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Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Asia

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Dubai


It was May of 1498 when the Portuguese first arrived in Asia. The expedition led by explorer Vasco da Gama reached India thus tightening the relationships between Europeans and Asians. Since the 15th century, cultural exchanges between both continents have been ongoing and this has been remarkable in several aspects of life, including food. Portuguese trade was responsible for the introduction of several key ingredients in Asian foods, like chili peppers now widely used in cuisines such as Indian and Thai. Conversely, the Portuguese also brought back home influences from Asia, which are still present to this day when you for example try a pastel de feijão, a​​ sweet pastry made with beans. 

Besides the fusion of Portuguese and Asian cuisines, nowadays you can find authentic Portuguese food in several parts of Asia, particularly in countries where the Portuguese have historically been linked to. We’re talking about previous colonies such as Timor-Leste or Macau, but also territories that were once strategic points for Portuguese trade, like Malacca in Malaysia or further away in Japan. In these countries or even in other parts of Asia where Portuguese immigrants have made it to in more recent history, you can taste delicious typical Portuguese food and wines.


These are some of the best Portuguese restaurants, bakeries and speciality stores across Asia:



Tuga Bakery

This artisan bakery is located in the Amwaj Islands or the Kingdom of Bahrain. If you crave Portuguese pastries in this country in the Persian Gulf there aren’t that many options to choose from, but Tuga Bakery is indeed a safe bet! Tuga’s team aims to bring a little taste of Portugal to its customers. This translates into freshly baked Portuguese bread and pastries made with high quality ingredients. From traditional and rustic wheat and corn breads, to sweet bean cakes and, of course, pastel de nata, here you can satisfy your cravings for a true Portuguese breakfast or coffee break!

📍Road 5720 Bldg 2648 1st floor Shop 138 Amwaj, 257, Bahrein



Tertulia – The Food Corner

Tertulia is a rather unexpected Portuguese find in Kampot. This eatery in the ​​Old Market, across from Douceurs du Cambodge, has a fixed menu but also serves meat and fish lunch specials everyday. The food is prepared with care and presented beautifully, which adds to the sensorial experience. Portuguese dishes such as arroz de marisco (seafood rice), jardineira (Portuguese style stew) or pork with clams Alentejo style are served in the great company of a lovely selection of Portuguese wines. So if you didn’t think beating the Cambodian heat with a chilled glass of vinho verde was a thing… welcome to Tertulia and think again!

📍724a Street, number 4 Kampot Center, Kampot 07000, Camboja

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in Cambodia



AoMenJie (DongFang)

While not traditionally Portuguese, we thought we’d include a suggestion to visit AoMenJie here, in case you’re an adventurous eater and would like to try something different. We are talking about the fusion of Portuguese and Cantonese cuisines, which is what AoMenJie specializes in. Sample dishes such Portuguese creamy chicken stew, custard tarts with a local twist and lots of grilled meats and seafood with fusion seasonings. 

📍LiuHua Road 120 DongFang Hotel 1 Floor, Guangzhou, China

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in China



Visit Camoes to taste the rich sea flavors of Portugal. Many consider Camoes to be the only authentic Portuguese restaurant in Beijing and a beloved destination for those into our nacional gastronomy but also for seafood lovers in general. Camoes specializes in fish and seafood dishes from the old continent, made with incredibly fresh ingredients flavored with the very best of Portuguese olive oils. The upscale vibe has the Portuguese flare that the blue tiles on the walls can’t help but add. At Camoes delight yourself with several cod recipes or a festive seafood cataplana.

📍​​Legendale Hotel, Beijing, China

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in China


Lillian Bakery

Lillian Bakery makes the best Portuguese style custard tarts in Shanghai, following closely the original recipe from the 1800s. Unlike many of the pastel de nata you will find across China, most commonly known as dan ta (蛋挞) or egg tart, the pastries sold here are just like those you find in Portugal, featuring smooth and slightly runny custard and flaky puff pastry. Open since 2001, this is as close to the real deal as it gets in Shanghai!

📍​​​​50 locations across Shanghai: 


Home style Portuguese food in the heart of Shanghai, a city where demanding diners have so many options to eat out that nothing but the best will do! Here you can enjoy Portuguese classics such as cod cakes, grilled chicken and flaming grilled chorizo, paired with a selection of Portuguese wines.

📍​​No. 421 Weihai Road, Jing’an District near Shimen Yi Road, Shanghai 200040, China

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in China




This supermarket concentrates on Portuguese products, in order to cater not only to local taste but particularly to the vast community of expats from Portugal who live in this former Portuguese territory. Visit Páteo to buy specialty products such as salted cod, regional Portuguese cheeses,  sweets and selected wines from different Portuguese regions. Besides selling food items, this supermarket also serves coffee and has a small selection of Portuguese books available for purchase.

