portuguese wine, or simply for a beer or a coffee. Alegria was started by a Portuguese family with roots in the beautiful fishing village of Peniche. As such, you can expect attention and care that reflects in a beautiful fish and seafood menu. If you want to enjoy typical dishes such as the traditional fish stew known in Portuguese as caldeirada de peixe, make sure to book and ask for it in advance!

📍Ter Rivierenlaan 70, 2100 Antwerp

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Casa de Sabores

Small restaurant for patrons with a big appetite! Enjoy authentic Portuguese dishes at Casa de Sabores. Their menu features typical specialities from our country but is particularly enticing for fish and seafood lovers. Don’t miss the clams in white wine sauce or the grilled sardines when the season comes around. During the summer months, take advantage of their back terrace and enjoy your dinner al fresco!

📍Veerledorp 64, 2431 Veerle, Antwerp




Au Cor de Chasse

Traditional restaurant with representations of some of the best regional foods from across Portugal. Following a slow food philosophy, Au Cor de Chasse focuses on local, seasonal and fair trade products, which they believe are healthier and more sustainable too. As the restaurant’s chef is originally from Brazil, alongside Portuguese staples such as grilled sardines or seafood rice, you will also find Brazilian classics like feijoada, that is, beans and meat stew.

📍Av. des Casernes 21, 1040 Etterbeek

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Barco Rabelo

This Belgian-Portuguese restaurant opened its doors in 2019 and is a tribute to the boats that used to transport Port wine in the Douro river back in the 13th century – that’s what the name Barco Rabelo literally stands for, rabelo boat. Here you can taste dishes from all over the Portuguese territory, with a distinct home-made taste that delights patrons that keep coming back to enjoy beautiful food in a familiar atmosphere. Apart from a complete menu featuring recipes with salted cod, seafood and meats, they also have special dishes that can be ordered in advance for special occasions. Those include the festive cataplana and caldeirada, a rich fish stew.

📍Waversesteenweg 2045, 1160 Oudergem

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Café Portugal

Café Portugal is so full of life! More than a café, this establishment is a complete restaurant serving traditional dishes from Portugal such as tripas, pork intestine stew, secretos, grilled Iberian black pork loin, favas, lima bean stew with meats or feijoada, beans and meat stew. More than a place to eat at, Café Portugal brings the Portuguese community of Brussels together to hang out and, in a very Portuguese fashion, watch football matches on TV together!

📍Av. de la Couronne 106, 1050 Ixelles


Chez Sebastiao – O Bifanas

Sebastião Garcia is so passionate about Portuguese food that he wanted to start his own restaurant to share the best Portuguese flavors and hospitality with Brussel’s residents. This is how O Bifanas came to be, as a self-appointed “Ambassador of Portugal in Belgium”. Expect a comprehensive food menu with plenty of choices or spoil yourself by ordering the “menu du chef” or “menu gourmand” for a tasting of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. 

📍Rue des Dominicains 30, 1000 Brussels



Traditional Portuguese cuisine restaurant founded in 1977. When a restaurant has been open for almost four decades, in a city where there’s no shortage of Portuguese establishments or citizens, you know Coimbra is doing something good! Honest food in a typical atmosphere translates into a very pleasant and decidedly Portuguese experience in Brussels.

📍Avenue Jean Volders 54, 1060 Brussels

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Don Luis

Don Luis serves Portuguese food with its own touch. Their so-called “reinvented dishes” focus on traditional flavors with a twist. Explore their selection of regional cheeses and charcuterie for starters, and complete your meal with a salted cod dish, Arouquesa meat or a Francesinha. Even though Don Luis is all about modern Portuguese cuisine, conventual desserts from Portugal also make it into their menu for a sweet ending.

📍Av. Clays 107, 1030 Schaerbeek



At Pessoa you are spoiled for choice! Not only is their menu quite extensive, they also offer a variety of rotating weekly dishes for lunch, which you can learn of in advance following their Facebook page. The food is good, the prices are fair and the portions are generous. When all of that comes together in a colorful and warm atmosphere, you certainly feel that this is a bonafide Portuguese restaurant, independently of where in the world it may be!

