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Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Germany

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Traveling broadens the mind and so does tasting foreign cuisines around the world. There’s nothing like visiting a given place and taking your time to explore the local dishes, drinks and customs to start understanding the local way of life. 

But what happens when you do miss those holidays in Portugal, you’re craving for a pastel de nata, a bacalhau à Brás, a vinho verde, or a bifana right now and you can’t immediately travel to Lisbon or another destination in Portugal? The latest times have taught us that there are ways to keep exploring even when we can’t hop on a plane and go straight to a destination of our choice.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lisbon sooner or later and sharing with you the things that make our hearts tickle. Good food, splitting a bottle of wine, scrumptious desserts and, most of all, the joy of sharing it all with great conversation and plenty of laughter.

But if you can’t come to see us in Portugal right now, we would still love for you to indulge in some of our best dishes, pastries and wines. That is why we have compiled a series of places recommendations to make it easier for you to find authentic Portuguese food, wines and products from Portugal and warmly offered by Portuguese people, in various cities around the world.


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Did you know that there are more than 100.000 Portuguese people living in Germany? Considering how much we are attached to our traditional dishes, you bet you can find genuine Portuguese food in this country. 

A seizable immigrant community more often than not translates into the existence of authentic establishments that cater to their own countryman as well the rest of the population in general. 

In Hamburg you can even visit Portugiesenviertel, the Portuguese Quarter where you can easily sip a galão and eat a pastel de nata almost like if you were in Portugal. We repeat: almost!

If you are in Germany and would like to sample good quality Portuguese food and drinks, we recommend visiting these places:








As this restaurant has a menu that is constantly changing, they recommend you follow the sugestão do chefe, that is, the chef’s recommendation. 

This may lead you to taste beautiful dishes such as espetadas com Madeira, meat skewers with Madeira wine sauce, or bife na telha, beef steak cooked in a heated roof tile in a delicious and also picturesque way!

📍Horbacher Str. 51, 52072 Aachen


portuguese snacks salgados




Carlos Caravela

If bacalhau, grilled fish and steaks Portuguese style are relatively easy to come by at Portuguese restaurants abroad, there are certain special dishes that are not as common. 

Cataplana is one of them! This unique dish is steamed inside a vessel that goes by the same name, retaining all the flavor and essence of the ingredients that go into it. Eat cataplana in Berlin at Carlos Caravela!

📍Dickhardtstrasse 27, 12161 Berlin – Friedenau


Portuguese seafood


Lisboa Bar

Whether you’re looking to indulge in a Portuguese breakfast (served until 4 PM!) or would like to enjoy a full meal, you can find typical pastries, sandwiches and dishes at Lisboa Bar in Berlin. If you’d like to serve a Portuguese banquet at your event, note that 

Lisboa Bar also offers a catering service.

📍Krossener Strasse 20, 10245 Berlin





A typical Portuguese restaurant that aims to bring the vibes of the most traditional side of Lisbon to Cologne. 

Fátima Bicho and her family will make sure you get to taste traditional Portuguese dishes from our capital and beyond, such as salted cod, francesinha, alheira de Mirandela, grilled chicken and more. Take a trip around Portugal while visiting Alfama in Cologne! 

📍Im Dau 6, 50678 Cologne




Carlos Restaurant

This eatery claims to be just like Portugal, “sunny, warm-hearted and with a good pinch of temperament!” 

Carlos opened its first location in Dortmund and has since then expanded to Lünen and Schwerte too. Their comprehensive menu can easily make you feel like you are in Portugal. 

You can indulge in starters and soups such as traditional caldo verde, feast on grilled meats and fish, and round it all up with a Portuguese beer. Sangres or Super Bock brand – you choose!

📍Benninghofer Str. 146A, 44269 Dortmund

📍Merschstraße 22, 44534 Lünen

📍Lichtendorfer Str. 5, 58239 Schwerte




Clube Português

This restaurant captures the atmosphere of a typical portuguese tasca. This is a place where you come to eat, but also to people-watch, socialize and soak up the vibes. 

At Clube Português during summer, we recommend doing all of the above on the terrace. After all, Portuguese food tends to taste better while you soak up some rays of sun, just like you would if you were in Lisbon.

