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Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


Portuguese are one of the main nationalities that make up the high emigration society of France. Between Portuguese born and those of Portuguese ancestry, the number of individuals who identify as Portuguese in France these days reaches almost two million people!

Most Portuguese immigration to France happened back in the decades of the 60s and 70s, but continues these days even if at a slower pace. The Portuguese have gained quite a reputation in France, conservatively associated with very specific professions such as construction for men and cleaning or building concierge for ladies. If you’re curious to explore the rather vast world of Portuguese emigrant cliches in France in a lighthearted entertaining way, we recommend watching the comedy movie The Gilded Cage, where most stereotypes are part of the plot. 


Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


On the gastronomic side of things, the Portuguese diaspora across France naturally translates into the abundance of Portuguese eateries all over the country. From neighborhood bakeries and pastry shops, to specialized grocery stores and restaurants, which are fairly easily stocked with fresh products from Portugal thanks to the proximity of both countries.


To navigate the world of Portuguese food in France, it would be useful to master some basic words in French:

Morue – salted cod (aka bacalhau)

Pot-au-feu – meats stew (aka cozido)

Poulet – chicken (like referring to the popular Portuguese peri-peri chicken)

Poisson – fish (in case you’d like to order grilled fish, a staple in Portuguese restaurants)

Canard – duck (as in the typical duck rice)

Riz – rice (discover Portugal’s “naughty rices”)


Now that you know the basics to not go hungry in France, learn where to find the best Portuguese restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and groceries in France:


Best Portuguese restaurants in France




Leitões du Foz

Great cuisine reminiscent of the flavors of Portugal and that, just like in a good old typical eatery around here, is served in very generous portions. As the name implies, Leitões du Foz’s specialty is roasted suckling pig (known in French as cochon de lait). Every so often, the restaurant also organizes live fado music sessions, to invoke the essence of Portugal even more genuinely. 

📍29 Avenue de Magudas 33185, Le Haillan


Morues & Tapas

A petite Portuguese restaurant that hasn’t been open for a long time, but that is already gaining a good reputation for its Portuguese dishes. Run by a chef that was previously working in Lisbon, Morues & Tapas suggests small portions for sharing. Their list of petiscos includes Portuguese charcuterie, garlic shrimp and unmissable cod fritters. 

📍358 Av. Thiers, 33100 Bordeaux

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


Saudade Chez Maria

Regional dishes from all over Portugal share the menu with some local French specialities. At Saudade Chez Maria you will find Francesinha alongside quiche, as well as Portuguese pastries next to profiteroles. A good mix that is bound to make Luso-French patrons happy.

📍119 Rue Delbos, 33300 Bordeaux




O Galo d’Eysines

Restaurant serving Portuguese specialties and traditional French cuisine. To celebrate the weekend, le churrasco, aka Portuguese grilled chicken, is available for takeaway on Friday and Saturday evenings. O Galo d’Eysines’ star dishes are grills entirely done over charcoal, following Portuguese tradition. Fresh, friendly and tasty, O Galo is a great option for a straightforward Portuguese meal in Eysines.

📍65 Av. de l’Hippodrome, 33320 Eysines

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France





O Nazareno

Discover the beauty and bounty of Portuguese cuisine in the northern French town of Fontaine-Notre-Dame. Ophélie Lefebvre and Ricardo dos Santos have chosen to decorate their restaurant O Nazareno in tones of white and blue, reminiscent of the architecture in the beach town of Nazaré in Portugal. But the sea inspiration doesn’t end on the tiled walls, and carries on in a tempting menu that features seafood dishes such as cod or octopus Lagareiro style. On the meatier side of things, the highlight goes to the espetadas, chicken skewers, and pork with clams cooked Alentejo style.

📍556 R. de Bapaume, 59400 Fontaine-Notre-Dame




Electrico Lisbon Urban Food

Lille’s first ever food truck dedicated to Portuguese food. Electrico’s founder Christophe left his job in sales to cook professionally. Prior to creating his food truck’s menu, he traveled all over Portugal to sample our dishes and gather inspiration. Christophe’s offers authentic food but that tries to escape the stereotypes that French people often associate with Portugal, namely the salted cod. Instead, this “urban food” concept features charcoal grills, milho frito (fried polenta cubes from Madeira islands) and the flagship pastry from our country, pastel de nata.