📍Chau. de Boondael 4, 1050 Ixelles




Portus Cale

Genuine Portuguese cuisine, focusing on meat and fish dishes, with particular emphasis on grills. At Portus Cale you can expect the original taste of Portugal in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Besides food, Portus Cale has an interesting drinks menu, featuring quite a variety of Ports worth exploring if you’re into Portuguese fortified wines .

📍Chau. de Bruxelles 139, 6040 Charleroi




Uma Marisqueira

This seafood restaurant is popularly regarded as one of the best Portuguese restaurants in Belgium. With locations in Portugal, Spain and Belgium, Uma is an institution for Portuguese seafood dishes. Their menu features several seafood specialities but their star dish is arroz de marisco, a sauce enriched with fish, crustaceans, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

📍Oudburg 54, 9000 Ghent

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland





If you find yourself in the Belgian city of Leuven and craving food from Portugal, this Italian-Portuguese is your only bet. Besides pizza and pasta servings, PortoGalo offers a lovely selection of Portuguese dishes like salted cod, pork meat with clams, and even pastel de nata with Licor Beirão for a sweet ending.

📍Zeelstraat 4, 3000 Leuven




Caves du Portugal

Caves du Portugal serves a mix of traditional Portuguese food and Brazilian rodízio, that is, all-you-can-eat meats. Even though this could make us suspect this may not be an authentic restaurant, this is actually not the case and Caves du Portugal is a great representation of what Portuguese food is all about, in the heart of Liège by the canal. Very much worth a visit!

📍Rue Pied-du-Pont-des-Arches 2, 4000 Liège



Best Portuguese restaurants in Luxembourg



Lovers of Portuguese cuisine can come to Bodega to feast on typical dishes based on the much beloved salted cod, or other specialities like chanfana (goat and red wine stew) and grilled octopus. From Monday to Friday you can take advantage of the lunch menu featuring a variety of Portuguese dishes at a friendly price.

📍​​5 Rue du Cure, 1368 Luxembourg


Chez Bacano

Come to Chez Bacano for good Portuguese food and, above all, for excellent cuts of meat and the popular grilled prawns. Opened in 1975, Chez Bacano has had time to establish a good reputation in the competitive Portuguese restaurant scene of Luxembourg. 

📍​​372B Rte de Thionville, 5884 Hesperange, Luxembourg


Churrasqueira Lurdes

Straightforward Portuguese grill house that focuses on dishes for take-away. The menu with fish and meats keeps changing and is regularly announced on their Facebook page. Besides the usual piri-piri chicken you will find in most Portuguese churrasqueiras, you can take your tastings further with grilled octopus, squid, sea bream and more!

📍​45 rue de Strasbourg, Luxembourg


Jardin Du Portugal

Great food, friendly staff, very generous portions and inexpensive good quality wine – this is what this Portuguese garden in Luxembourg is known for! No wonder Jardin Du Portugal is so popular that reservations are recommended. Come here to feast Portuguese style!

📍​​33 Av. de la Gare, 9233 Diekirch, Luxembourg


Lisboa II

This is as close to the Portuguese capital you are bound to get while in Luxembourg! Since 1999, Lisboa II allows you to discover the flavors of Portuguese gastronomy, via dishes such as roasted suckling pig, as well as cod and seafood specialities. This Portuguese haven in Luxembourg will feel even closer to Portugal as you explore the drinks list with carefully selected Portuguese wines.

📍​​90 Dernier Sol, 2543 Luxembourg

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Madeira Stuff

As its name suggests, this restaurant invites you to come and taste its Portuguese specialties from the island of Madeira. Madeira Stuff serves typical island dishes but also specialities from across Portugal. Nonetheless, in a country where there are lots of Portuguese restaurants, it’s great to come across a unique restaurant serving different dishes!

