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7 things to do (and eat) on a rainy day in Lisbon – From Mouraria to Campo de Ourique

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Although sunny, beautiful Lisbon also has its darkest days. In a week when weather forecasts indicate some rain, enjoy these greyer days to find other charms of the city.

1 – Plan indoor visits – Old College of Young Orphans 
The grey and rainy days are the best to discover the history and monuments of the city. In Martim Moniz square look for the police station. Not to feel safer, but because inside this building you will find the former College of Orphaned Boys, with eighteenth-century tiles depicting biblical scenes, which has resisted degradation of the building. It is worth remembering the constant theft of tiles of the facades of buildings almost everywhere in the city, so the purchase of tiles in markets, such as Flea Market, is completely discouraged, for the preservation of heritage.

Group listening guide during a tour in Lisbon
2 – Drink a cherry and eat a pie the Moorish quarter 
After the visit go the tavern Amigos da Severa to drink a cherry with Mr. Anthony, or enjoy a Pastel da Mouraria (Mouraria Tartlet) in the hidden Beco dos Cavaleiros No. 15 If you get lost ask for Pastéis da Mouraria.
Filipa having a toast with Os Amigos de Servera owner
3 – Take the tram 28 to Campo de Ourique 
Face the line and look for the tram 28 (Prazeres) to Campo de Ourique. Besides enjoy the ride, because it goes through St. George’s Castle, you end up directly in Campo de Ourique, one area of town with many cafes, restaurants and shops to discover.
Tour guide explaining in a tram in Lisbon
4 – Discover the new Campo de Ourique Market
On a rainy day, nothing like enjoying the various kiosks from Campo de Ourique Market to savour the Portuguese delicacies. Ideal for small snacks or lunch, it has several proposals for all tastes, from francesinhas to codfish, shellfish or sushi. Are you thirsty? There is also a Champanheria, a Market Bar and a wine cellar. The market still has a number of stalls with fruit and vegetables from local producers, with fresh produce.
Friends in a food market in Lisbon
5 – Visit Igreja do Santo Condestável
At the exit of Campo de Ourique Market enjoy the proximity to make a visit to the Igreja do Santo Condestável, a neogothic temple. Inaugurated in 1951, was built in the context of ‘New Churches’​​, unlike other architectural styles that can be found throughout the city, since it sought to reconcile modernism with the new possibilities offered by new materials and new techniques. Look for the stained glass in the side altars, with signature of Almada Negreiros.
Group visiting a Church in Lisbon
6 – The Best Chocolate Cake in the World 

If you are in Campo de Ourique is required to taste a slice of what is considered to be the best chocolate cake in the world. The hastag foorporn rests perfectly in this cake made with layers of crispy meringue wrapped in a creamy French chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate ganache. If you think the description is mouthwatering imagine the party your taste buds will make at the first bite. It is so good that is already in several countries including Brazil, Spain, Australia, Angola, UK, Germany and Austria.

Chocolate cake slices
7 – Casa Fernando Pessoa
How many times you will have the opportunity to visit the home of one of the greatest Portuguese writers? Casa Fernando Pessoa, Rua Coelho da Rocha, 16, is located in the building where the author of the ‘Book of Disquiet’ lived for his last 15 years of life. It is a cultural center which hosts exhibitions, workshops, performances and has a public library specializing in poetry. Take the opportunity to see some of the personal belongings of the poet, author of the phrase “To travel you just have to exist ‘.

Filipa and clients posing for a picture

Photography: António Alfarroba