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Get ready for Lisbon’s favorite week – Let´s party!

Sardines in bread

Are you travelling ​to Lisbon during this week​? ​ ​D​on’t miss out on our most beloved tradition, where everyone gets together through our pi​c​turesque streets to​ party and​, well, you know, eat.

These festivities were originated in Lisbon in honor of a beloved Saint called Anthony. The Protector of Portugal, as Our Lady of Conception, is celebrated by Lisboners as city’s saint, together with Saint Vicent. Saint Anthony was born in Lisbon as Fernando and died in Italy where it is known as Saint Anthony of Padua. Adventurous, cheerful, romantic, Saint Anthony protects the travelers, the singles ladies, couples and weddings – We could only celebrate him!

In Lisbon you will find the original feast with ​many entertaining events like daily live music, amusing​ and colorful​ decorations, delicious food and a fabulous parade​ competition​ on the night of the 12th. All of th​i​s happens in ​the​ most charming ​and typical ​neighborhoods​: ​​Get lost in Mouraria, Madragoa, Graça, Bica, Bairro Alto and Alfama. Dance until dawn in the arraiais and bailaricos (neighborhood gathering parties) and follow our ​practical ​tips​ to have a blast​:

Comfortable gear: Our hilly city is what keeps us in shape. You will want to walk around and take a peak of each street, no need to dress to impress, just comfortable shoes and clothes to enjoy the night ahead.

Appetite: of course! If there is any part of the year when we enjoy food the most is now. Bifanas, our pork steak sandwich, or the star of the event, grilled sardines. On bread, of course! It’s a finger food party, so take your own wipes if you wish to dig into your sardines like the locals do (with your hands on bread).

Bare essentials: take a bottle of water for the journey and spend your money on some festive drinks. You will find our main two brands of beer – Sagres and Super Bock – wine or sangria. Whatever floats your boat!
Beer close up

Party like the locals: grab a green wig (honoring the baby basil plants you will see all over the city – called Manjerico – which is used to decorate Santo António’s altar) and dance to our popular music that we call Pimba.
People dancing during St. Anthony in Lisbon

Key words: sometimes, knowing a few key words in portuguese will do some good, such as:

Quero uma sardinha por favor! – I want one sardine please! – you will obviously want more than one, if you enjoy to walk don’t worry because you will find sardines being grilled in a new corner every few minutes.

If you decide to go for our national pork sandwich, say “Bifana” instead.

Cerveja! – Beer!

Vinho branco! – White wine!

Vinho tinto! – Red wine!

Sangria! (no translation needed)

Just say this at any stand you find, people will be serving lots of drinks at once and the quicker they understand what you would like, the faster you are served and go wonder some more.

And last, but not least: have fun. That’s what this traditional event is all about. To finish off a late night, or start an early morning, go to one of our many Miradouro’s (viewpoint) and watch the sunrise.
Voz do Operário Terrace