📍​​2-4 Rue du Pont, 2344 Luxembourg

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


O Luso

Traditional Portuguese cuisine served in a friendly and family style setting. Apart from the a la carte menu, they offer themed menus for parties and also grilled chicken to go every day of the week. O Luso is also a great option for weekdays, as they offer a convenient and pocket friendly lunch menu from Monday to Friday.

📍​​21 Rue de Bonnevoie, 1260 Luxembourg



Tapas, cocktails and Portuguese main dishes are what you come to Piri-Piri for! This trendy Portuguese restaurant in Luxembourg offers down-to-earth traditional Portuguese food in a contemporary atmosphere. Because pairing your grilled octopus with a gin and tonic can taste very good indeed!

📍​​33 Av. John F. Kennedy, 1855 Luxembourg


Restaurant Beirão

Contemporary Portuguese restaurant in Dommeldange, Luxembourg. Besides the permanent a la carte menu, you can follow their Facebook page to find out about their daily specials. This will give you the opportunity of enjoying a great “menu du jour” consisting of soup or salad, main dish and dessert for an attractive price. 

📍44 Rue des Hauts-Fourneaux, 1719 Luxembourg


Restaurant Fleur de Sel

Portuguese and Brazilian specialities are served side by side in this rodízio style restaurant. Hot and cold appetizers (do not miss out on the whelks, which aren’t easy to find outside Portugal!), cod dishes, meat skewers, and prime cuts of meat. On the sweeter side of things, the egg pudim with a touch of fleur de sel to contrast with the caramel is a top choice!

📍25 Rue Joseph Junck, 1839 Luxembourg


Restaurant Odéon

For over 19 years, owner Carlos is proud to bring the best Portuguese flavors to Luxembourg. As a traditional Portuguese restaurant, Odéon’s menu features mostly fish and meat dishes. During the week, a set menu of soup plus main dish is offered for an accessible fee. Restaurant Odéon is a good option not only for a good Portuguese meal, but also for group events and celebrations. Great Portuguese food and attentive staff come together to offer customers a delicious and welcoming experience.

📍10 Rue Munchen-Tesch, 2173 Luxembourg



Best Portuguese restaurants in Switzerland





This establishment markets itself as a “Portuguese food concept”, working as a restaurant, tapas & wine, and coffee bar. Depending on the moment of the day or your mood, Spark can provide different experiences, always with the best of Portuguese flavors. They regularly organize themed events with food and drinks tastings, such as evenings dedicated to tapas and wine pairings.

📍Güterstrasse 166, CH-4053 Basel




Delicias do Algarve

Portuguese restaurant concentrating on grills, including themed days with all-you-can-eat roasted suckling pig. At Delicias do Algarve tasty food is made fun with events that also include live music, DJs or karaoke. A festive atmosphere that will help diners shake it up and burn the calories of the generous portions of traditional Portuguese food that are served around here! 

📍Niesenstrasse 9, Interlaken 3800




Le Portugais 

This is, no more no less, than ​​the first ever Portuguese restaurant outside our own country. It was founded by ​​José and Sotera Martins in 1973. Over the decades, Le Portugais has attracted a lot of attention from critics, the press and, of course, regular customers who visit this Geneva institution of Portuguese food!

📍Bd du Pont-d’Arve 59, 1205 Geneva

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Restaurant D. Duarte

Typical Portuguese restaurant with a very complete menu of traditional dishes such as cod fritters, Francesinha, Alentejo style pork meat with clams and, of course, several salted cod dishes. If you’re truly hungry and with company, we recommend ordering the Terra & Mar set, a true feast that includes beef, pork, lamb, chorizo, salmon, shrimps, sautéed cabbage and potatoes. 

📍Rue du Môle 5, 1201 Geneva

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Zé do Pipo

This is a great place for Portuguese peri-peri chicken in Geneva, but not only that. Besides the ultra popular grilled dish, at Zé do Pipo you can also taste other meat and fish dishes, including bacalhau à Zé do Pipo, an oven baked cod dish with a thick mayonnaise layer, originally from the north of Portugal.

