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Alcochete travel guide for food lovers

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Many of the people who work in Lisbon actually live on the other side of the Tagus river, in an area which we broadly refer to in Portuguese as Margem Sul, that is, the south bank. Across the river not only will you find residential areas which house a growing population which the city center couldn’t possibly shelter, there are towns and cities with their own personality, cultural background, traditions, typical foods and specific sites to be enjoyed.

When you travel to Lisbon, we’d love for you to be adventurous enough to get a little out of the city center, as we do believe it’d be a rewarding experience for the sake of immersing yourself into our local culture.

Today we’d love to invite you to explore Alcochete, a charming town which has a lot to offer, particularly if you are into nature and calmer vibes than those you’d probably feel in downtown Lisbon these days. Alcochete’s history can be traced to many centuries ago. In fact, the town’s name in itself derives from the Arabic word “al-kusat”, which means oven, referring to the days when the Mooris occupied the Iberian Peninsula, several centuries ago.

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Even though Alcochete is fairly close to Lisbon, and it would only take you about 30 to 40 minutes by car or about an hour by bus to get there (crossing Vasco da Gama’s bridge, the longest bridge in Europe), it feels like worlds apart. This picturesque town has a very pleasant riverfront area perfect for a relaxed stroll, as well as a river beach known as Praia dos Moinhos. Not in Alcochete’s town per se but still within the same municipality, you’d also be able to visit Praia do Samouco beach, ideal to take the kids out to play or do a picnic.

Besides several interesting monuments which dot the town, and the shopping center Freeport (Av. Euro 2004) where you’ll only find discount and outlet fashion brands, Alcochete also stands out for being very close to a natural reserve where nature lovers can, amongst other things, engage in bird watching activities. There are around 170 different species of birds which can usually be seen in the area, including pink flamingos which are increasingly rare, but still very much associated with the estuary of the Tagus river.

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Historically, a relevant number of Alcochete’s residents have worked in river and sea related activities, namely salt collection (salineiros) and fishing (pescadores). As you can imagine, Alcochete is still a great place to have a good fresh fish meal, but of course there are other specialities to be enjoyed around here!

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


These are the best restaurants for a great meal out when exploring Alcochete:


Best restaurants for Portuguese food in Alcochete


Don Peixe

Like many of Portugal’s good fish restaurants, at Don Peixe you’ll find a big counter where the fresh catch is on display atop shaved ice, for customers to have a look at what’s available on a given day and be able to make their choice. This may sound like an odd method to diners who are used to selecting a dish just based on a printed menu but, for Portuguese, it’s a wonderful sign that the food you’re about to enjoy is fresh. As you can see on the photo here, Don Peixe’s team takes fish very seriously.

📍Largo António Santos Jorge, 2890-022 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers



Alfoz’s location is as striking as it gets as the restaurant has a privileged position in Alcochete’s riverfront area. If the water views can be a good appetizer for your meal, know that Alfoz actually delivers when it comes to wonderfully cooked food. Like many of the best restaurants in town, Alfoz’s focus is fresh fish and seafood. If meat tickles your fancy, they have a special dish which is only available by previous order: galinhola, that is Eurasian woodcock, a dish which poultry lovers shouldn’t miss out on.

📍Av. Dom Manuel I, 2890-014 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Barrete Verde

Many folks in Alcochete and surrounding areas love bullfighting, an activity which is deeply rooted in the tradition of this part of Portugal. At Barrete Verde you can breathe in the atmosphere of touradas, as you’ll notice lots of bull related paraphernalia hanging on the walls. When it comes to food, some of Barrete Verde’s specialities include bacalhau com natas (oven baked creamy salted cod), cod fritters with naughty rice, duck rice (known in Portuguese as arroz de pato), and even pork loin stuffed with farinheira, one of the most unique sausages of the Portuguese cured meats repertoire.

📍Rua José André dos Santos 26, 2890-082 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers



This restaurant’s name takes inspiration from Alcochete’s salt production areas. The food served here is traditional Portuguese, yet with some elevated touches, not only when it comes to the preparation of the dishes, but particularly their presentation. As the ambiance is pleasant, the dishes are very well prepared and the service is friendly, this is one of the most popular restaurants in Alcochete. As you can easily guess, it gets busy, thus reservations are recommended.

📍Av. Dom Manuel I 5, 2890-030 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


A Tasca do Vitor

We love a good Portuguese tasca, that is, a no-frills establishment focusing on traditional food and drinks. This type of typical tavern tends to have a lot of character and A Tasca do Vitor  does so too, and the aesthetics of it all are enhanced by the fact that this restaurant is located on the waterfront area of Alcochete. Visit and enjoy hearty Portuguese recipes such as açorda savory bread porridge, feijoada beans and meats stew, and their much praised cozido à portuguesa, a boiled meats and vegetables feast which we consider to be the national dish of Portugal.