📍80 Rue Pierre Mauroy, 59800 Lille

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France




​​Café Lisboa

Pleasant café and restaurant that serves a surprising range of petiscos, including classics such as pica-pau, meat braised in sauce with pickles, octopus salad, fried cuttlefish or croquettes with alheira sausage from Portugal. The desserts’ menu is truly enticing including the expected pastel de nata (that here goes by the name ​​”Petit flan feuilleté spécialité Lisboète”) but going beyond the obvious and also featuring toucinho do céu, a moist egg and almond cake from Alentejo, or Portuguese orange cake. On Sundays visit ​​Café Lisboa for brunch – you won’t regret it! 

📍9 Rue des Quatre Chapeaux, 69002 Lyon

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


O Minhoto

Restaurant with spécialités portugaises, where the menu is as standard as they come. The options may not sound inventive but you don’t come to O Minhoto for innovation. You come to indulge in great portions of food that taste like they should and would in Portugal. Don’t miss the duck rice or the perfectly smooth pudim flan, a crème caramel dessert made with a copious amount of egg yolks.

📍119 Av. Jean Jaurès, 69600 Oullins




l’As du Poulet

Thinking about Portuguese fare in Paris most immediately means two things: custard tarts and grilled chicken. L’As du Poulet specializes in grilling chicken Portuguese style, served with fries and, if you’re in the mood, cold Super Bock beer. Simple and delicious, it hits the spot every time!

📍14 Rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


Les Comptoirs de Lisbonne

Portuguese specialties in a warm and friendly environment. At Le Comptoirs de Lisbonne you find the usual bites you’d find over the counter at most Lisbon’s traditional taverns. Fish fritters, flambé chorizo, octopus salad, cod dishes and heart warming stews such as feijoada.

📍14 Rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris


Nossa Churrasqueira

Nossa is a restaurant specializing in one of the most quintessential things in the Portuguese kitchen: grills over charcoal! Here the grilled chicken is king, and best enjoyed with home-made fries and a cold Portuguese beer. Besides the standard piri-piri sauce you’d normally be served with your chicken in Portugal, Nossa’s range of sauces gets a bit more experimental, including flavors such as whisky, curry and their own “Nossa sauce” deliciously heavy on garlic.

📍​​1 Rue de l’École Polytechnique, 75005 Paris

📍​​​​147 Boulevard de Charonne, 75011 Paris

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


Pássarito Mon Amour

This deli and wine bar in Paris’ ​11th arrondissement is as eye-catching to the eye as it can be to its visitors’ taste buds. You can come to Pássarito to drink and eat home-made food that makes use of seasonal ingredients as much as possible. Their grocery has Portuguese and French items hand-picked by the family team Antoine, ​​César and Maria do Carmo. Our favorite thing about Pássarito is that, during the afternoons, they welcome folks for what they call the Portuguese “art of living”, that is, taking a break to enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries, like we often do in Portugal.

📍​​10 Rue des Goncourt, 75011 Paris

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


Pedra Alta

With thirteen locations in France and two restaurants in Portugal, Pedra Alta is known as the place to go to for Portuguese seafood in this country. Pedra Alta in Paris is so popular that you’ll often see customers lining up front, making you feel like this could be Ramiro, the most popular seafood restaurant in Lisbon, where the same phenomena happens day after day. Enjoy simple preparations of fresh seafood steamed or grilled, or treat yourself with a typical Cataplana De La Mer, that is, a stew of fish inside the traditional Portuguese cataplana cooking vessel.

📍​​Champs Elysees: 25 Rue Marbeuf, 78005 Paris

📍​​Bercy: 13 Pl. Lachambeaudie, 75012 Paris

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France



Portologia introduces itself as “the House of Porto” in Paris. Here not only it’s all about Portugal as a whole, things get even more specific, and the northern Portuguese city of Porto, its food, drinks and traditions, get to be celebrated. This is the first ever wine cellar specializing in Port and Douro wines to open its doors in France. In this place that houses a wine store and wine bar, guided tastings are regularly organized. And, of course, foods from Northern Portugal also make it to the table!

📍42 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France



Created in 1979, Saudade is a restaurant located in the center of Paris that offers a nice respite from the urban hustle and bustle as soon as you walk through its doors. The choices on the menu invite you to travel around Portugal. Apart from being recommended in the Michelin guide, Saudade ​has also twice received the “Marco Polo” prize for the Best Foreign Restaurant in Paris, as well as the Golden Fork of Portuguese Gastronomy.

