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Learn how to ask for a coffee in Lisbon way

Cup of coffee

For the Portuguese, coffee is a true national passion and you don’t want to play with these subject. There are several ways to order a coffee and there are names for everything, depending on how one serves and what it serves. The ‘bica’, as they say in Lisbon, can be ‘curta’/short (stronger), normal, ‘quase cheia’/nearly full or ‘cheia’/full (weaker) depending on the amount. It can be served in cold or hot cup and some people like a ‘garoto’ (with a little milk), ‘pingado’ (with a little cold milk), ‘carioca’ (weak coffee), ‘meia de leite’ (highest cup with milk), ‘descafeinado’ or ‘café com cheirinho’/coffee with ‘smell’ (with a little mulch / brandy). Legend says that the name ‘bica’ started in the café “A Brasileira”, where employees decided to put a warning to customers who did not like the bitter drink. It says: “Drink It With Sugar”.

Learn how to ask your favourite coffee in Lisbon:

Expresso – Bica
Flat white – Meia de leite
Americano – Abatanado
Ristretto – Italiana
Mini latte – Garoto
Caffee latte – Galão

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