📍Rue de Lausanne 57, 1202 Geneva




Casa Dão Lafões

Even though this restaurant is more than 2000 kilometers away from Portugal, and located in the picturesque town of Hägglingen, it almost makes you feel like you’re in small-town Portugal. Casa Dão Lafões specializes in the beloved spit roasted suckling pig, cooked Bairrada style. Joaquim Sousa and his family have been welcoming diners for fiery meats and more, since 2014.

📍Zentrumstrasse 9 CH, 5607 Hägglingen

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland




Churrasqueira Lausannoise

This small family restaurant serving Portuguese specialties opened quite recently, in 2020, but has already gathered very positive reviews. Everything you’ll taste at Churrasqueira Lausannoise is home-made and prepared by Vitor, originally from Porto. At his restaurant Vitor likes to cook “the flavors that remind him of his childhood”, including Francesinha, bifana, cod dishes and more!

📍Rue du Tunnel 14, 1005 Lausanne

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


La Pyramide

La Pyramide’s chef invites you to discover a variety of Portuguese cuisine, alongside other Mediterranean specialties. Open seven days a week, this is a great place for celebrations, with a capacity of up to 250 people. 

📍Rte de Chavannes 35, 1007 Lausanne





A culinary journey around Portugal, without leaving the heart of Lucerne. Carefully prepared dishes served in a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. Oliveira’s is more than a place to eat at, it’s a place to indeed savour Portugal, in more ways than just with your palate!

📍Weystrasse 12, 6006 Lucerne

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland






Typical Portuguese restaurant with an extensive menu of fish and meat dishes. On Sundays they prepare special roast recipes such as suckling pig or lamb, as well as tripas, a pork intestine and white beans stew from Porto, and Cozido à Portuguesa.

📍Fahrweidstrasse 54, 8951 Geroldswil



Best Portuguese cafés and bakeries in Belgium




Pastelaria Doce Tentação

Unassuming Portuguese pastelaria in Antwerp. Their online presence isn’t great, but you can certainly count on Pastelaria Doce Tentação for a comforting cup of coffee and pastel de nata. Also a great spot for a more complete Portuguese breakfast or snack, with a variety of delicious Portuguese cakes and sandwiches.

📍Van Maerlantstraat 29, 2060 Antwerp




Forcado Pastelaria Portuguesa

Artisanal Portuguese pastry shop founded in 1982, with stores in the Brussels neighborhoods of Saint-Gilles and Uccle. Forcado makes some of the most popular and egg loaded Portuguese pastries, but also gluten and dairy free options. Their star product is the pastel de nata, but besides the traditional recipe they have also developed new flavors including biscuits and Port wine. Take away or enjoy at their café with a coffee or a Portuguese fruit drink like Compal or Sumol.

📍Chaussée de Charleroi 196, 1060 Saint-Gilles

📍Chaussée de Waterloo 1210, 1180 Uccle

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Patisserie Garcia

One of the most authentic and well established Portuguese bakeries in Brussels, Garcia is a true institution for those with a sweet tooth in the Belgian capital. The Garcia Family has been bringing the most irresistible Portuguese sweets to Belgians and Portuguese immigrants in the country since 1990. No matter what you order first, leaving Patisserie Garcia without trying a pastel de nata could almost be considered a sin! But then again the pastel de feijão and the bolo de arroz are also so, so good!…

📍Avenue de la Couronne, 75 1050 Ixelles

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland





Beluso opened its doors with the goal of “promoting Portugal abroad”, more specifically to the residents of Ghent. Apart from offering the usual savory and sweet snacks a Portuguese pastelaria would normally have, Beluso also serves light lunches featuring sandwiches such as bifana or Iberian ham with Serra da Estrela cheese, served in good company with Portuguese beer.

📍Kortrijksepoortstraat 5, 9000 Ghent




Andorinha – Fabrique de Pastéis de Nata

Andorinha produces artisanal pastel de nata baked to order. They don’t have a physical store and operate on pick-up or delivery basis. Their menu includes nothing but the popular Portuguese pastry, which comes in seven different flavors: original, cinnamon, spéculoos, dark chocolate, coconut, praliné and apple-cinnamon. Order by the unit or splurge in one of their mixed packs!





