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In Portugal tradition says that November and December are months dedicated to broas, small brownish cookies, oval or round, done with sweat potato or corn bread, decorated with half almond and baked especially for the All Saints Day or Christmas.

The name broas has a double meaning, since 'receive the ‘broa’ is an old expression that means receiving a gift, usually money. On November the 1st, or All Saints Day, the ladies go to the kitchen to bake ‘broas’ and offer to anyone who nock at their doors asking for Bread for God, a public collection made ​​by children from door to door - The Portuguese Halloween...

She lived in 3 continents, 3 different cities, but sufficed three days in Lisbon to get in love with the city. Born in Iran, Karolyn was delighted with the light and calm of Lisbon, moved form Chiado to Mouraria and loves a Carioca (coffee) with a drop of milk in the morning. "If I do not drink it feels something is missing in my day."

Karolyn was 12 when she realize she wanted to leave Iran to the United States, where she had relatives. For four years she waited for the arrival of passport to allow her to leave a country torn by war and revolution...

It is said that is the basis of the cuisine in Mediterranean countries, but Portugal follows the Atlantic Diet (as we are near Atlantic Ocean). But what’s the difference between the two? And what is the healthiest?

Nutritionists do not get tired of praising the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, either by the use of olive oil as a healthy fat, by eating fruits and vegetables, regular intake of water and regular exercise.

The Atlantic Diet shares all these teachings, but gives priority to certain types of foods and consumption of a larger amount of protein, either red meat, eggs, dairy products or vegetables...