📍R. D Fernando, Díli, East Timor

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in East Timor


Tito’s Restaurant

Tito’s restaurant is known for its Portuguese cuisine and seafood dishes. It has a beautiful view towards the sea, which would make any seafood dish like their popular grills and cataplana taste even better. If you aren’t fond of fish, note that Tito’s also serves Portuguese style grilled meats and charcoaled linguiça sausage. Their menu also includes a selection of Portuguese wines. 

📍FJ 32+866, Díli, East Timor

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in East Timor



Cafe Terceira

Besides a few traditional Portuguese restaurants such as Casa Lisboa below, most of the Portuguese food you are likely to come across in Hong Kong would be labeled as Portuguese-Macanese. Afterall, Macau was a Portuguese territory until December of 1999, so it’s only normal that both cuisines have come to not only co-exist side by side but actually fuse. Cafe Terceira serves Portuguese and Macanese dishes. While some dishes are more Portuguese and others more clearly from Macau, you’ll also find recipes that are a blend of both cuisines. If you’re looking for traditional Portuguese flavors ask for the arroz de pato, oven baked duck rice, the crispy suckling pig (also available in sandwiches like pictured above) or the uber traditional pastéis de bacalhau, that is, our typical cod fritters. As one would expect, egg tarts are also on the menu. 

📍​​No. 1, Matheson Street Shop 1302, 13F, Hong Kong Times Square, Hong Kong

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in Hong Kong


Casa Lisboa

This home is recognized as one of the most authentic Portuguese restaurants in Hong Kong and perhaps across all Asia. Chef Fábio Pombo from southern Portugal has brought to Hong Kong the traditional flavors he grew up with, with contemporary twists that make the menu appealing to local customers, without losing the essence of Portuguese cuisine. Enjoy Portuguese food and a beautiful selection of wines in an elegant yet cosy setting where the white and blue tile decoration will make you feel like you could indeed be in Lisboa.

📍​​63 Wyndham Street 2/F, Parekh House, Central, Hong Kong

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in Hong Kong


Coffee & Nata

Unlike many of the egg tarts which you will come across in mainstream Hong Kong bakeries, the Portuguese pastries here as just like those you traditionally find in Portugal, with flaky pastry and, perhaps the most distinguishing factor of them all, a slightly charred and not uniform custard surface, perfectly caramelized after spending just a few minutes in the oven at a very high temperature. Coffee & Nata have specialized in these simple Portuguese pleasures since 2002 and have definitely become very good at it! Their menu also includes other traditional Portuguese pastries such as cheese based queijada, which in a pop manner they refer to as k-jada!

📍​​1/f, Lab Concept, 93 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong


Lord ​​Stow Hong Kong

Originally from Macau, a former Portuguese colony where you can still find authentic Portuguese food to these days, Lord Stow has made a name for itself both in Macau and Hong Kong plus a few other countries in Asia where this bakery franchise is present, like Japan and the Philippines. They specialize in Portuguese custard tarts and actually claim to be the “creator of the egg tart now famous throughout Asia”. While that’s debatable, the truth is that you can as a matter of fact visit Lord Stow and satisfy your craving for a pastel de nata.

📍​​Several locations in Hong Kong:

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in Hong Kong


A couple of other places where you can get good Portuguese custard tarts in Hong Kong, even though these aren’t establishments focusing on a Portuguese menu per se, include:

Bakehouse: artisanal sourdough custard tarts by ​​Grégoire Michaud;

Sai Kung Cafe & Bakery:: their pastel de nata has a particularly buttery custard, which may or may not be a good thing depending on personal taste.


Mike’s Chicken Comida de Portugal

The clue is in the name itself – Mike specializes in food from Portugal. As simple and delicious as that! Few places in Hong Kong will serve Portuguese food in such a homely and inviting atmosphere, delivering truly authentic Iberian flavors. Many come here for the grilled chicken with peri-peri sauce, but end up trying other Portuguese goodies such as cod fritters, a beautiful Portuguese tapas platter for sharing or the skilfully braised oxtail, optionally washed down by refreshing sangria. 

📍118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Shop 167, L1, Mira Place Two, Hong Kong



Nata Goa

Portuguese cuisine meets world foods at this tropical garden café. As expected by the name, here you can find Portuguese natas, as well as other dishes which are more broadly European than specifically Portuguese. Yet a visit to Nata Goa is worth it for the sake of munching on authentic pastel de nata, but also to enjoy the amazingly chill vibe.