Best Portuguese cafés and bakeries in Luxembourg


Pomme Cannelle

Carla and Graciela Gomes started Pomme Cannelle in 2014, to offer its customers a Portuguese pastry shop experience almost as if they were in Portugal itself! Pomme Cannelle houses a bakery, pastry shop and restaurant and, with its doors open from 6AM until the evening, it is perfect for a Portuguese style breakfast, light lunch or afternoon snack.

📍100 Rue de Bonnevoie, 1260 Luxembourg



Best Portuguese cafés and bakeries in Switzerland




Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Bessa

With a network of 16 bakeries throughout French-speaking Switzerland, chances are you come across a Bessa bakery as you explore this part of the country. Apart from personalized cakes for special occasions, Bessa sells the usual pastries you’d find at any given Portuguese pastelaria: pastel de nata, pão de Deus, Berlim balls, and more. On the savory side of things, choose a typical chorizo bread or bifana sandwich.

📍16 locations across Switzerland, including Geneva:


Boulangerie Só Mel

This Portuguese bakery offers a wide choice of sweet and savory creations, from sweet pastéis de nata to crispy savory rissoles with prawns. Friendly services and all kinds of Portuguese cakes makes Só Mel a regular address for pastry lovers in Geneva.

📍52 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva


Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland



O Bom Gosto

O Bom Gosto bakery was founded by Mr. Fernando Lopes, who, leaving primary school at the age of 12, began an apprenticeship as a baker in a bakery in a small village in Portugal. Ten years later he moved to Geneva, where after working in different bakeries he finally managed to start his own pastry shop in 1989. O Bom Gosto has been going strong ever since, and is a reference for Portuguese cakes for the Portuguese community of Geneva.

📍Rue des Asters 4, 1202 Geneva




Nata Café

As its name suggests, Nata Café is a specialist in Portuguese pastries, namely the iconic pastel de nata. Besides Portuguese custard tarts that come in regular or mini sizes, individually or in packs, Nata Café also sells a small selection of full sized cakes, as well as other traditional Portuguese pastries like brioche croissants, Berlim balls and guardanapo, a sponge cake filled with egg cream folded into a triangle, just like a napkin (that’s what guardanapo literally means in Portuguese).

📍Bahnhofstrasse 28, 8703 Erlenbach



Where to buy Portuguese foods and wine in Belgium





Founded in 1997, Alimentar specializes in importing Portuguese wines to Belgium, while also commercializing selected food stuffs. Besides a cash&carry service, Alimentar is also a distributor with a catalog of over 800 Portuguese items. Some of their most important products are the wines from renowned Portuguese brands such as Adega Cooperativa de Borba and Adega Cooperativa Regional de Monção, famous for the production of vinho verde.

📍Rue Hector Genard 14, 1070 Brussels


Casa Peixoto

This store markets itself as “Portugal’s little corner in Saint-Gilles”, in Brussels. As a good Portuguese corner, its shelves are full of some of the most sought-after products from our country. We’re talking wines and beers, charcuterie, confections, dry goods and, of course, salted cod. Visiting Casa Peixoto in Belgium is almost like going to a typical neighborhood grocery store in any given Portuguese town!

📍Chau. de Waterloo 53, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Chez Luis

This establishment which specializes in Portuguese wines is a store, wine bar and restaurant. While there’s food available at Chez Luis, the main focus goes towards the wines, imported from the different Portuguese regions (including the islands!) and that can be tasted on site or purchased online too.

📍Rue de l’Hôtel des Monnaies n° 80, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland



Portuguese butcher in the Brussels neighborhood of Saint-Gilles, known for its sizable Portuguese community. Apart from mainstream fresh cuts of meat, at Costela (Portuguese for “ribs”) you’ll find some of the essential ingredients for traditional Portuguese comfort dishes such as Cozido à Portuguesa. We’re talking pig tails, pork feet and more!

