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7 perfect places for a picnic in Lisbon

picnic in Lisbon


Another warm and sunny day in Portugal and sometimes it just sounds right to lay on the grass, or sit on a park bench, having a bite to eat while appreciating time with friends and family. If you already went to our busy streets in Lisbon center and you want to get away from all the noise and cars passing by, go to the nearest garden and relax.

Put together some of our tasty essentials and enjoy the sun, the birds singing, the kids laughing and feed your soul with the landscape and simple summery comfort food.

Here are our suggestions for a perfect Portuguese picnic: first to prepare your picnic basket with Portuguese foods and drinks; After to select one of our seven favorite Lisbon parks to enjoy it!


What to take in your Lisbon picnic’s basket?

a tray of food on a table


As we have so many appetizing varieties, choose your favorite loaf from our suggestions of Portuguese bread and bakeries in Lisbon.

Canned Fish

From canned fish like smoked mackerel, tomato sauce drenched sardines or juicy tuna belly steaks called ventresca, there is an option for every taste – it’s just about opening the can.

Choose one or two from our selection of 10 delicious Portuguese canned fish.

Fish patés

Sardine, tuna, salmon or prawn. You can find individual servings, so take one of each for a diverse tasting picnic.


Choose one that at room temperature will provide a spreadable consistency, like cured sheep milk cheese fromBeira Interior, or Queijo de Azeitão.

Find your favorites among these 10 Portuguese cheeses you must try.

Cured meat

Slices of chouriço, paper-thin cured ham, or some traditional alentejano paio – take your meaty pick.

Fruit and preserves

Seasonal peaches or cherries, some honey or marmelada (quince paste) for a sweet contrast. You may choose as well to add a couple of Portuguese custard tarts.

Depending on the season, give preference to the seasonal fruit in Portugal.


A fresh vinho verde, an iced tea or a simple lemonade.

Choose from 10 typical drinks from Portugal. If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, we suggest our favorites ones.



Our 7 favourite gardens for a perfect picnic in Lisbon

1. Jardim Calouste Gulbenkian

Garden Calouste Gulbenkian

Surrounding one of Lisbon’s unique art museums, this mazed garden is a must visit if you enjoy laying on the grass watching the ducks getting closer and listening to a nearby stream, or walking through the tree-drenched paths with patches of art-work on the way.


2. Jardim da Estrela

Garden da Estrela Lisbon

If you have children, take them here as you will find many activities to indulge your kid’s playtime, plus plenty of baby ducks for them to watch.


3. Jardim Botto Machado

Garden Botto Machado Lisbon

Enjoy the most amazing view over Santa Apolónia. If you pass by on Tuesdays and Saturdays, visit the Flee Market, and then pass by Marias com Chocolate for some bite-sized sweets. Many locals will pass by here, including seniors who enjoy playing cards through the afternoon.


4. Jardim da Tapada das Necessidades

Garden da Tapada das Necessidades Lisbon

The place for botany lovers: the richest garden regarding native trees (carob and arbutus berry) and architectural beauties such as the Cactus Garden and many antique houses, once owned by the royal family.


5. Cemitério dos Prazeres

Cemitério dos Prazeres Lisbon

The most beautiful cemetery in Lisbon, and morbid thoughts apart, it has a mind-blowing view of the bridge, Alcântara’s harbor and Christ the Redeemer statue.


6. Monsanto

Monsanto Lisbon

If you are missing some fresh air go the the “lung of Lisbon”, the green wilderness which purifies the city. In here you can make a picnic or do some exercise using the green lane. With so much surrounding nature you will want to get lost in it for hours. We dare you to look for the abandoned restaurant, where you will find another viewpoint of the city.


7. Hotel da Estrela

Hotel Estrela Lisbon

If you don’t want the hassle of assembling your own picnic basket, check out Ant’s Basket catering services or delight yourself with Hotel da Estrela’s picnic options, served in their beautiful garden.


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