📍Anjuna Market Road, Anjuna, Bardez 403509, Índia

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in India


O Pedro

This Portuguese-Goan restaurant has a unique menu which explores not only the vastness of Goan cuisine beyond the most obvious dishes of European catholic influence, but that also features some Portuguese recipes rarely seen in India. Pedro’s Francesinha, taking inspiration from the iconic sandwich from Porto, consists of a home-made smoked ham, pork patty and extra cheese melt sandwich, here drenched in Port wine sauce instead of the customary tomato beer sauce you’ll find in Portugal. The sweets menu includes the easily expected pastel de nata but also the most original serradura dessert, made with condensed milk, whipped cream, toasted biscuit crumble and orange.

📍Unit 2 Plot No C – 68 Jet Airways – Godrej Bkc, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra, Mumbai 400051, India


Padaria Prazeres

Artisanal breads and pastries by the hands of Chef Ralph Prazeres and wife Stacy Garcia. After working in some of the best kitchens of Europe, including Noma in Copenhagen, Chef Prazeres returned to his home of Goa to open a Portuguese style bakery and café. Padaria Prazeres range of hand-crafted pastries includes bola de berlim (Portuguese doughnuts), pão de deus (brioche covered with coconut and egg jam), and of course, pastel de nata.

​​📍Celeste Plaza, Ground floor, opposite Models Celebrity, Caranzalem, Panaji, Goa 403002, India

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in India



Pastelaria Bali

This Portuguese coffee shop that opened its doors in the most popular on the Indonesian islands receives consistently raving reviews. Good coffee, yummy pastries and a great ambiance are some of the reasons customers keep coming back to Pastelaria Bali. This establishment brings Portuguese café culture to Bali since 2020 and ​​serves locally sourced oven-baked sandwiches, pastries, salad bowls, and signature Portuguese custard tarts baked fresh daily. If you’re in Bali and you crave a bifana followed by a pastel de nata and an espresso coffee, head straight to Pastelaria Bali!

📍Jalan Tegal Sari No.7, Tibubeneng 80361, Indonesia

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Bali



Cristiano’s | Mar de Cristiano | Nata de Cristiano

Located in Yoyogi-Hachiman, Cristiano’s is one of the most popular places for Portuguese food in Tokyo. Owner and chef ​Koji Sato spent some time in Lisbon, where he gathered the experience and inspiration needed to open this restaurant. Cristiano’s has a remarkably extensive menu, presenting simple dishes like grilled fish, but also more elaborate recipes such as baked clams or Alentejo-style pork. Besides the food, Cristiano’s wine list also includes more than 80 Portuguese wines a little from all over the country. After the popularity of Cristiano’s, Chef Koji Sato’s little Portuguese empire in Tokyo now also includes Mar de Cristiano Marisqueira Portuguesa specializing in seafood, and Nata de Cristiano selling delicately made pastel de nata.

📍1 Chome-51-10 Tomigaya, 渋谷区 Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-0063, Japan

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Japan


Lisboa Tasca Portuguesa

Portuguese restaurant by Chef Jose, located in the Honmachi area of Osaka-city. The menu changes once a month, focusing on seasonal ingredients. The food is organized in 7 or 8 course tasting menus which you can pair with a good selection of Portuguese wines served as full bottle or by the glass. Attention to quality is such at Lisboa, that they bake their own bread inhouse every day and even mill their own wheat flour brough to the restaurant from Ebetsu, Hokkaido.

📍4-8-8 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan


Lord Stow

Famous Macanese franchise Lord Stow has opened its doors in Japan, in the city of Osaka. Here you’ll find original pastel de nata alongside flavors that would make most Portuguese classicists go wild, but that certainly appeal to the Japanese public: matcha with red beans, caramel, and apple cinnamon tea, just to name a few.

📍1-10-6 Dotonbori, Chuo, Osaka, Japan

Where to find Portuguese Food and Portuguese wine in Japan



A Lorcha

Even though it advertises itself as a restaurant of Portuguese food, A Lorcha completes its introduction mentioning that they also serve a “centurie-long cuisine resulting from the combination of Portuguese sailors with the local Chinese community.” From traditional Portuguese salads like those made with pork ear, octopus or salted cod, to seafood appetizers with clams or shrimps cooked Portuguese style, or main dishes like several cod recipes, A Lorcha offers a very complete menu! If you’d like to enjoy special dishes like roast suckling pig Bairrada style or lamb roast please make sure to place your order at least two days in advance.