📍​​34 Rue des Bourdonnais, 75001 Paris




Ate Qu’enfim

Ate Qu’enfim brings the best flavors of Portugal to Marseille, via a rather complete menu that tastes even better with the friendliness of the staff that consistently receives praising reviews. Eat here or order your meal to go, choosing from appetizers, fish (oven baked cod dishes and grilled fresh fish) and meats (grilled chicken, braised pork with clams or Francesinha). On the sweeter side of things, pastéis de nata are are in good company with home-made chocolate mousse and baba de camelo, a caramel dessert often found across Portugal.

📍​​​​​​96 Rue Roger Brun, 13005 Marseille

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


O Piri Piri

As the name has probably made you guess, Piri Piri is all about Portuguese style charcoal grilled chicken, which is usually either marinated with piri-piri or comes served with this spicy sauce on the side. This is the kind of place that feeds the cliche of what Portuguese people normally eat, but it also feeds our hungry bellies with succulent chicken and, for that, we are thankful. 

📍2 Saltfleet St, Port Noarlunga SA 5167

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France




Cok Bafa

Cok Bafa’s popularity in Nice is proof that there’s always room for one more churrasqueira and for Portuguese grilled chicken and meats! When you visit a restaurant like Cok Bafa, you know exactly what you come here for. You don’t come expecting creative new dishes or a changing menu. You crave succulent chicken and other grilled meats and that’s what you get, and it’s great precisely because of that. On occasions, though, Cok Bafa will host live fado music evenings that have the potential to make your chicken a little saltier than usual, if you let yourself go with this nostalgic music and eventually shed a tear…

📍​​19 Rue Clément Roassal, 06000 Nice

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


Le Barbecue

This family-run restaurant offers a good respite from Nice’s often too touristy eateries. Here you can expect home-style Portuguese cooking at fair prices. Don’t let the name mislead you: there are indeed grilled options on the menu (meat and seafood) but it goes way beyond that. In fact, the oven baked dishes here are one of the highlights. We recommend trying the salted cod au gratin!

📍​​3 Rue du Four, 06000 Nice

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


La Cantine Portugaise

This unpretentious neighborhood restaurant receives consistent raving feedback from its customers. When you see people coming back again and again, you know it’s because the place is good! La Cantine Portugaise brings Portugal a little closer to emigrants who may be feeling saudade for their motherland, but also does a good job at introducing newbies to the traditional repertoire of Portuguese food with an interesting range of petiscos to share and daily specials that keep changing throughout the week.

📍​​7 Bd de l’Armée des Alpes, 06300 Nice




Ca T’Espero

“I’ll wait for you here” – this is the premisse implied in this restaurant’s name, that awaits customers to present them with the enticing flavors of Portuguese cuisine. Ca T’Espero won’t stand out for the vibe or decor, but you can be rest assured that the food is cooked homestyle, just like you’d find at some of the best down-to-earth restaurants in Portugal. Family atmosphere and many typical dishes such as salted cod recipes, Francesinha and, of course, pastel de nata.

📍​​242 Rue de l’Alma, 59100 Roubaix

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


O Galo D’Ouro

Luis da Costa, from Paredes, is the owner of O Galo D’Ouro. Initially he used to own a pub at this location but decided to eventually transform it into a Portuguese establishment that, ​​together with ​​Ca T’Espero, completes the Portuguese food repertoire of Roubaix. O Galo d’Ouro is a traditional restaurant with very reasonable prices and generous servings.

📍​​9 Pl. Nadaud, 59100 Roubaix

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France




La Patrie

La Patrie invites you to go on a gastronomic journey across Portugal. Here, excellent cuisine meets great hospitality, creating an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy lovely Portuguese food. Even though there are options for just about everyone, fish and seafood lovers will rejoice with their grills and stews, which include the festive cataplana. Do not overlook their baked goods as well, from savory cornmeal bread to start things up, to pastel de nata for a sweet ending.

📍​​1 Rue des Balayeurs, 67000 Strasbourg

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France




Explosão De Sabores

This restaurant promises an “explosion of flavors” and the truth is that, around here, things are just as tasteful as in Portugal. Down-to-earth dishes served in generous portions, a nice wine list, excellent desserts and, to make things even more complete, attentive staff. Explosão De Sabores is a family-run restaurant and you can certainly feel that, not only in every dish that comes out of the kitchen but in the overall love and care that is felt in the small things, and that will almost make you feel like you’re being welcomed in someone’s home in Portugal.

