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Seixal travel guide for food lovers

a bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table


Just a stone’s throw from the bustling streets of Lisbon, Seixal on the southbank of the Tagus river, offers a serene escape, making it an ideal day trip from the city, for both locals and travelers alike.

Reaching Seixal from downtown Lisbon is quite easy. For those with a car, a mere 20 minute ride across the 25 de Abril Bridge unfolds the scenic beauty leading to Seixal. Alternatively, embracing the local vibe through public transportation is equally convenient. You can take the ferry from Cais do Sodré to Seixal, and reach in just about 20 minutes – check the boat schedules here. If eventually you’d like to stop in Cacilhas on the way, you could also get across the river on a cacilheiro boat, enjoy a riverside stroll and some of the best restaurants in Cacilhas, followed by a short bus ride directly to Seixal (bus timings here). This option not only offers a picturesque route but also an authentic Lisbon experience, with the entire journey taking approximately 45 minutes. 

Feat photo by Viver Seixal


a large body of water with a city in the background

Photo by Câmara Municipal do Seixal


Originally a humble fishermen village, Seixal has gracefully transitioned into a vibrant city that retains its historical essence while flourishing as a Lisbon suburb. This unique blend of the old and the new is what makes Seixal a fascinating destination for explorers and food enthusiasts.

Upon arrival, Seixal’s zona ribeirinha, that is, the riverfront area, invites visitors for leisurely strolls with views of the Tagus, with the Baía do Seixal providing a picturesque backdrop. The historic heart of Seixal is a canvas of cultural landmarks, including the Moinho de Maré de Corroios (Rua Rouxinol Miratejo), a tide mill dating back to 1403, and the Observatório de Aves do Sapal (same location as the Corroios tide mill), a live museum of biodiversity dedicated to birdwatching. Across the bay, the Lisbon skyline completes the breathtaking panorama.


a bridge over a body of water

Photo by JF Corroios


The transformation of the Mundet cork factory (Praça 1º de Maio) into a hub for exhibitions and workshops, alongside a world cuisine restaurant, marks Seixal’s industrial heritage and its progressive spirit. 


a close up of a garden

Photo by ​​Evasões


Not to be missed is the Quinta da Fidalga (Av. República 2571), showcasing a 15th-century manor house, a chapel, and a tidal lake, adorned with a collection of tiles from various eras. The journey through Seixal is also enriched by vibrant murals, a testament to its reputation as a cradle for renowned Portuguese urban artists.


a large building

Photo by Expresso


For those seeking leisure and nature, Seixal does not disappoint. From urban parks such as Parque Urbano do Seixal, Parque Recreativo da Cidade, and Parque Recreativo da Cidade, to the river beach Praia da Ponta dos Corvos (locally also known as Praia dos Tesos or Ponta de Mato), where you could get into the water, or simply contemplate the views from one of the local outdoor cafes, there’s certainly plenty to keep you entertained and engaged outside the door while in Seixal. Not to mention that the city regularly hosts cultural and artistic events. For the latest on cultural activities, be sure to check local listings and official websites, such as the Seixal cultural agenda, which is regularly updated by the local municipality.

No matter what tickles your fancy the most while in Seixal, chances are you’ll get hungry sooner or later. For that, we have curated a list of the best places to eat Portuguese food in Seixal.


The best Portuguese food restaurants in Seixal


100 Peneiras

a car parked on the side of a buildingAt 100 Peneiras, the essence of a bygone era meets modern kitchen techniques, translating into what could be labeled as a contemporary tasca. This establishment breathes new life into the concept of the classic local tavern, offering a selection of traditional petiscos, main dishes and desserts, all with a modern twist. 100 Peneiras’ wine list matches their wonderful food and, because of this combination of food and wine offerings, this is, hands down, one of our favorite places to go eat out in Seixal.

📍Rua Paiva Coelho, 127, 2840-520 Seixal

Photo by 100 Peneiras on Facebook


Tapas ao Rio

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a tableThis is a trendy spot in Baía do Seixal to go for food, wine and beer. Tapas ao Rio’s main restaurant is located inside Quinta da Fidalga, but they’re also present inside RioSul Shopping center (Av. Libertadores de Timor Loro Sae), in the Torre da Marinha area, where they serve a smaller selection of tapas. At their main venue, they prepare a lovely selection of contemporary petiscos, perfect for sharing with friends. Some of our favorites include the deep-fried cuttlefish strips served with black mayo (with the very own cephalopode’s ink), the umami-packed alheira fritters, and the saucy shrimps prepared with a “secret sauce”. If you’re looking to spend time around the table with good company while in Seixal, Tapas ao Rio is a great spot to do so.