📍289A Rua do Almirante Sergio, Macau


A Petisqueira

“Petiscar” in Portuguese stands for tasting small plates of food, often while sharing them with friends or family. Portuguese tapas would be called petiscos. And this is exactly what you come to A Petisqueira to do, to enjoy a beautiful range of petiscos, but also a full menu of seafood, meats and a selection of Portuguese desserts. Don’t miss their range of salted cod dishes, including caras de bacalhau, cod cheeks, something you’d rarely find outside Portugal.

📍Rua de S. João, no. 15, A/B, R/C, Taipa, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Albergue 1601

This restaurant claims they serve “dine in heritage”. Set in the historical St. Lazarus Quarter, at Albergue 1601 you can relish in traditional Portuguese food prepared by Chef Pedro Almeida and his team. To enhance the experience, pair your meal with a wide selection of wine from some of the best regions of Portugal.

📍8 Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, Macau


Alma Viva

This is one of the most reputed shops selling Portuguese items in Macau. Besides homeware, decorative and personal items, their range of products features edibles like fruit preserves, biscuits, teas & infusions, olive oil, canned sardines, Portuguese sour cherry liqueur Ginjinha and a selection of imported wines.

📍35 R. Nova de São Lázaro, St. Lazarus District, Macau



Don’t be fooled by the establishment’s name, here Chef David Abreu is the magician that concocts Portuguese dishes at this popular restaurant in Macau’s Taipa Village. After working and gaining experience at several high-end hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK and Portugal, Chef Abreu came to Macau to dazzle diners who visit António, with authentic Portuguese dishes with a modern twist.

📍Rua dos Clerigos No. 7, Taipa, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Casa do Porco Preto by Galveense

Farm to table Portuguese cuisine in Macau, established by Portuguese siblings Vanda and José Rodrigues, who were inspired by their Grandmother’s love for traditional food. From their Grandfather they soaked up the care and experience of farming and respect for nature and the ingredients it presents us with. This is the spirit behind Casa do Porco Preto, a unique Portuguese restaurant in Macau where you will find an attractive variety of dishes in the menu and, to make justice to its name, several of them featuring prime Iberian black pork meat.

📍Rua do Almirante Sergio, 310 Fong Son San Chun Block V 河邊新街豐順新村第五座310號(地下C), Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Chiado Portuguese Restaurant

Portuguese celebrity chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, owner of Michelin-starred Alma in Lisbon, is the mind behind Chiado. This is, hands down, the place to go for authentic Portuguese food in Macau, particularly for those occasions when you’re ready to splurge a little extra for something special. Just like in Chef Sá Pessoa’s restaurants in Lisbon, expect to find genuine Portuguese flavors but in recipes and food presentations that do not shy away from innovation and creativity. Enjoy a set dinner with optional wine pairing, or select whatever tickles your fancy from the a la carte menu. We recommend trying dishes such as the salted cod à brás with slow cooked egg yolk, the lamb tenderloin with asparagus and cornbread migas or the cheeks of Iberian pork braised in red wine. If you like sweet endings, do not miss out on the farófias, that is, poached meringues with vanilla-cinnamon crème anglaise and almonds.

📍​​5-6 Estrada do Istmo, Coloane-Taipa Shop 2206, 2/F, The Londoner Macao, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Clube Militar de Macau

This establishment opened to the public as a Portuguese restaurant in 1995 but, from 1870 until then, used to be a private club serving only army officers. Nowadays anyone can come here to enjoy signature dishes like bacalhau or duck rice. The atmosphere takes us back to old times, where Portuguese decor is mixed with ​​Chinese antiques, for a very uniquely Macanese vibe. Dare to explore their wine menu, where apart from the most common wines from Douro or Alentejo, you can also find brands from the Tejo and Trás-os-Montes regions.

📍975 Avenida da Praia Grande Macau Peninsula, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Cool-ThingzZ & Portuguese Spot

This store curates a selection of made-in Portugal premium quality products, from handicrafts and decorative items, to edibles and wines. If you’d like to focus on the gourmet side of things just like us, head to the first floor of Cool-ThingzZ & Portuguese Spot where you can browse a wide collection of Portuguese wines in their cellar. Owner Sara and her family have also selected Portuguese preserved foods such as olive oil, fruit jams and canned seafood so that you can have a little taste of Portugal abroad.

📍​​Rua das Gaivotas Nº 2, Taipa, Macau


Dragon Portuguese Cuisine

Located at Rua da Felicidade, happiness street, Dragon promises to make those who dine here truly happy! Conveniently located in the historical centre of Macau, Dragon is a perfect stop for lunch or dinner while exploring this part of town. At Dragon you will find many of the dishes that have carved a name for themselves in the repertoire of Portuguese food in Macau: roast suckling pig, duck rice, grilled chicken and more!