📍Chau. de Forest 94, 1060 Saint-Gilles


Luso Loja

Luso Loja’s name would translate as “Portuguese store” and it’s precisely that, a full-fledged Portuguese supermarket. Alongside food and drinks, Luso Loja also sells goods such as books. Besides selling Portuguese ingredients, Luso Loja stands out for their deli service with ready to eat Portuguese dishes, as well as freshly baked bread throughout the day. 

📍Chau. de Louvain 251, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode


My Portuguese Friends

This friendly store promises to take its customers on a delicious voyage around Portugal, materialized through more than 1400 products from the distinct regions of our country. Owners Marco and Ana Campos are responsible for the selection that includes cheese, charcuterie, drinks, olive oil, sauces, frozen goods and sweets. ​​My Portuguese Friends also prepares traditional dishes and desserts from Portugal to order.

📍​​Place Cardinal Mercier 6, 1420 Braine-l’Alleud


The Sol Ar Wine – Senses of Portugal

At this Brussels gourmet boutique, you can smell and taste Portugal! Located in the upscale Châtelain neighborhood, Sol Ar sells a carefully curated selection of Portuguese wines, gourmet food products, and wellness items hand picked by owner Patricia Marques.

📍​​​​Rue du Mail 90, 1050 Ixelles

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland




The Portugal Collection – Vinhos Com Alma

The Portugal Collection sells “Portuguese wines with a soul”. Their store in Roeselare is open during regular hours, but you can also shop directly from their website and choose from an incredible selection of beverages coming from all over Portugal and methodically organized by region, producer and profile. A truly comprehensive catalog that will leave no thirst for Portuguese wine in Belgium unquenched!

📍Kaaistraat 62a, 8800 Roeselare





This online store brings together on one website the best of Portuguese table wines (including an interesting selection of organic wines) and digestifs. Besides wine, they also sell some olive oils and wine related gifts and accessories. Even though PorteVinho does not currently have a physical store, you can place an order via their website and collect your wines at the address below. 

📍Guldensporenlaan 29, 3120 Tremelo



Where to buy Portuguese foods and wine in Luxembourg


A Despensa

Grocery store focusing on products from Portugal, Brazil and Africa. Their wide range of Portuguese specialties includes fruits and vegetables, chocolate, olive oils, delicatessen, frozen products, ice cream, coffee, beers, wines and even household products.

📍​​3 Op Raechels, 4702 Péiteng, Luxembourg



Celeste Group has ten stores across Portugal and has been present in Luxembourg since 2013 with a warehouse, a supermarket, two restaurants and a couple of bakeries too. Celeste is a market leader in the import and distribution of Portuguese products in the country. 

📍30, Rue Joseph Kieffer, L-4176 Luxembourg


Divinal Wine Shop

Divinal is a cellar specializing in wines and spirits of Portuguese origin. Owners Carlos Maximo and Fernando Costa have more than fifty years of combined experience in the wine industry and are responsible for not only importing but also distributing a lot of the Portuguese wine that makes it to restaurants and stores across Luxembourg.

📍​​369 Rue de Neudorf, 2221 Luxembourg


Épicerie Costa Vert

A small chain of three specialized grocery stores, Costa Vert has become one of the go-to places for Portuguese ingredients in Luxembourg. Those nostalgic for the Portuguese terroir will find what they are looking for in these grocery stores: fresh and frozen products, canned goods, drinks and more!

📍​71 Haaptstrooss L-9806 Hosingen

📍5 Rue de la Gare L-9707 Clervaux

📍35 Grand-Rue L-9905 Troisvierges


Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


Épicerie Minho Verde

Specialized grocery store in fresh Portuguese products. Visit Épicerie Minho Verde to purchase fruits and vegetables imported from Portugal, as well as other typical regional products like cheeses and charcuterie. If you’d like to buy Portuguese style bread or pastries to take-away, Épicerie Minho Verde also has a limited but authentic selection of baked goods every day.

