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Apps for you to travel in Lisbon like a Pro

A traveler couple

Do you remember those days when the only way to get around in a new city was to carry a big paper map that didn’t even show all the streets? And then it got all ruined with the use and the rain? Fortunately, we’ve come a long way and nowadays all you need to travel in a city fits in the palm of your hand and is much more practical. Welcome to the brave new world of free apps that will turn you into an expert in Lisbon in a blink of an eye. While not by us at Taste of Lisboa, be guided by these ones to make the most of your time in Lisbon:

The ultimate journey planner. Wherever you want to go this user-friendly app will show you the best way. It offers detailed information including subway, train, ferry and bus routes and their cost, real-time departures and disruption alerts, as well as the cycle routes .
– Available for iOS and Android –

The perfect app for those who just love to wander around the city but want to know where they have been to. It creates an exact digital trail of your route and you can add pictures, video, audio and text to your journey to create a complete diary of you travel to share with your friends and family.
– Available for iOS and Android –

This app is a very complete digital audio guide about Lisbon. Taste of Lisboa will give you the first insight into what is to be in a Lisboner’s shoes when enjoying Lisbon’s gastronomy around Downtown, Mouraria and Campo de Ourique; This app expands your knowledge about our city’s history. This app is paid but you can get the free version covering Alfama neighborhood, the Castle of S.Jorge, S. Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint, Rua Augusta and Praça do Comérico.
– Available for iOS and Android –

Time Out
Feeling outgoing and don’t know what’s happening in Lisbon? No worries! Download the Time Out app and you’ll realize how active Lisbon is. This event finder will become your best friend. If you want even more recommendations on restaurants and bars than those we give you at the end of our Food & Cultural Walks, than you must really travel along with this one.
– Available for iOS and Android –

Lisbon Street Art
Lisbon is a very picturesque city but its charm goes beyond tradition. This app presents a list of locations that feature one of the highlights of our city’s contemporaneity: street art. Explore one of the most cosmopolitan aspects of Lisbon with this index on graffiti, murals and other stencil artworks curated by GAU (Urban Art Gallery).
– Available for Android –

Did you just happen meet the nicest taxi driver ever? This app allows you to choose which taxi driver will take you around the city. It will feel like choosing your own private chauffeur for your Lisbon city escape.
– Available for Android –

Enjoy it and let us know afterwards how was your Lisbon experience, writing below in the comments box. Any other app you used it and reccomend too? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.