📍Erkrather Strasse 197, 40233 Düsseldorf


Frango Português

If there’s one thing that is often associated with Portugal in the international sphere, that has got to be grilled chicken. Frango Português specializes in precisely that: Portuguese chicken! 

If chicken doesn’t sound exciting to you, you’d be happy to know that this Dusseldorf based restaurant has a rotating menu that keeps changing every day of the week, featuring dishes from all over Portugal at very reasonable prices, as a proper tasca should!

📍Erkrather Str. 224, 40233 Dusseldorf




Restaurant Quinta da Luz

A charming Portuguese restaurant that embraces the simplicity of Portuguese cuisine and plates delicate dishes with true Portuguese essence. 

The tile murals, the white-washed walls and particularly the scents coming out of the kitchen will make you feel like booking a trip to Portugal to explore some more!

📍Hauptstraße 332, 68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen


a plate of Portuguese food and a glass of wine




Trofa Bistro Café

The best of a Portuguese café, pastry shop and restaurant all under one roof. Classic Portuguese cuisine ranging from soups, stews, fish and seafood, meat dishes to selected desserts, cakes and drinks. 

This is such a complete establishment that it even includes a Portuguese shop selling things such as cod, canned fish, sausages, cheese, frozen products, wine and beers.

📍Brettener Str. 55, 75031 Eppingen





A restaurant that truly captures Portugal’s soul – that’s what alma means in Portuguese – in a contemporary and elegant way. 

Alma’s culinary offerings focus on Luso-Iberian recipes with regional and international influences.

📍Schwarzburgstrasse 78, 60318 Frankfurt


Tasquinha da Jacinta 

Home-style Portuguese food in a no-frills environment, that’s what Tasquinha da Jacinta delivers in Frankfurt. 

If the food is authentically Portuguese, the use of paper table coverings will contribute even more for you to feel like you’re indeed somewhere in Portugal eating your meal!

📍Goldsteinstrasse 235, 60528 Frankfurt




Adega Nau Weinbar

Selected Portuguese wines served in a sleek and contemporary ambiance. Pair your selection of wine with cheese and charcuterie boards, featuring Portuguese favorites such as Iberian cured ham and regional cheeses. 

For a more extended menu, visit their sister establishment Nau.

📍Ditmar-Koel-Strasse 13, 20459 Hamburg


A Varina 

There is no shortage of excellent Portuguese options in Hamburg’s Little Portugal. Yet A Varina still manages to stand out for the quality of its food, particularly the fish, and the friendliness of the service.

📍Karpfangerstraße 16, 20459 Hamburg


Bairro Alto

To go from Alfama to Bairro Alto you need to travel from Cologne to Hamburg. This may sound a little funny, but Hamburg is home to Bairro Alto, a Portuguese restaurant that takes the name of one of Lisbon’s most lively districts and that represents the essence of all the tasty Portuguese things they serve.

📍Schulterblatt 58a, 20357 Hamburg


typical Portuguese restaurant


Casa Caramba

Franco Caramba has been in Hamburg’s Portuguese Quarter for 21 years and says that his specialty is “everything the seas of this world have to offer”. We say… dive in!

📍Rambachstrasse 7, 20459 Hamburg



Located right at the heart of the historic Portuguese Quarter at the Port of Hamburg, D. José is a lively Portuguese restaurant that you will not want to miss in this city. 

They serve Portuguese meat and fish specialties at a fair price, as well as a special lunch menu during the weekdays. 

José Sequeira who founded D. José over 30 years ago has a philosophy that we couldn’t agree with more: “Eating and drinking keep body and soul together.”

📍Ditmar-Koel-Strasse 11, 20459 Hamburg


La Sepia

If you crave Portuguese fish and seafood specialties while in Hamburg, La Sepia is the place to go to! Even though their menu also includes meat dishes and even vegetarian options, La Sepia stands out when it comes to marisco, that is, Portuguese seafood. 

📍Neuer Horse Market 16, 20359 Hamburg


a dining room table in a Portuguese restaurant


Olá Lisboa

Portuguese Carlos Sequeira moved from Lisbon to Hamburg when he was only 4 years old, but he never forgot his roots by the Tejo river. 

