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It´s Detox time!

Detox written with vegetables

Detox! This is one of the most appropriate word to start a new year! After all the excesses of Christmas week and New Year – in which we are sure that life is too short and it is better to eat everything, after all diet always starts tomorrow – it’s time to face reality: 2015 has arrived and it’s time to detoxify the body.

One of the most common New Year’s resolution is focusing on healthy food. The Detox juices are a practical and fast alternative to cleanse the body, but there are other alternatives in Lisbon which can be useful for those who want to embark on this journey into the world of healthy eating.

The Food Temple
It is probably one of the best kept secrets in Mouraria and one of the places most appreciated by vegetarian cuisine lovers. For those who have doubts and are not sure if they want to embrace this new lifestyle, nothing like tasting various dishes available daily and find the answer to the eternal question: vegetarian food does not taste like anything! It does! And it tastes very well, by the way. Let’s dispel doubts?

Where: Beco do Jasmim, Mouraria

In the middle of Mercado de Fusão, right in Martim Moniz square, Erva kiosk is a healthy option for those who want alternatives to most common fashion burgers. With a vegetarian and macrobiotic side, the food is prepared on time and they also have fruit and vegetables juices. And if you still want to eat a burger you can try the veggie burger.

Where: Mercado de Fusão, Martim Moniz

It has been a mecca for vegetarian lovers, due to the lack of options that existed in Lisbon. Although the competition is increasing, it remains a reference for those who choose a healthy lifestyle, either by supermarket with macrobiotic products or the restaurant which is always a good option to enjoy vegetarian dishes.

Where: Rua 1º de Dezembro, Rossio

Manteigaria Silva
The choice is not easy: between an apple, a banana or a custard tart, temptation usually speaks louder. But if you are into a healthy lifestyle and looking for a piece of fruit to stave off hunger, Manteigaria Silva grocery store is a great option. You can choose your favourite fruit and your health will thank you.

Where: Rua D. Antão, Praça da Figueira

Goji Detox
In Campo de Ourique Market, Detox Goji is a good option for those who want to experience the fashion juices. The Goji Detox has a winter menu with a breakfast in take-away version, with yogurt, soy milk, orange, banana, acai, honey and granola. There is also the option Anti-Age with grape, lemon, green apple, beet, lettuce, spinach and creaky. Do you dare to try?

Where: Campo de Ourique Market, Campo de Ourique