📍​​170 Rte de Seysses, 31100 Toulouse




Sabores de Portugal

Taste a perfectly cooked Francesinha in Hauts-de-France. Open since 2018, at Sabores de Portugal you breathe a down-to-earth and pleasant atmosphere. After all, this is a family business, with mother Rose in the kitchen and son Paulo running the dining room, which has enough space and privacy to host celebrations and events. The menu is as typical as they come, featuring salted cod dishes, fritters, roasted suckling pig, pastéis de nata, and more.) For lunch they offer a special known in French as formule midi, that includes a starter, a main dish and a coffee for a very friendly price. Occasionally, things get even livelier at Sabores de Portugal, with themed evenings dedicated to fado music.

📍​​10 Rue du Haze, 59200 Tourcoing


Best Portuguese cafés and bakeries in France




L’Atelier des Pastéis

Hand-crafted pastéis de nata in the heart of Bordeaux. Taste the star pastry of Lisbon in this pastry store that keeps baking natas fresh throughout the day. The custard tarts one often comes across in France aren’t the real deal, but here at L’Atelier des Pastéis, the custard is extremely smooth and the puff pastry is ultra flaky – after all, this is the country where puff pastry was firstly developed and that the Portuguese imported and eventually adapted into the recipe of Portugal’s most iconic sweet. 

📍10 Rue Saint-Rémi, 33000 Bordeaux

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France




Dona Bica

Paulo Martins founded Dona Bica so that Lille residents could immerse themselves in the tradition of Portuguese pastry. Dona Bica sells a single sweet product, pastel de nata, and is very successful at it. These are, hands down, the best pastéis in Lille! Besides the pastry, you can also purchase sandwiches, coffees, juices and, oddly but satisfyingly enough, lovely scented soaps of the Portuguese brand Castelbel. 

📍14 Rue de la Monnaie, 59800 Lille




Boulangerie Sintra

A super complete bakery and pastry shop in Lyon, named after the popular historical town near Lisbon. Besides traditional Portuguese breads (like cornmeal broa) you will find sweet specialities like the expected pastel de nata, but also more elaborate dishes. Béatrice Pinto founded Boulangerie Sintra in 2012, with the desire to bring Portuguese treats to the inhabitants of Lyon – super well-done!

📍125 Rue de Gerland, 69007 Lyon


Clef Dorée

Visiting Clef Dorée is like going to your standard pastelaria in Portugal. A transparent display filled with golden brown pastries takes the main stage. Come here for sweet and savory baked goods, freshly made sandwiches and coffee. But also to enjoy the more robust daily meals that feature traditional foods such as meats stew, roasted lamb or roast chicken. Don’t be surprised if, in the middle of it all, you also see sushi rolls. It may sound like an odd mix, but the cornbread doesn’t taste any less Portuguese because of its Asian company.

📍227 Av. Berthelot, 69008 Lyon

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France




Cafe Nata

You don’t have to fly to Lisbon to taste authentic pastel de nata. In the French capital there are several options for genuine Portuguese pastries and Cafe Nata is one of the most popular, with two addresses in Paris. Apart from the sweet speciality that named the business, Cafe Nata also serves daily specials for lunch, featuring typical Portuguese dishes with salted cod, chicken and even octopus. 

📍​​58 rue Richer, 75009 Paris

📍​​​​69 rue de Provence, 75009 Paris



Founded back in 1982, Canelas (cinnamon, in Portuguese) has been serving the greater Paris area with incredible Portuguese foods ever since. Canelas includes a pastry shop, as well as a restaurant with focus on simplicity, high quality products and a lot of flavor. Apart from being a great option for breakfast, brunch or lunch, Canelas offers a catering service ideal for parties and all sorts of events. As if this wasn’t enough, their store and e-shop allows you to also purchase Portuguese food products to taste at home.

