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Taste of Azores in Lisbon

Azores food shop

In Lisbon you find every flavour of Portugal. Azores is the new trend in town: The nature in its pure state, crystal clear waters inviting a dive and the opening of low cost routes are putting the islands on the route of worldwide travellers.

But one of the strengths of Azores is undoubtedly its cuisine with typical products of top quality like dairy, meat or the famous pineapple. Curious to taste it? Just walk through the new grocery store that opened Downtown nearby Mouraria, in Rua da Madalena, and be delighted with all products made in Azores.

Take note:

Fermented Cakes – Traditional of Island of São Miguel, these lightweight cakes that reminds pancakes, with fluffy texture and slightly sweetened, can be served plain or accompanied with butter, jam or cheese.

Azorean pineapple – Note that we are not talking about a regular pineapple! The Azorean Pineapple / São Miguel PDO is a product of Portuguese origin with Protected Designation of Origin by the European Union since 1996. It owes its quality and unique taste to the way it is produced in glass greenhouses, with traditional cultivation techniques.
Pineapple from Azores

Tuna cans – Given the variety, the choice becomes difficult and will depend on the taste of each one. There are Santa Catarina canned tuna for all tastes, from natural to the one with oregano or even with sweet potatoes.

Queen of Pico butter – With unmistakable flavour and yellow colour, it is described by many as the best butter. The secret relies in manual and traditional way it is produced without mechanized processes.
Typical Azorean butter

Liquor Boy Piss – (yes, that’s the real name!) The success was such that in 2014 this liquor sold out in Azores. From Christmas to the Epiphany (January 6) Azores lives the tradition ‘boy piss’, which brings together groups of pilgrims to friends and family’s home to take liquor. While the stock is not reset you can opt for milk liqueur.
Two glasses of licor