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Are you cold? 6 drinks to warm up your body and soul!

Women holding a cup

For many travellers visiting Lisbon, the weather could not be better: blue sky, amazing sun and chilly. But for Alfacinhas (as lisboners are affectionately called) it is damn cooolldddd!

To deal with low temperatures, nothing like hot and stiff drinks to warm hands, body and soul! Here are six recommendations for every tastes:

Lisbon does not follow the English traditional five o’clok tea; all excuses are good to drink tea, any time. It warms body and soul, and has the magic power to heal colds and flu. Don’t you believe? Heat water and add honey, fresh ginger and lemon peel. Drink as hot as possible.
Where: Confeitaria National, Praça da Figueira

Coffee with hot milk
One of Lisbon most appreciated drinks and can be enjoyed in any coffee in town. Add milk and an espresso and it can be lighter or darker, depending on the amount of coffee and the taste of each one.
Where: Café Nicola, Rossio

Hot chocolate
It is virtually impossible to find a person in the world who does not like hot chocolate! Creamy consistency and irresistible aroma, is a good excuse to eat chocolate without feeling regrets. In Campo de Ourique there is a new spot for chocolate lovers, you will love this cafe-gallery.
Where: Chocolate – Cafe e Cultura, Rua Ferreira Borges, Campo de Ourique

Born in Italy, has conquered the world and Lisbon is no exception. Made with milk and espresso, it is served with a thick layer of foam that covers the cup and it may have a hint of chocolate.
Where: Café Jeronymo, Rossio

Mulled wine
For those who dispenses milk beverages there is always the chance to taste a glass of mulled wine. The taste of sugar and cinnamon are tempting and is difficult to drink just one cup. Please note that alcohol is there and it is sweet, but strong drink.
Where: Quiosque Refresco, Largo Camões, Chiado

Bagaço (homemade Schnapps)
No cold can resist to a tiny cup of bagaço, the Portuguese homemade schnapps! Extremely strong, this is a brandy that can still be found in any Lisbon tavern, from Mr. Carlos tavern, in Rua S. Cristóvão, to Os Amigos da Severa tavern. The most nostalgic still remember the times of a coffee with a little ‘smell’ that is to say an expresso with some drops of bagaço.
Where: Os Amigos da Severa, Mouraria