📍23 Rue Camélinat, 93380 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine


Comme à Lisbonne

Some of the best pastéis de nata you will come across in Paris, at a reasonable price for the French capital, that is, 2 euros each. Comme à Lisbonne is mostly popular for their pastries but, besides their freshly baked goods, they also house a Portuguese tasca where they serve light lunches including soups, gourmet salads and Portuguese grilled sandwiches. If you’d like to take something home, here the shelves are also filled with a carefully chosen range of products that aim to represent the best Portugal has to offer: canned seafood, coffee from Portuguese brand Delta, home-made jams and honey, gourmet salt and wines. It’s just like Lisbon or, like they would say in French, Comme à Lisbonne!

📍​​37 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


DonAntónia Pastelaria

Thanks to DonAntónia, the most iconic cakes from Portugal are just a stone’s throw from the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. DonAntónia is the materialization of a love story by owner Virginie (pictured above) who’s passionate about Portugal and her husband, who is from our country. While this is mostly a pastry shop, their offerings go beyond the sweet side of life and also include fried savory snacks and specialty products to take home.

📍​8 Rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 Paris



Where to buy Portuguese foods and wine in France




Alma Portuguesa

This deli meets boutique curates a very interesting selection of products mostly created by local artisans in Portugal. At Alma you’ll find crafts and decorative items with a true Portuguese soul. Apart from the items for sale, Alma also has a meeting and events room named “A Lata” (the can) available for rent. 

📍59 quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

📦 From pastries and wines to home ceramics, you can also place your order online at Alma’s e-shop

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


Lusitana de Mérignac

An essential establishment for Portuguese specialties in Bordeaux. Andréia and Frédéric’s specialty store brings under one roof some of the most sought after groceries from Portugal, including specialties ready to be tasted as well as essential ingredients to recreate iconic Portuguese recipes at home. Even though the store has existed since 1999, the couple has taken over during 2019 and are now proud to bring to Bordeaux more than 1300 Portuguese products, including seasonal produce that will make Portuguese immigrants in this French city a little closer to their homeland.

📍​​16 Av. de Belfort, 33700 Mérignac

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France




Casa Portuguesa

Speciality grocery store, serving the Grand Est of France with products imported from Portugal. Their selection of products includes the usual suspects: Portuguese wines and beers, imported brands of general grocery items such as pastas and rice, canned seafood, sweets and, during the weekend and by previous order, grilled chicken Portuguese style.

📍28 Rue Jean Jaurès, 51000 Châlons-en-Champagne




Aqui Portugal

Discover a great range of Portuguese products, including fresh groceries, frozen foods, alcoholic beverages and decorative items. Apart from Portuguese items to buy to take home, Aqui Portugal offers a deli service with ready-made dishes that keep changing daily and that represent a great opportunity to sample various salted cod dishes cooked homestyle.

📍62 Rue Crillon, 69006 Lyon




Les Halles Du Portugal

Just a few kilometres from Paris, Les Halles Du Portugal promises to take its customers on a journey to a destination full of rich flavors. We are talking about Portugal, of course! This company offers a Portuguese catering service, has an inhouse bakery and pastry store, and also imports Portuguese wines, cold meats, cheeses and cod. What sets Les Halles Du Portugal apart from other specialized Portuguese markets? It’s own wood-fire BBQ, where succulent Portuguese peri-peri chicken is roasted for take-away. Other special roasted dishes such as suckling pig Bairrada style are also available with previous order.

📍​​Les Halles Du Portugal I: 2 Rue des Anciennes Cristalleries, 94600 Choisy-le-Roi

📍Les Halles Du Portugal II: Rue du Pont de Dreux, 78210 Saint-Cyr-l’École





The shelves of Lusomarket are mostly filled with Portuguese foods, but also feature products of Spanish and Brazilian origin. Packaged goods such as regional cheeses from Portugal are sold alongside fresh produce, delicatessen, and readymade foods for take-away such as grilled meats. The perfect supermarket for lovers of high-quality Portuguese products in Marne.

📍​​​​8 Av. des Coquelicots, 94380 Bonneuil-sur-Marne




Notre Portugal

A grocery store specializing in imported regional products from Portugal, with focus on salted cod, charcuterie, cheeses, Port and other wines. On Fridays they sell whole chickens with a bag of blood, for the preparation of a typical Portuguese rice dish called arroz de cabidela. Head to Notre Portugal to shop for other rare butcher products such as pig’s head or ears, essential to make several traditional Portuguese dishes.

📍​​59 Rue Mazelle, 57000 Metz

Where to find Portuguese food and drinks in France


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