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We love Lisbon, its food culture, and its lifestyle. We believe food can lead us far beyond gastronomy: Food fosters social interaction and can take us into deep, thrilling explorations and discoveries about the culture and history of a place. That’s what Taste of Lisboa Food Tours plans to facilitate to you, dear traveller!

Besides tasting Lisbon’s gastronomy and learning how to cook local dishes, at Taste of Lisboa Food Tours, we designed our offerings to let you learn about the history, culture, architecture, and the local neighbourhoods’ local entertainment and restaurant offerings.

Our aim is for everyone to return to these neighbourhoods with the confidence of a local and prepared to take advantage of the wide range of food and cultural options they have to offer.

Select your favourite experience. Join us and enjoy it!


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Filipa, founder and chief entertainment officer
Founder and Chief Entertainment Officer

I’m a foodie born and raised in Lisbon. I love Lisbon, our food culture and lifestyle. I’m always looking for and trying those hidden places out of the spotlight, where neighbours get together, stay at the counter chatting and listen to the life stories of the very local owners and regular customers. I deeply believe food can lead us far beyond gastronomy: food fosters social interaction and can take us into thrilling explorations and discoveries about a place’s people, culture and history. If you are a foodie traveler like me, I promise I’ll take you there.

Heart My Passion – Traveling, meeting new people and living all I can about their culture and food by their hand.

Plane My ‘Go to’ place – Campo de Ourique Market, especially to hang out over a just prepared Portuguese tidbit and a good glass of wine at happy-hour.

Food My favorite food – Cheeeeeese.

Bookmark My inside tip for you – Monte Agudo Belvedere: enjoy the view away from the crowds, while having your drink among the locals.


Miguel Tour Guide
Food Expert Host and Photographer

I was born and raised in Lisbon, and I’ve been living here for almost all my life. Food is in my DNA by the influence of my foodie family: food is in the core of our affections and our table, every day. For a while, I lived in Marseille, Brussels, and Faro. These adventures for study and work abroad have led to an even bigger love for travel, knowing new people and discover new cultures, especially through their food.

Heart My Passion – Travel, photography, and food!

Plane My ‘Go to’ place – Sesimbra: going to this village since I was born, for weekends and holidays, it equals to sun, beach and the best fresh fish in the world, always among friends and family.

Food My favorite food – Fish: a very fresh grilled red mullets or sardines near the coast are among my favorites. Also, cheese and wine is always a to-go option.

Bookmark My inside tip for you – Casa do Alentejo: a beautiful Palace in the center of Lisbon where you are also able to taste traditional food from Alentejo region.


Madalena food expert guide
Food Expert Host and Winemaker

My whole life turns around three things: Food, Friends, and Family! So, hosting Taste of Lisboa food & cultural walks for the past four years has been a lot more than a job, it has made me a true Portuguese food & wine ambassador! I’m proud of my country and love to show that to new friends who visit the beautiful city where I grew up.

Heart My Passion – Travelling around the world to taste wine and get to know the people and secrets behind it.

Plane My ‘Go to’ place – Cascais! My hometown, just outside Lisbon to have the best seafood in the world.

Food My favorite food – Wine & cheese make me happy!

Bookmark My inside tip for you – Torel garden. A small park, very quiet, away from the crowds and an amazing view to the city.


a person smiling for the camera
Food Expert Host and Lifelong Learner

I was born and raised in Lisbon. I have always loved my city, but it wasn’t until I left it for a year to live in Japan and then Canada that I fully realize this. I missed Lisbon so much that when I came back, I never wanted to leave again. I started showing off my city in university, when I founded a program to acclimate foreign exchange students and started showing them around. Is this Lisbon I live in and love that I want to show you. Shall you meet soon?

Heart My Passion – Studying, especially anything about Asia. I found a new passion a few year back, which was eating and cooking for others.

Plane My ‘Go to’ place – Expo, simply because it’s near the Tejo river which inspires me daily.

Food My favorite food – Duck rice and offal rice. Arroz de Pato or Arroz de Miúdos. I also enjoy really good Portuguese chicken soup and seafood pasta. For the Summer, nothing beats grilled fish by the shore

Bookmark My inside tip for you – Don’t neglect the modern Lisbon’s neighborhoods. Expo is my favorite spot in Lisboa, I love the architecture, the river, and the gardens. Take the subway red line up to the end and you’re there. It doesn’t take long to visit and it is often overlooked by travelers.


Rosa, food expert guide
Food Expert Host and Ceramist

Born and raised in Lisbon. Left-handed, considerably clumsy, keen on learning, living, laughing.

Heart My Passion – Passion for stories, images and people, endless discovery.

Plane My ‘Go to’ place – Small, noisy, traditional cafés, countless walks around the city and beautiful libraries.

Food My favorite food – Portuguese peas stew with poached eggs , Madeira’s Honey Cake and Asian Food.

Bookmark My inside tip for you – Investigate, collect the knowledge, hear the people and the stories but don’t forget to wander, to get lost and follow your intuition.


a woman smiling in front of a mirror posing for the camera
Food Expert Host and Romantic

I was born in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Évora, the most beautiful city of the Alentejo, southern Portugal. I came to Lisbon to study 20 years ago and then I fell in love with a boy and with the city. It was the perfect scenario for my love story! Lisbon has a special and unique warm light, as well as overwhelming corners where it’s easy to travel back in time. I always find some old stairway where I can sit quietly enjoying the intense blue of the Tagus river. Is this very real and lovely Lisbon I want to show you. Let’s eat the way together!

Heart My Passion – Traveling; meeting new people and different cultures; reading poetry; looking at old photos; investigating genealogy; reading in libraries (the older the better); discovering churches and the huge kitchens of convents and monasteries; and going to food markets all over the world.

Plane My ‘Go to’ place – The astonishing Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s gardens.

Food My favorite food – All sorts of seafood. I am always open to a simple dish of clams Bulhão Pato style.

Bookmark My inside tip for you – Catch the Cacilheiro ferryboat and cross the Tagus river, have lunch or dinner on the riverside and return by sunset. You’ll appreciate Lisbon’s unique light. And you’ll definitely get the best view of Lisbon.


a woman smiling for the camera
Food Expert Host and Writer

I’m a born and bred Lisboner, daughter, and grand-daughter of pure Lisboners. This city is my roots and my passion. I’ve been working in the Communication and Tourism area for 20 years now. I have hosted events and corporate clients and I have been proudly welcoming and guiding Lisbon visitors throughout their stays. I’m a writer and my mind is constantly traveling. I’m a people’s person, so my goal is to make you fall in love with this city. And we all know that the way to one’s heart is through the stomach. Let’s taste Lisbon!

Heart My Passion – Cities all over the world. To meet, to gather around a table and to share stories.

Plane My ‘Go to’ place – Portugal’s West Coast on the outskirts of Lisbon where I have a countryside house surrounded by orchards, vineyards and sheltered beaches.

Food My favorite food – I can’t live without Portuguese bread and soup. I love petiscos too: cheese and the Portuguese cured ham and sausages. Coffee daily and a Pastel de Nata whenever!

Bookmark My inside tip for you – Gulbenkian is by far my favorite place in Lisbon: museums, exhibitions, música, beautiful architecture, paradise gardens!