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Don’t fancy sardines? Here some alternative menus to St. Anthony evening

Portuguese dishes collage

Lisbon, evening of Popular Saints, 12 to 13th June: If it is already difficult to find a restaurant with a free table for dinner in one of the typical neighbourhoods of the city, imagine for those who want to dine and … there are people in the group of friends who do not like sardines!

If you are the kind of picky foddie that cannot ignore the tiny bones of sardines and cannot taste the fish fillets without feeling small bites on your mouth, take note of alternative menus:

Roast Sausage – It’s a starter, before the arrival of sardines, or a meal, together with a bowl of cabbage soup (caldo-verde). Serve with slices of bread.
Roast Sausage

Bifanas – It’s always the alternative for those who do not enjoy grilled sardines. It’s the lifeline of the night to when you are in hunger and you can find the roasted pork fillets with bread everywhere. Be sure to ask for mustard.



Cabbage Soup – Another one of the typical dishes of St. Anthony evening and a safe alternative for vegetarians, if they leave the chorizo slice on the corner of bowl. It is also a good choice to eat along with Bifana and ensure that hunger does not tighten during the night, which will be long.
Cabbage Soup

Mixed salad with peppers and cucumbers – Is the side dish of grilled sardines, especially the roasted pepper, which has a strong taste and is well appreciated. It is also the salvation for veggies, who find here a tasty alternative for dinner. Taste the salad with toasted bread with butter.
Mixed salad with peppers and cucumbers

And to drink?

Beer – lots of beer – Is the drink of choice of Popular Saints, closely followed by sangria. This is not a night to enjoy the quality of sangria, as you will walk from tavern to tavern, from ball to ball drinking, and what matters is thirst quenching. Taverns also have water and fresh juices.