Carlos was always connected with Portuguese food, growing in the Portuguese Quarter of Hamburg and having helped his father delivering Portuguese groceries when younger. He now welcomes you to this piece of Portugal’s capital in the heart of Hamburg to taste delicious fish, meat, tapas and more!

📍Ditmar-Koel-Strasse 18, 20459 Hamburg


Restaurante Porto

The Soares Vasconcelos family has been running Porto in Hamburg since 1984. If this restaurant has been open for so long, there has got to be a reason for it, right? It’s quite simple: good food made with the best quality ingredients! 

Don’t miss their specialties: polvo à Portuguesa na púcara (octopus cooked in a tomato-wine sauce inside a clay pot) and filete de cordeiro à moda do Alentejo (lamb in red wine cream sauce Alentejo style).

📍Ditmar-Koel-Straße 15, 20459 Hamburg




Casa do José

If you’d like to have a taste of Portuguese hospitality, go to José’s home in Karlsruhe. Casa do José translates as José’s home and that’s exactly the mission of José Vasconcelos and his team, to make you feel at home… but in Portugal! 

Their menu has more abundance than the average Portuguese home, though, including petiscos, traditional fish and meat dishes and steaks cooked in a variety of Portuguese styles, like Bife à Casa, Bife à Portuguesa and Lisbon’s classic Bife à Café.

📍Kriegsstrasse 92, 76133 Karlsruhe




Restaurante Fado

We couldn’t end this round-up of genuine Portuguese restaurants in Germany without recommending a place with live fado music

If Portuguese food here tastes great any day of the week, we guarantee you that on the days Restaurant Fado hosts concerts, both your body and your soul will be even more well fed!

📍Lannerstr. 53, 55270 Ober-Olm




Restaurante Atlantico

A bonafide Portuguese fish restaurant in the heart of Osnabrück. Restaurante Atlantico’s menu goes from fish soup to grilled fresh fish and seafood – a perfect excuse to try the vinho verde listed on their wine menu!

📍Sutthauser Strasse 57 – 49080 Osnabrück





Portuguese pastry


Wherever you have a Portuguese community, you shall find a pastelaria, that is, a pastry shop. If food is an essential part of the Portuguese lifestyle, we could argue that coffee and pastries are just as relevant if not more! 

We are very specific about our coffee breaks and sweet bites, especially the uber popular custard tarts, pastel de nata, which has been trending internationally in recent years, way beyond the heart of the Portuguese community. 





Portuguese/Greek couple Paula and George are the team behind the super successful Bekarei, a Berlin based bakery with two locations. Their freshly baked offerings include both Greek and Portuguese pastries and coffees. 

Even though there are several Portuguese bakeries in Berlin, they are the most popular of them all. Expect to find Portuguese favorites such as pastel de nata (including a bio variety!), pão de Deus, bolo de arroz, tigeladas, travesseiros and more, crafted daily by a team of Portuguese trained bakers.

📍Dunckerstraße 23, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

📍Wrangelstrasse 44, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Home delivery also available:


Galão A Pastelaria

If you have visited a bakery in Portugal, you would know that our local style of croissant has little to do with the famous flaky French croissants. 

Our most common type of croissant is doughy, dese and often goes by the name of croissant brioche. If you crave one of these while in Berlin, head to Galão in the Mitte neighborhood!

📍Inh. Axel Burbacher, Weinbergsweg 8, 10119 Berlin




Estrela Doce 

Estrela Doce is SO Portuguese that it even has a deal for pastel de nata + espresso, like you’d see in many pastry shops around Portugal. 

This is also a great place to get Portuguese bread and seasonal baked goods such as Christmas’ bolo rei.

📍Triftstr 10, 60528 Frankfurt




A Transmontana

More than a pastry store, A Transmontana is the kind of pastelaria that not only produces the most sought-after Portuguese sweet bites in-house, but also sells staple Portuguese brands of grocery items and a selection of drinks.