📍Rua da Quebrada 10, 2890-080 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers



If you’re craving a simple yet delectable fresh fish meal while in Alcochete, Alcochetano is a safe bet. They specialize in charcoal grills and, even though the recipes in themselves are fairly straightforward, the quality and freshness of the products guarantees a beautiful end result. During summer time, don’t miss out on the grilled sardines, sardinhas assadas, one of the most quintessential meals you can enjoy in and around Lisbon!

📍Largo da Misericórdia 8 2890, Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


O Marítimo

Alcochete has no shortage of typical Portuguese restaurants, and O Marítimo is up there amongst the best. Good straightforward food and reasonable prices is what they’re all about. Their bife à casa, that is, home style steak, is a brilliant option for beef lovers, but if fish is what you are after, of course there are plenty of wonderful options to be enjoyed. Just like in any other place in the area, when the warmer months roll around, ask for the sardines grilled over charcoal with a simple sprinkle of coarse salt, and enjoy the authenticity of Portuguese cuisine in all of its simplicity.

📍Rua Comendador Estevão de Oliveira 21, 2890-044 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Estrada Real

Part hotel, part restaurant and catering service, Estrada Real is one of the most popular food businesses in the Alcochete area, for those organizing an event or special celebration. If parties are all the rage when you choose to host at Estrada Real, they also have the ability to keep things simple during the week, offering a good value for money lunch special, with rotating dishes which showcase the repertoire of Portuguese traditional cuisine.

📍​​Estrada Real, Pinheiro do Marco, 2890-164 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Wine Up

A tad more contemporary than most restaurants in Alcochete, Wine Up, as the name clearly states, focuses not only on food but also on wines. Their aim is to give their customers a good gastronomic experience, paired with carefully selected wines. The owner is a great connoisseur of wine and will be happy to recommend a reference based on the dishes you choose to eat. If you’d like to taste something very Portuguese which you don’t always come across in many restaurants, ask for the rabbit stew.

📍​​Largo de São João 8, 2890-030 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


A Palmeira

Right beside a view point called ​​Miradouro Amália Rodrigues, A Palmeira offers stunning views towards the Tagus river. Their specialties include fresh fish and seafood cooked Portuguese style, but besides the more obvious grills, they also offer comforting dishes which normally Portuguese people would order to share. One such dish is the caldeirada de peixe, a fisherman stew with different pieces of fish, stewed in a tomato and onions infused broth, served with potatoes cooked in that same intensely flavored sauce.

📍Rua do Norte 1A, 2890-154 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Taberna do Rossio

Largo Barão de Samora, where Taberna do Rossio is located, is one of Alcochete’s most picturesque squares. If there’s something you should most definitely do when soaking up the Portuguese neighborhood vibes, is to sit down at a place such as this tavern, order a bottle of wine and a range of petiscos to share. Just like Spanish tapas, petiscos are small dishes which are very representative of Portugal’s cuisine, and that are perfect for sharing. If you’re in between meals or crave a snack instead, indulge on a good bifana, a juicy pork sandwich which will keep you going until your next meal.

📍Largo Barão de Samora Correia, 2890-029 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Marisqueira do Samouco

This seafood restaurant in Samouco, a locality that belongs to the municipality of Alcochete, has been open since 1989. Their goal is to provide their regular customers as well as new visitors with the highest quality seafood, which Portuguese consumers are quite used to. Even though they do indeed serve some meat based dishes, like roasts and bitoque style steaks, their focus goes towards the flavors of the sea. If you come craving a seafood feast, we guarantee you won’t leave disappointed.

📍Praça da República nº39, 2890-210 Samouco

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


 Moinho da Praia

Restaurant Moinho da Praia is part of a larger complex, Quinta Moinho da Praia, popular for weddings and other high-end group events. The grounds are beautiful and nicely kept, with gardens and a swimming pool which faces the river, giving the feeling of expansion. The food, as one would hope, matches the atmosphere. Their menu is inspired in traditional Portuguese cuisine (think dishes such as pork and clams Alentejo style, saucy monkfish rice, and many salt cod fish dishes), but presented in an elegant manner.

📍Rua da Praia, 2890-228 Samouco

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Cantinho do Ti Tonho

Excellent food made even tastier by smiley staff working in a warm atmosphere – as you can see by Ti Tonho’s photo here, this eatery in Alcochete has good vibes all around! They specialize not only in traditional Portuguese food, but also in dishes which are specific from the areas around Alcochete. The decor is based on artifacts from the world of fado music, thus helping to immerse the customers in a deeply Portuguese ambiance.

📍Rua António Maria Cardoso 14, 2890-068 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers



Joana Come a Tapa

We love the name of this restaurant, which is a play on words with a popular Portuguese song that goes like “Joana come a papa”, that is, Joana eat your porridge. Here porridge has been replaced with tasty tapas, which adults can enjoy with a glass of Portuguese wine. Some of their most sought after tapas include spicy garlic prawns and scarlet prawn brigadeiros, but Joana Come a Tapa also serves main meals such as the wonderful ​​Iberian black pork cheeks stewed in red wine, served with chestnuts and coriander rice. Vegetarian options are also available!

