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Some years ago, Portuguese used to wake up at the sound of baker’s van, honking religiously at the same time to sell homemade bread – what Portuguese called "papo-secos". Over time tradition was being lost and the habit of buying fresh bread in the morning do not passed to the new generations and the bakeries lost customers and were forced to close doors.

But something is changing. With the return to old traditions came the old habit of eating fresh bread at any time of day and the bakeries had to adapt to Portuguese new consumption habits, who are passionate about bread of all kinds, whether is brown bread, corn bread, rye bread, bread and cereal to carob bread...

It's for breakfast, for lunch, a snack, over dinner and to supper! The Portuguese have a soft spot for bread and every meal must have a good slice, either a buttered toast in the morning, to accompany a meal or even as dessert!

In Portugal, the tradition of eating bread is lost in time and is the basis of Portuguese food. Made with three main cereals - corn, rye and wheat - bread is different from region to region in form, color, taste or in crumb texture and is used in traditional dishes or even sweets.

In Portugal there are over a hundred varieties of bread...

Some argue that vegetarian restaurants will never be very popular in Lisbon, but Alice, 32, has managed to do precisely the opposite: her restaurant, The Food Temple is a 5 star rated by Happy Cow - TripAdvisor of healthy restaurants. Lisboners and travelers all around the world get lost in Mouraria to be able to find an amazing healthy feast of flavours for the taste buds.

When she arrived in Lisbon in the summer of 2011, Alice had not opted for vegetarianism, or the vegan lifestyle...