📍Quinta Da Fidalga, Av. República 2571, 2840-468 Arrentela

Photo by New in Seixal


Ferro Velho

a person holding a plate of foodAmora is one of Seixal’s parishes and Ferro Velho is one of the most celebrated restaurants in the area. It specializes in traditional Portuguese cuisine. The restaurant’s specialities include recipes such as river sole with donax clams’ rice and their signature dish, codfish Ferro Velho style. It’s quite common in Portugal for a traditional eatery to have a home style cod, and Ferro Velho could be an exception. Ferro Velho menu for lunch keeps changing, including specials that showcase the distinct recipes from Portugal’s regional cuisines. With such diverse food and wonderful wine pairings (some of which are explored more in-depth during themed wine dinners Ferro Velho organizes with partner wineries), this is one of the greatest restaurants in Seixal to discover Portugal’s typical food.

📍Praceta Canquelifá 3, 2845-019 Amora

Photo by Ferro Velho on Facebook


Tasca Mau Feitio

a room filled with furniture and a large windowTasca Mau Feitio in Torre da Marinha, Seixal, is an eatery brought to life by two brothers with a shared passion for cooking and innovation. This modern petiscaria has become a destination for those seeking a fresh take on Portugal’s traditional flavors, skillfully blending them with Mediterranean influences from Greece, Italy, and the South of France. Under the creative direction of chef Hugo, the menu offers an enjoyable variety, including old-school petiscos like stewed chicken gizzard (moelas). Daily chef’s specials ensure an ever changing seasonal offering, complemented by an economical lunch menu and standout desserts like salted milk caramel with brownies. Tasca Mau Feitio is redefining traditional Portuguese cuisine with a modern twist.

📍Av. Dr. Arlindo Vicente 25, 2840-403 Arrentela

Photo by New in Seixal


Adega 33

a plate of foodAt the heart of Seixal, Adega 33 serves a feast of flavors that capture the essence of Portugal. Their typical Portuguese menu includes dishes from the fairly light monkfish skewers (espetadas de tamboril), to the hearty Portuguese boiled meats dinner locally known as cozido à portuguesa, and which we believe is the most representative dish of Portugal. Other seafood based specialities include octopus cataplana (cataplana de polvo) and an olive oil bathed salted cod (bacalhau à Lagareiro). If you’re new to Portuguese food, Adega 33 is a great starting point to start exploring!

📍Av. Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira 119, 2840-469 Seixal

Photo by Adega 33 on Facebook


Lisboa à Vista

a boat is docked next to a body of waterPerched on the edge of Seixal’s bay, Lisboa à Vista Restaurant offers a unique dining experience aboard an elegantly restored boat, anchored in the serene waters of the Tejo River. This distinctive setting provides guests with an extremely picturesque opportunity not only to enjoy the vistas but also well executed Portuguese dishes, with a spotlight on codfish delicacies, such as codfish with a crusty cornbread topping (bacalhau com broa), but also charcoal-grilled octopus (polvo à lagareiro), and a savory shrimp curry. For those leaning towards meat, the succulent veal chop and the black pork platter for two are highly recommended. Beyond its culinary offerings, Lisboa à Vista is renowned for accommodating groups with its spacious seating and tailored set menus, making it an ideal venue for celebrations and corporate events. 

📍Cais da Mundet, Baía do, 2840-481 Seixal

Photo by FundPeople


Maria Xafarica

a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurantThis petiscaria in Seixal embodies the spirit of a modern tavern, blending traditional Portuguese petiscos with international flavors. The eclectic menu features beloved Portuguese classics like fried cuttlefish (choco frito), alheira fritters (bolinhas de alheira) and juicy pregos, Portugal’s signature steak sandwiches. These local bites are kept in good company with a selection of international dishes such as Spanish broken eggs (ovos rotos), to indulgent loaded Nachos, tacos, burgers, and more. The youthful energy of the team and even of the menu itself results in a fun and relaxed dining experience.