📍Schulterblatt 86, 20357 Hamburg

📍Lappenbergsallee, 48 20257 Hamburg






Portuguese food products


If purchasing products to prepare your own feast at home if what you’d prefer to do right now, we recommend these stores specializing in Portuguese products. 

You can visit some of them in Germany’s biggest cities, or simply order online for home delivery.




Casa de Portugal

As the founder of this Portuguese home Cristóvão Piedade says “In my small but fine shop, since 1998, I have been opening up the world of Portuguese culinary delights, fine wines and an exclusive selection of cheeses, in an atmosphere like on vacation in Portugal.” 

He goes even further and claims that they serve the best coffee and pastel de nata outside of Lisbon. If you ask us, that would be enough of a reason to go visit and find out if he’s really speaking the truth!

📍Brückenstr 60, 60594 Frankfurt





This Portuguese supermarket has stores in Mainz, Offenbach, Frankfurt. You can easily find there many of the Portuguese products and brands you have tasted in Portugal.

They also have a bakery and pastry shop. So if around, when you are longing to eat a pastel de nata and drink a bica taken with Portuguese coffee, go there.

📍Am Lemmchen 31 Mainz

📍Biebererstr. 76 Offenbach

📍Heddernheimerlandstr. 24 Frankfurt




Casa dos Sabores

Whether you live in Munich or would like to receive our favorite Portuguese food and beverages at home anywhere else in Germany, you can count on Casa dos Sabores for a selection of the most iconic Portuguese food items. 

Are you feeling adventurous enough to try a salted cod recipe while at home? Order bacalhau from Casa dos Sabores!

📍Schwanseestr. 3, 81539 Munich




Angela Figueiras – Wein aus Portugal

This Portuguese wine cellar in Germany has the particularity of advising its customers based on their personal taste, rather than on recognition by specialists of a particular wine, because as it says on the website “what you like can only be discovered by yourself”.

And they are happy to be your reliable partner when it comes to exploring the world of Portuguese wines.

📍SHauptstraße 26, 71272 Renningen





Fonseca GmbH

Having entered the German market back in 1984, Fonseca has a portfolio of more than 5000 Portuguese products which they make available to local retail businesses. Their offering extends to fresh and frozen seafood, as well as Portuguese produce.

📦 Visit or to purchase Portuguese goodies such as canned fish, wine, olive oil and Delta coffee for home delivery!


O Vinho

This company specializes in importing Portuguese wines and delicatessen products into Germany. Their catalogue includes rare to find wines and foods such as olive oil, jams, honey, coffee, amongst others, and they deliver all over the country. 

They also organize wine tasting events.

📦 Buy online! They deliver Germany-wide:


Vinho Bar 

As their website states, Vinho Bar sells “award-winning wines from Portugal for discerning connoisseurs!” Vinho Bar’s team regularly takes trips to Portugal in order to curate a portfolio of high-quality Portuguese wines, including many award-winning brands. 

📦 Are you a discerning connoisseur? Browse away:


Weingalerie – Weine aus Portugal

Browse a collection of over 800 Portuguese wines, from well known Ports and options from the most popular Portuguese wine regions, to picks from the lesser explored areas. Weingalerie has a portfolio that truly showcases the diversity of Portuguese wines.

📦 Select your favorites on and receive them at home in Germany


Portugal Weinversand

Portugal Weinversand covers Portuguese wine regions well, from Minho, Dão, Douro, Alentejo, Ribatejo, Beiras and Algarve. Their Portuguese wine offer is vast, but they are particularly proud of the selection of Vinho Verde and Port wines. You will find Portuguese wines from both large producers and small family wineries in Portugal. They also have a nice selection of premium Portuguese olive oils.

In this online wine shop, the probability is high of finding that wine that you tasted and loved on your trip to Portugal.

📦  Portuguese wines just a click away at Portugal


Adega 24

It is the right place to find wines from Lisbon region for sale in Germany. Besides the many still and fortified wines from Portugal, Adega 24 also sells other typical Portuguese drinks such as bitter almond liqueur or Beirão liqueur, Macieira brandy or ginjinha.

All you need to revive your holidays in Portugal, back home in Germany, and indulge yourself in good memories.

📦 Consult the catalog at



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