📍Rua Comendador Estevão de Oliveira 6, 2890-044 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


O Arrastão

This restaurant is located at Praia dos Moinhos, a river beach in Alcochete, and like most waterfront eateries, focuses on fish, more specifically grills. In fact, it is one of the very best grilled fish restaurants in Alcochete! They were awarded a gold medal in Alcochete’s gastronomic contest for their caldeirada. But if you’d like to taste this award-winning fish stew (pictured here), you ought to place an order at least one or two days in advance.

📍Passeio das Caravelas, 2890-510 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Os Petiscos do António

You wouldn’t think of spaghetti when picturing Portuguese food, but the esparguete com gambas à António (pictured here) is indeed Os Petiscos do António’s most popular dish. António has been making food Alcochete residents love for over twenty years and, besides pasta, that includes quintessential Portuguese recipes such as those with salted cod (their olive oil drenched bacalhau à lagareiro is divine!), octopus rice, bitoque steaks, and a wide range of appetizers including grilled cured meats and egg based starters.

📍Av. Dom Manuel I n 589, 2890-114 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Imperial Alcochete

This is, hands down, one of Alcochete’s best restaurants, which hits the spot particularly if you’re looking to enjoy a Portuguese style seafood meal, that is, a mariscada. As compared to other well established Alcochete eateries, Imperial is pretty recent, as it was only founded in 2020. But there’s no doubt that they’ve been gathering a very solid following ever since, always making sure their sea products are the freshest.

📍Rua Dr. Ciprião de Figueiredo Nº 2 R/c, 2890-071 Alcochete

Alcochete travel guide for food lovers


Best bakeries and pastry shops in Alcochete


Padaria Piqueira

Piqueira specializes in the artisanal production of traditional cakes and pastries, including typical sweet recipes from Alcochete. They are open every single day, and it’s one of those establishments Portuguese people tend to go to for breakfast or an afternoon snack, but also for a post-meal cup of coffee or a pick-me-up snack any time of the day. Sweet treats, caffeine and a friendly chat with the staff or the neighbors are a part of Portuguese everyday life!

📍Largo Alm. Gago Coutinho 7, 2890-027 Alcochete



a display in a store filled with lots of food


Padaria Pipa

This bakery in Alcochete was founded by Eduardo Ferreira, also known as Pipa. When Pipa opened its doors around ​​1968 their production focused exclusively on bread but, as the years went by they also started baking cakes and other sweet treats. Still, their main focus is bread and they are a certified organic bread bakery, which uses slow fermentation methods to produce high quality sourdough bread. This is a rarity in the area, so if you’d like to purchase bread which not only tastes great but that is actually beneficial for your health, you know Padaria Pipa is the place to go to!

📍Rua dos Alecrins 725, 2890-161 Alcochete


a close up of a rock



Pastelaria Londres

Everything you’ll eat at Pastelaria Londres is home-made and this is how you can enquire about what’s used for their recipes and safely consume products which are actually suitable for even those on a vegan diet. Visit for a strong cup of espresso coffee, a sweet bite and, why not, for a little chat with the locals – this is what the Portuguese pastelaria lifestyle is all about!

📍Largo de São João 21, 2890-154 Alcochete


a piece of chocolate cake on a paper plate


Padaria Popular

Fogaça de Alcochete (pictured here) is to Alcochete what pastel de nata is to Lisbon, that is, the most iconic local cake. Padaria Popular specializes in this biscuit style confection, flavored with cinnamon and lemon. Fogaças are believed to have been around for about five hundred years and, even though it’s not the most commonly available cake today, at Padaria Popular you can always find them.

📍Largo Alm. Gago Coutinho 2, 2890-030 Alcochete


a person cooking hot dogs on a grill


Receitas de Luxo

The name of this pastry shop translates as “luxurious recipes” and it speaks of the high quality confections you’ll find here. At this Alcochete bakery everything is home-made – this is what the Portuguese phrase fabrico próprio you’ll see in many of our pastelarias stands for. Come here for your daily cup of coffee and a typical Portuguese pastry, but keep in mind that they do a wonderful job with cakes made to order too!

📍Av. Dom Manuel I 559, 2890-014 Alcochete


a man cutting a cake


We hope this read has inspired you to explore the Greater Lisbon area. Come dig deeper into the culture of Lisbon’s city center by joining one of our food & cultural experiences, but don’t forget that, if you venture a little away from the historical center of our capital city, there are lots of wonderful things to be experienced and tasted!

If you need further tips, please feel free to reach us on Instagram, where we’d love to see your Portuguese food photos – please tag @tasteoflisboa or #tasteoflisboa


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