📍Praça da República 5, 2840-503 Seixal

Photo by Maria Xafarica on Facebook


O Pinto 

a person standing in front of a windowA family-run gem that has been delighting locals and visitors for decades, O Pinto is renowned for its seafood centered traditional Portuguese dishes. The ambiance reflects the warmth and hospitality of the folks of Seixal, making every meal a memorable one. Signature dishes include charcoal grilled fish, the freshest grilled assorted seafood and Portuguese style seafood rice (arroz de marisco), which tell the story of Seixal’s maritime heritage. Since 2022, O Pinto also has a rooftop, from where guests can dine enjoying expansive views of the Tagus and Lisbon’s cityscape. 

📍Rua Fonte da Prata, 28, 2845-448 Amora

Photo by O Pinto


Brisa da Baía

Along the picturesque shores of Seixal, Brisa da Baía is one of the best waterfront restaurants where not only you can enjoy fancy views, literally feeling the breeze of the bay (that’s what brisa da baía means in Portuguese), but also enjoying Portuguese snacks and light meals. Portuguese folks love spending leisure time at esplanadas, that is, outdoor spaces of restaurants and cafes, and letting time go by with good company, delicious food and several rounds of drinks. At Brisa da Baía during the morning, you can enjoy a nice array of Portuguese pastries, but also freshly made pancakes, sweet indulgences that taste even better against the backdrop of Seixal’s serene beauty. During the rest of the day, opt for a fresh salad or a juicy steak, which will help you order yet another drink.

📍Parque da Av. República, 2840-741 Arrentela

Photo by Brisa da Baía on F​​acebook


Taberna do Sousa

a plate of foodSousa is the family name of the man who runs this restaurant in Seixal, and he is the 5th generation of folks into the cooking business. Taberna do Sousa is characterized by its warm hospitality and impeccable service, trademarks that are only enhanced by the establishment’s location right by the waterfront. Customers can enjoy a varied selection of authentic traditional Portuguese dishes, amongst which the fish and seafood grills stand out as some of the regulars’ favorites.

📍Praça 1° de Maio 21, 2840-485 Seixal

Photo by Taberna do Sousa on Facebook


Taberna na Villa

a bunch of food on a tableSince its opening in January 2024, Taberna na Villa has quickly become a highlight of Seixal’s dining scene, celebrated for its affordable yet diverse array of petiscos, including classics like requeijão (a Portuguese fresh specialty similar to cottage cheese) with sweet jam, shrimp rice, or and garlic shrimp (gambas à guilho). The main attraction, however, is its extraordinary and Instagrammable tasting menu, offered for just over 20 euros, providing a unique culinary journey that combines traditional Portuguese flavors with modern presentation. Taberna na Villa stands out as a place where quality, affordability, and visual appeal meet, making it a must-visit for food and food photography lovers seeking an exceptional dining experience in Seixal.

📍Rua Paiva Coelho 14, 2840-520 Seixal

Photo by New in Seixal



a pizza sitting on top of a wooden tableBaco in Seixal presents a unique dining concept that blends the sweet charm of a creperie and the vibrant atmosphere of a cervejaria, a typical Portuguese beer house. Their menu spans from sweet crepes to savory appetizers, which can easily be paired with an impeccable selection of beers and wines. Whether you’re in the mood for a sugar rush from one of their delectable crepes or prefer to savor a cheese and charcuterie board (tábua de queijos e enchidos), accompanied by a bottle of Portuguese wine, Baco caters to every taste. This establishment prides itself on offering a versatile dining experience, where the joy of sharing food and drinks in good company is celebrated.

📍Av. Vasco da Gama 22, 2840-745 Seixal

Photo by Baco on Facebook


Bistro – Espaço Memória Albano Narciso Pereira

a dish is filled with foodBistro – Espaço Memóriais is nestled inside the facilities of Sporting Club in Sexal, but it is open to the general public. Renowned for serving the best sunset views in Seixal alongside a delectable menu, this bistro caters to every palate from dawn till dusk. Start your day with a hearty breakfast, or indulge in a nicely put together lunch menu for just around 10 euros, while coffee and beverages can be enjoyed along with your meal or at any other time of the day. For a pick-me up snack, browse their list of ardósias, boards brimming with savory snacks, including cured ham and cheeses such as those from Alentejo or nearby Azeitão. Bistro – Espaço Memória is a place where good food, great drinks, and stunning sunsets converge.

