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If they are less and less people who follow by the book the fasting during Lent (no meat on Good Friday), the same cannot be said of the gastronomic traditions associated with Easter, the most important festival of the Christian world.

Originating in Hebrew Peseach, Easter began as a Jewish celebration and means passage or transition. The Christian Easter is an adaptation of the Jewish celebrations, which celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people and the passage to the Promised Land with the crossing of the Red Sea, led by Moses...

Sayings Having more eyes than belly - Wanting something that you do not really need. Similar to “have eyes bigger than your stomach”. Who does not eat for having eaten ... has no danger of disease - When you lose your appetite for eating before meals. Who is not to eat, is not to work - When someone eats too slow...

Do you know when to use the expression ‘ate like an abbot’? Or why you should not ‘swallow frogs’ or ‘cry over spilt milk’? Here’s the meaning of very typical Portuguese expressions around food.

We, Portuguese, confess: we are addicted to good food and popular sayings! Believe it when we say that there’s a popular expression or a saying applied to any situation. Do not believe it? Take note:
  Have the knife and cheese on your hand: When someone has everything he needs to solve something, to have an advantage...