📍No.40 Rua da Felicidade, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau



Named after the most popular and nostalgic of all Portuguese music genres, this restaurant in Macau’s Hotel Royal offers a fancy Portuguese dining experience. They do occasionally organize music performances but even when there’s no live entertainment, the food served will be music to your ears. Their menu includes popular dishes you can find elsewhere in Macau, but also more specific recipes made with products imported directly from Portugal, such as entrecôte Mirandesa. Their desserts menu is exceptionally enticing, listing sweets like Port wine ice-cream, toucinho do céu almond cake and puff pastry with ovos moles egg cream.

📍No. 2-4 Estrada da Vitoria, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Fernando’s Restaurant

Open since 1986, this Portuguese restaurant in Macau concentrates on seafood dishes from the old continent. Set by the beach, where we all know seafood always tastes best, Fernando’s serves typical Portuguese recipes such as clams Bulhão Pato style or fresh grilled fish. If you prefer meat, opt for dishes such as the roasted suckling pig or the one thing you can almost always find in Portuguese restaurants abroad: grilled chicken! They also have an extensive list of wines, mainly Portuguese from Douro and Alentejo regions. As a Portuguese reviewer mentions on TripAdvisor “eating at Fernandos is like eating at your Portuguese best friend’s mother’s house” – that’s quite a compliment!

📍9 Praia de Hac Sa, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Guincho a Galera

This is the first Michelin-starred restaurant from Portugal to open a branch abroad. Guincho a Galera focuses on Portuguese fine-dining. Here authentic Portuguese cuisine is prepared in an innovative contemporary style. Located inside Hotel Lisboa in Macau, the restaurant shares the astounding wine cellar of the hotel with more than 17.000 different wines, including a vast selection from Portugal.

📍3/F, Lisboa Tower, Hotel Lisboa, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau


Lord Stow

Also present in Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines, Lord Stow bakery was born in Macau and you can find its original store still open today in Coloane Town Square. Apart from the bakery ideal for take-away orders, they also have a sit down cafe in Houston Court, Coloane (​​9 Largo do Matadouro No. 17E & 19D). Lord Stow became popular for their high quality Portuguese custard tarts, here most commonly referred to as egg tarts.

📍1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau



Authentic no-frills Portuguese food in Macau. Eat at Mariazinha just like you’d eat at a good Portuguese tasca. Robust dishes that hit the spot, such as leitão assado no forno (oven roasted suckling pig), pataniscas de bacalhau com arroz de tomate (flat codfish fritters with saucy tomato rice), feijoada à Portuguesa (Portuguese style bean and meats stew) and so much more. Mariazinha is so authentic that if you visit their Facebook page linked below you will see that they advertise their rotating weekly menu in Portuguese first.

📍Rua do Monte 8, Macau



This is one of the very few restaurants in Macau with an outdoor grill, where prime meats and fish with simple seasonings that let the ingredients speak for themselves are grilled to perfection. ​​Miramar’s signature dishes include codfish-based recipes, like the northern Portuguese bacalhau à Zé do Pipo, au gratin in the oven with a thick layer of mayonnaise.

📍Zona Norte, Praia de Hac Sa, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


“O Santos” Comida Portuguesa

Over at this restaurant’s Facebook page, the owner introduces himself and his restaurant saying “my little tasca is a place where I am proud to work since November 20th of 1989, where I have made thousands of friends. I want everyone who comes here to feel like they are in their own home.” Who wouldn’t want to visit after reading such heart-warming words? With Alentejo roots and over two decades in Macau, owner Toninho will make sure that at O Santos you will enjoy typical Portuguese food but also our signature sense of hospitality!

📍Rua de Cunha No. 20, Taipa Island, next to Taipa Market, Macau


Porto Exterior

Established back in 1963 by the Fung Brothers, this Portuguese family restaurant prepares typical Portuguese and Macanese cuisine. The stand-out items in their Portuguese menu include Portuguese style saucy seafood rice, pipis (chicken giblets braised in spicy sauce), dobradinha (stewed ox trip) and desserts such as serradura (biscuit pudding). Their menu with pictures of every dish makes it easier to order for those who may be unfamiliar with our food.

📍Alameda Dr. Carlos D Assumpcao, Ed. Chong Yu, No.606 H – No.606G R/C, Macau

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau


Portugália Cervejaria Macau

This popular beer house and seafood restaurant present in several locations across Lisbon has also opened its doors in Macau. What once started as a brewery is now a restaurant specialized in fresh seafood and steaks with signature sauces. We recommend getting started with a selection of seafood, featuring cold items such as prawns and crabs and warm dishes like clams in white wine sauce, and rounding up the meal with a steak Portuguese style, drenched in sauce and served with a fried egg on top.