📍Rua Paiva Coelho 42, 2840-525 Seixal

Photo by Bistro Espaço Memória on Facebook


Bagos de Mosto

a room with a book shelfWhile not a restaurant in the traditional sense, Bagos de Mosto deserves a reference as a part of Seixal’s culinary scene, as it is essentially a wine store but it also offers a curated selection of food, such as charcuterie and Portuguese regional cheeses. This unique establishment serves as a sanctuary for wine lovers, hosting regular wine tastings and workshops led by experts in the field. José, the visionary behind Bagos de Mosto, embarked on this venture fueled by his passion for wine (especially from Portugal’s diverse DOC regions) and a desire to create a space that was sorely missing in the area. The store operates on limited hours, reflecting its status as a labor of love and a part-time endeavor.

📍Rua Paiva Coelho 71, 2840-520 Seixal

Photo by Bagos de Mosto on Facebook



a dining room table in front of a storeWith the soulful rhythms of live jazz as the background soundtrack, JazzComia in Seixal is a  restaurant/bar where food meets music, creating a winning combination that captivates the senses. The ambiance, whether it’s the background tunes or the live performances, crafts a unique atmosphere of relaxation, allowing guests to immerse in a meal surrounded by pleasure, momentarily detached from the world outside. JazzComia’s fun and delicious menu includes signature dishes like the Duke Ellington, JazzComia’s own beef wellington, the succulent ribs, the bacalhau with old mustard crust, and their best-seller, the Francesinha drenched in their original sauce.

📍Rua Paiva Coelho 35, 2840-520 Seixal

Photo by Top Rated


Mil & Tal

a plate of food on a tableMil & Tal marries the conviviality of a beer house (cervejaria) with the fresh flavors of a seafood restaurant (marisqueira). Their menu features an array of petiscos, including the ever-popular fried cuttlefish strips (choco frito) and snails (caracóis). Mil & Tal also showcases a typical Portuguese array of seafood species, catering to the tastes of all seafood aficionados. In true Portuguese fashion, the meal here is often concluded with a garlicky steak sandwich (prego), affectionately referred to as the “dessert” following a seafood feast in Portugal.

📍Rua Casa do Povo 67, 2855-110 Corroios

Photo by Mil & Tal on TripAdvisor



a person sitting at a table with a plate of foodNestled within Seixal, Restaurante Impala may appear as a humble snack bar from the outside, but step inside, and you’re welcomed into a world that functions with the heart and soul of a full-fledged restaurant. This hidden gem offers an array of dishes that belie its modest exterior, providing hearty, satisfying meals at an incredibly affordable price point. With most dishes priced between 6 and 8 euros, a complete meal at Restaurante Impala promises not to exceed 10 euros, making it a haven for budget-conscious diners who don’t want to compromise on taste or quality. Do not miss their bitoque.

📍Rua da Liberdade 77, 2840-397 Seixal

Photo by NiT


Rei dos Caracóis

a close up of foodLast but not least, we put the spotlight on this establishment that does wonderfully one of Portugal’s favorite summertime snacks: snails! Indeed, the self-proclaimed kind of snails in Seixal cooks the gastropodes like not many are able to do in the area. Besides the smaller type of snails (caracóis), which are indeed the most common to snack on with a cold beer in hand, and their chunkier cousins (caracoletas), akin to escargot in France, Rei dos Caracóis also serves other typical Portuguese petiscos. So if there’s someone in your group who may not be adventurous enough to try one of the bizarre foods of Portugal, worry not, as no one is going to leave hungry from this restaurant. 

📍Rua Luís de Camões 779, 2865-601 Fernão Ferro

Photo by Rei dos Caracóis on Facebook


Recommended bakeries and pastry shops in Seixal


Padaria Panisal

a donut next to a glass display caseFounded in 1978 by António Soares Gomes, a seasoned expert with over 60 years of experience in the baking industry, Padaria Panisal is one of the best places in the municipality of Seixal to purchase traditional Portuguese bread varieties. Operating from its factory in Pinhal de Frades, family-run Panisal proudly runs three own-brand cafeterias-bakeries, where they offer an impressive assortment of breads including wheat, rye, mixed (mistura), and soy bread, as well as traditional Portuguese cornbread (broa de milho), and bread with chorizo (pão com chouriço) among other varieties filled with delicious cured meats. 

📍Rua da Indústria 505, Pinhal de Frades, 2840-182 Seixal

📍Rua Licínio Laranjeira 4, Casal do Marco, 2840-194 Seixal

📍Rua Luís de Camões 26, Loja B, Torre da Marinha, 2840-440 Seixal

Photo by Restaurant Guru


Seixal Art’ Doce

a kitchen with an island in the middle of a roomSeixal Art’ Doce is a fine example of the art of Portuguese pastry and bakery, offering a daily selection of pastries and bread. They also prepare exquisite theme cakes, catering to all celebratory occasions, from weddings and parties to festive times of the year like Christmas and Easter. Seixal Art’ Doce is also the perfect spot for those looking to unwind with a cup of coffee or tea in a welcoming atmosphere. Grab a savory bite opting for a grilled sandwich (tosta) or buttered toast (torrada), or go straight in for the sweets, which include more than the typical array of local pastries, and also feature home-made crepes. 