📍​45 Grand-Rue, 9240 Diekirch, Luxembourg


La Provençale

This store offers a complete range of Portuguese food products, catering to the HORECA professional channel. With over 35,000 products imported from Portugal on their catalog, La Provençale distributes to Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany.

📍​​Zone Industrielle Grasbusch, 3370 Leudelange


Supermercados Primavera

Genuine Portuguese supermarket with several locations across Luxembourg. Supermercados Primavera caters to the very large community of Portuguese expats in the country. Visiting one of Primavera’s stores is like visiting your regular supermarket in Portugal. You can miss your home country while in Luxembourg, but it’s certainly not going to be because of the lack of authentic Portuguese foods and drinks!

📍4 addresses in Luxembourg City, Differdange and Remich:



Where to buy Portuguese foods and wine in Switzerland




Cave Portugal

This Portuguese grocery store specializes in importing fresh products directly from Portugal. They concentrate in the region of French-speaking Switzerland. If you’re an individual customer you can visit Cave Portugal’s address below. If you’re a hospitality professional, you can also count on this company to bring to you Portuguese food brands, in-season and frozen products, as well as wines from across the Portuguese territory.

📍Chem. des Artisans 13, 1860 Aigle




Mini Mercado Lima

This small store in Basel is a true gem for Portuguese products, from fresh seasonal ingredients that keep changing throughout the year, to regional specialities like cheeses and cured meats, frozen seafood and freshly baked bread and pastries. A little bit of everything, makes Mini Mercado Lima a lookalike of the typical neighborhood grocery stores you’d come across residential areas in Lisbon.

📍Feldbergstrasse, 140 4057 Basel




Casa Lusitania

Casa Lusitania is a wine merchant with a catalog of over 200 Portuguese wines. The wines commercialized by Casa Lusitania, which are regulars at the Bern Wine Fair, are made exclusively from autochthonous grape varieties from Portugal, such as Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Alvarinho or Loureiro. Their specialty shop is located at the address below, but you can also purchase from their online store.

📍Lorrainestrasse 2A, 3013 Bern


Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland




De Almeida épicerie Trancosense

De Almeida is like your typical Portuguese neighborhood grocery store, but in Geneva! Portuguese packaged sweet and savory foods, drinks, fresh products and even Portuguese brands of household items like cleaning products, that sometimes migrant communities still prefer to use, to make their houses smell like home!

📍Rue de Carouge 93, 1205 Geneva




Mercado 47

Open since 2013, Mercado 47 specializes in products of Portuguese, Brazilian and Caribbean origin. This grocery store caters to its customers with a mix of fresh and packaged products. This is a good place to come for specific ingredients to make Portuguese dishes at home, such as the turnip greens for caldo verde or salted cod to make one of the 365 cod dishes our country is said to have.

📍Baselstrasse 47 6003 Lucerne


Scorpion Casa Portuguesa

Scorpion is a rather complete Portuguese supermarket where one could shop to get by without having to visit any other store. From butcher to salted cod, fresh produce and general grocery packaged goods of Portuguese brands, Scorpion feels like a regular small supermarket in Portugal itself!

📍Feldmattstrase 23 6032 Emmen





Emporio is not a store open to the general public, but it’s a huge reference for Portuguese food products in Switzerland, and a name anyone wishing to import food stuffs from our country into Switzerland should keep in mind. They commercialize and distribute the best products of Portuguese origin, working with retailers all over Switzerland.

📍Ohrbühlstrasse 25, 8409 Winterthur


Real Casa Portuguesa

A great selection of fresh and frozen Portuguese products in Switzerland. On their website you can browse their catalogues of selected products featuring general groceries, wines, sparkling wines and spirits, drinks, frozen foods and charcuterie. More than a store open to individual customers, Real Casa Portuguesa works with professionals of the retail and hospitality business.

📍Lauetstrasse 39 8112 Otelfingen


Do you know more Portuguese businesses across Europe? We’d love to know other restaurants, bakeries and specialized grocery stores that should be highlighted here. Please let us know via Instagram or Facebook, and don’t forget to tag @tasteoflisboa #tasteoflisboa


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