📍Rua dos Mercadores number 5, Taipa, Macau


Portuguese Bakery

If you have ever visited Portugal, you would know how important bakeries and pastelarias are in the local lifestyle. Going out for coffee and something sweet is part of our daily routine. If you want to feel like a Portuguese or at least indulge in Portuguese sweet habits while in Macau, Portuguese Bakery will make it easy for you! As the name implies, this establishment is a full fledged Portuguese shop, selling not only the obvious (yet delicious!) pastel de nata, but also other savory and sweet treats such as Alentejano bread, broa cornbread, carcaça bread rolls, bread stuffed with Portuguese sausage, torta de laranja orange roll, coconut tarts and so much more. Hard to resist!

📍No.24 Beco do Sal, Macau 999078


Tapas de Portugal by Antonio

Innovative Portuguese tapas restaurant located in the centre of the happening Taipa Village Macau. Tapas de Portugal offers an all-day dining experience in a trendy setting. Here the Chef’s recommendations include grilled squid with garlic olive oil, codfish “à Braz”, seafood rice, Portuguese duck rice, roasted suckling pig and grilled chicken with peri-peri sauce, often known in Macau as African chicken.

📍Rua dos Clerigos No 9, Macau 999078

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Macau



Aroma de Nata

In spite of its name, Aroma de Nata sells more than the original pastel de nata. If it’s true that their Portuguese custard tarts are beautifully authentic, they have also expanded the menu to feature these pastries with other flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and the so-called king of fruits in Asia, durian! Besides pastel de nata their Portuguese menu becomes even more inviting while featuring savory creations such as nata de bacalhau, that is, Portuguese tarts with salted cod.

📍No 19, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Other worthy places to visit for the sake of grabbing a pastel de nata, even though they aren’t Portuguese focused as a whole, include Italy Bakery in Malacca and Foo Hing Dim Sum in​​ Kuala Lumpur, where unlike in most dim sum restaurants which often feature egg tarts, here the pastries are done with actual puff pastry just like in Portugal, rather than shortcrust style of dough which is more common in Asia.


J&J Corner Portuguese Seafood

J&J specializes in Portuguese seafood in a city obsessed with eating out and that, as such, has incredibly high quality hawker stalls. Just like Monteiros Stall below, J&J serves genuine Portuguese style seafood like whole baked fish, alongside Luso-Malaysian recipes with shrimp, squid and more.

📍Shop No 10, Medan Selera Perkampungan Portugis, Melaka 75050, Malaysia


Monterios Portuguese Seafood Stall

Perhaps the most popular place for Portuguese food in Malacca, where there is still a very small population of Portuguese descent, mostly living in the area where this stall is located, the Portuguese Settlement. While Monteiros menu is certainly localized, featuring strong and spiced flavors that most traditional Portuguese restaurant menus wouldn’t dare, it’s true that this eatery has a lot of portugality in its essence. Here you’ll find local favorites such as chili crab and the festive debal curry alongside Portuguese style clams, shrimp and fried calamari. Great food and very reasonable prices!

📍Portuguese Settlement, Melaka, 75050 Malacca, Malaysia

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Malaysia



GATS’ Premium Egg Tarts

Baked daily in Pampanga, the “egg tarts” at GATS’ are closer to a Portuguese style pastel de nata than to a Chinese egg tart. In case you’re still wondering what the difference is, pastel de nata features a smooth rich custard surrounded by flaky puff pastry, while Chinese egg tarts, considered part of the dim sum repertoire, tend to be encased in shortcrust style pastry and have a more dense and eggy filling. GATS’ sells “original” pastel de nata but hasn’t shied away from also exploring different flavors to appeal to the local market, such as ube purple sweet potato.

📍Mansfield Residences, Angeles City, Philippines


Yolk Goodies

At Yolk Goodies, Portuguese custard tarts are baked both in classic and unique localized flavors such as ube cheese, matcha, red bean and chocolate. These creations would probably make classic Portuguese foodies suspicious but Yolk Goodies also serves original pastel de nata with beautifully crispy puff pastry, so we certainly think they deserve a mention here. Kindly note that this business only works with previous orders for delivery – send a DM for more info!