📍Rua Dr. Jorge Munõz Cardoso 1, 2840-620 Seixal

Photo by Seixal Art’ Doce


Mammy Choux

food on a tableThe term confeitisserie, a concept Mammy Choux has ingeniously coined and registered, encapsulates this business’ identity: it’s a fusion of confeitaria (the art of sweets), traditional Portuguese pastelaria with its timeless flavors, and the delicate techniques of French pâtisserie. Mammy Choux stands as an alluring all-day food destination in Seixal, where every meal from breakfast to dinner is an invitation to explore a world of flavors. This unique establishment prides itself on in-house cooking, offering patrons a taste of both traditional Portuguese sweets and international confectionery delights. The space of Mammy Choux has been beautifully developed and it sure is one of the most inviting places in Seixal, at least for a cup of coffee and a sweet indulgence.

📍Av. Vasco da Gama 30 A, 2840-745 Seixal

Photo by New in Seixal


Pastelaria Pink

a close up of a piece of breadPastelaria Pink is a delightful haven for both sweet and savory cravings, offering a cozy space where patrons can indulge in a variety of treats. Known for its fresh cakes, daily baked bread, and the inviting ambiance, Pastelaria Pink brings a unique twist to the bakery scene with its bubble tea and bubble waffle options, adding a touch of fun and innovation to the traditional pastelaria experience. Not just about sweets, Pastelaria Pink also caters to lunchtime appetites with a menu featuring typical Portuguese dishes, as well as quick options like meat sandwiches bifana (with pork) or prego (with beef).

📍Alameda dos Bombeiros Voluntários 25B, 2840-395 Seixal

Photo by Pastelaria Pink on Facebook


Padaria Central Pinhal dos Frades

two oranges and a donutPadaria Central do Pinhal de Frades has four locations throughout the council of Seixal. Renowned for bringing high-quality, freshly baked bread to the neighborhood, Padaria Central also acts as a meeting spot where friends meet, over the aroma of bread fresh out of the oven at any time of the day. Under the Padaria Central umbrella, two distinct concepts coexist: Padaria Central, dedicated to artisanal bread and bakery items, and Puro Doce, a haven for those with a sweet tooth, specializing in cakes and desserts. 


📍Av. da Ponte 82, 2840-167 Arrentela

Photo by Padaria Central on Facebook


O Cantinho da Joana

a person preparing food in a kitchenThanks to the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by Joana herself, O Cantinho da Joana (which translates as Joana’s little corner) has become one of Seixal’s favorite establishments. Even though this is technically a pastelaria, a cafe serving an array of Portuguese breakfast options, coffees, pastries, and savory treats throughout the day, it also serves lunch specials which are high quality and great value for money. For around 10 euros, patrons can indulge in a complete lunch menu that includes the soup of the day, a main dish, dessert, and a drink. The menu is a rotating showcase of traditional Portuguese dishes, where favorites like liver with bread stew (iscas com açorda), fava beans with spare ribs (favas com entrecosto), and chickpea stew (cozido de grão) make regular appearances, to the delight of the clientele.

📍Tv. Q.ta da Mariana 1 Loja D, 2845-144 Amora

Photo by New In Seixal



a piece of cake on a plateBesides being a creperie and ice cream parlor, Acqua is algo a nice venue for breakfast and the exclusive home of the pastel da Fidalga (pictured here). This culinary gem, wrapped in a thin and crispy pastry, marries the sweet richness of egg yolks and sugar with the crunchy texture of crushed almonds, epitomizing the essence of traditional conventual sweets. Crafted by Dina Oliveira, the pastel da Fidalga carries with it the tale of a forbidden love from the mid-19th century, born within the walls of Quinta da Fidalga in Seixal, just around the corner from Acqua. Legend has it that this pastry was created by a cook at the Quinta, aiming to soothe the sorrow of a noblewoman barred from marrying her true love, encapsulating a piece of local history in every bite.

📍Av. Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira 93, 2840-469 Seixal

Photo by New In Seixal


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