real people, real food


Yes, it’s true: not even in the holidays Portuguese stop thinking about food! Even if we go on holiday to Algarve beaches, to the north orin the countryside to visit family there is always a seafood, sardines or crab summer festival.

Often, the food festivals are embedded in popular festivals that liven up the country from north to south and where people celebrate local traditions. These festivals are much awaited by Portuguese emigrants, who return to the country in August to reunite with the family...

In Portugal, when you think of fast food the first idea that comes to mind are not burgers or pizzas. For the Portuguese, fast food equals to buy a roast chicken in the neighborhood steakhouse.   This is the perfect option for those days when you do not feel like cooking, when you want a quick meal, that tastes good and satisfy your hunger. Oh, and for those who think Portuguese food means chicken piri piri here's the truth: we don't even like spicy food that much...

Forget for a moment the Lisbon tour guides and discover the most overlooked parts of the city. Venture through narrow and quieter streets and discover fine museums, art galleries in abandoned warehouses or palaces hiding Ming porcelain collections.
  Besides the lovely Campo de Ourique and