📍Binondo, Manila, Philippines

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Malaysia


There are other bakeries across Manila which, in spite of not being Portuguese as such, do offer a somewhat close version of Portugal’s egg tarts (dàntǎ / 蛋挞), which are different in flavor and texture to the more dense egg tarts you will commonly find in many places across Asia, particularly China. Other businesses worth checking in the Philippines if you’re craving Portuguese style pastel de nata and some localized versions include:

Baked Puff: specializes in all things puff pastry, including the flaky dough featured in Portuguese custard tarts;

Bite n Melt: homebaked by request with same-day delivery;

Egg Tarts Manila: go beyond the traditional tart and explore their localized flavors featuring ube, chocolate, matcha or dulce de leche fillings;

Lord Stow’s Bakery: originally from Macau but also present in the Philippines;

Tarts Tita: a bakery that plays around with purple sweet potato flavors added to pastel de nata;

The Sweet Tooth: some of the best Portuguese custard tarts you will find in Manila.



Madeleine’s Original Portuguese Egg Tart & Puff

Most of the so-called Portuguese tarts you are likely to come across in Singapore would be closer to the Chinese interpretation of the recipe than to the original Portuguese style. That means a denser custard heavier on egg yolks, as well as a thicker dough. For Portuguese pastel de nata in Singapore, visit Madeleine’s, featuring a rich smooth cream nestled inside flaky puff pastry. Here you’ll find custard tarts both in original and mini sizes.

📍198 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 436997



When we think about Portuguese fine dining in Asia, it’s easy for Dubai to come to mind. After all, it’s in this Emirate that Portugal’s most celebrated chef, José Avillez, opened the doors of Tasca Dubai. But in Singapore we find Tuga which is, hands down, one of the very best Portuguese restaurants in all of Asia. The concept of the restaurant Tuga started in Taipei, Taiwan, by the restless spirit of Portuguese architect Carlos Couto, was later exported to Singapore, rather recently in 2019. In the Singapore location Chef Tiago Martins takes Portuguese traditional dishes such as clams Bulhão Pato style or peixinhos da horta (green bean tempura) to the next level. While many clients are initially attracted to Tuga for the enticing wine list, they for sure end up positively surprised by excellent examples of what Portuguese gastronomy is all about!

📍#01-15 Dempsey Rd, Block 8, Singapore 247696

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Singapore



Nata O Bica

Authentic Portuguese custard tarts that, just like in Portugal, are not baked with cream, but instead milk. Apart from the classic flavor, their range also features chocolate or other flavors never seen in Portugal such as blueberry, apple cinnamon, walnut and even garlic!

📍Locations in Sinsa and Daechi:

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in South Korea



Popular Singapore restaurant Tuga mentioned above actually started by entrepreneur Carlos Couto in Taipei. Just like in Singapore, Tuga does a great job at introducing Taiwan’s residents to Portuguese food. Even though Portugal and Taiwan, an island that was back in the day known as Formosa (beautiful, in Portuguese) have historical links, Portuguese food is not well-known at all in a country that surely loves to eat! We hope thanks to Tuga more Taiwanese get to discover the tastes of Portugal!

📍1F, No.12, aly.11, Ln.216, Sec.4, Zhongxiao E. Road, Da'an, Taipei 10688, Taiwan

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Singapore


Il Fumo

The name sounds Italian, and once upon a time this indeed was an Italian restaurant, which decided to meanwhile make a switch to Portuguese cuisine. We applaud them for the bravery to present something a little less known in a market already saturated with Italian offerings. Il Fumo’s menu celebrates the traditional flavors of Portugal but with a more contemporary approach. Enjoy typical flavors like those of dishes such as meia-desfeita, a popular warm codfish salad from Lisbon, duck rice, or the funnily named dessert Portukáli…Portakal…Portoká which celebrates the Portuguese introduction of the bitter orange to the world.

📍1098/2, Rama IV Road Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Thailand


Vendedores de rua no bairro de Kudeejeen, Banguecoque

Even though it’s not obviously Portuguese for those unfamiliar with our culture, Thailand’s capital still has an area that is sometimes known as Bangkok’s Little Portugal. Here, in the neighborhood of Kudeejeen, you can find some small businesses and even street stalls selling some recognizably Portuguese foods which have been incorporated into Thai cuisine since the 1500s, the time when the Portuguese first reached Thailand. We are talking about sweets heavy on egg yolks, which make them easy to trace back to Portuguese origins, once most conventual delicacies in Portugal share the same main ingredient. Some of these confections include fios de ovos, known in Thailand as ​​foi thong ฝอยทอง, which consist of threads made out of yolks and sugar. Thong yot are also remarkably similar to ovos moles, the typical sweet from the so-called Venice of Portugal, Aveiro. These and other Portuguese sweets can be found around  Kudeejeen if you are eager to explore and ask around, even though these would nowadays be marketed as Thai foods.

📍Kudeejeen, Bangkok

Travel writer James Cave, founder of Portugalist, claims to have spotted these Portuguese-Thai desserts at a small stall “on the opposite side of the Chao Phraya River, near one of the entrances to the Pak Khlong Flower Market’ – worth exploring!

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Thailand



Al-Ulya Portuguese Flavours Café

Unlike other more well-known Portuguese bakeries in the UAE, specializing in trendy pastel de nata, Al-Ulya offers a much wider range of products, including seasonal baked goods which even pastry shops in Portugal would sell at specific times of year such as Easter or Christmas. Here you can find several types of regional folar, bolo rei, molotof egg whites flan, as well as Portuguese style breads such as pão bijou or regueifa. A true gem that Portuguese expats in the UAE are thankful to founder Mr. Rui for!

📍Al Ramlah Street Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in UAE


Alma 560

This unpretentious café sponsors a genuine Portuguese experience in Dubai. Perfect for breakfast or a light lunch, Alma 560 serves custard tarts, speciality coffee and other Portuguese sweet pastries. If you prefer something savory, do not miss out on traditional soup caldo verde, or snacks such as shrimp rissoles or ​​folhado de Chaves, a regional pastry from northern Portugal filled with seasoned meat. Alma 560 even serves Portuguese style buttered toast (pictured above), cut into three thick strips – if you want to eat it like a true Portuguese person, always leave the middle layer for last, as this is the softest and most buttered part!

📍Gold & Diamond Park, Fgb Metro Station, Building 5, Shop 007, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in UAE


Lana Lusa

Lana Lusa serves classic Portuguese dishes at Dubai’s Wasl 51 mall. Dubai has restaurants from all over the world but Portuguese representation comes mostly in the shape of custard tarts or upscale dining experiences such as those only a few can enjoy at Tasca Dubai by José Avillez. Lana Lusa offers a more democratic menu, which beautifully portrays some of the best flavors of Portugal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here you can taste fish cataplana, monkfish rice or the popular cod fish dish bacalhau com natas, featuring the popular salted fish covered with thick cream and au gratin in the oven.

📍Al Wasl 51 Plaza 1 Entrance Al Wasl 51 Plaza 1 Entrance, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Nata Lisboa

Claiming that “the world needs nata” in its slogan, this international franchise of pastel de nata is present in many Portuguese cities, but also abroad in ​​Abu Dhabi, Berlim, Bilbao, Estetino, Luanda, Peterborough and Viena. Here in the United Arab Emirates, Nata Lisboa sells freshly baked custard tarts out of a cart in Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Centre. Fresh and consistently good, the pastries at Nata Lisboa will certainly hit the spot of those craving for a little sweet bite of Portugal in the Gulf!

📍Abu Dhabi Khalifa Bin Zayed the First St World Trade Center Abu Dhabi, The Souk, Khalifa Bin Zayed the First., Abu Dhabi 51133, United Arab Emirates



Chef ​​Tito Cebola from Costa da Caparica, Portugal, started Nattas to materialize his dream and ambition of spreading the word about Portuguese food abroad. With four locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we can only gather that life is smiling to Chef and the same is happening to the customers who have the chance to try his Portuguese sweet creations. Nattas’ range of products includes the obvious pastel de nata, but also other long established Portuguese pastries such as travesseiros from Sintra, suspiros (Portuguese meringues), almond tiles, egg chestnuts, egg yars and moist sponge cake pão de ló.

📍Several locations in the United Arab Emirates:


Tasca Dubai

This is one of the most acclaimed Portuguese restaurants in all of Asia, led by Portugal’s Michelin-starred Chef José Avillez. Serving “genuine Portuguese flavours with a contemporary twist” just like Chef Avillez has become popular for his several restaurants in Lisbon. At Dubai’s high-end Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the word tasca which normally refers to humble and straightforward eateries in Portugal, certainly takes on a whole new meaning. But what does fancy Tasca Dubai and the straightforward tascas of Portugal have in common? They all cook absolutely fabulous food!

📍Jumeirah Beach Road Jumeira 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in UAE



Nata Saigon

The nata craze is a popular phenomena in many parts of Asia these days, and Vietnam couldn’t be an exception! In Ho Chi Minh City (formerly and still commonly known as Saigon), Nata Saigon is responsible for feeding this trend. Nata Saigon was started in Saigon by Portuguese immigrants who thought the experience of enjoying a good cup of Vietnamese coffee could be improved by pairing it with Portugal’s most beloved sweet treat!

📍Toong, 126 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai District 3, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Where to find Portuguese food and wine in Vietnam


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