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Casa da Achada – 5 years of a cultural spot that deserves a visit

Hidden in Largo da Achada, in the back of Rua das Farinhas, Casa da Achada is the headquarters of the Center Mário Dionísio, a cultural spot that offers several proposals as painting exhibitions or screenings outdoors.

Includes the private library of Mário Dionísio, a portuguese critic, writer, professor and painter (1916-1993), and Maria Letícia Clemente da Silva, a teacher whom he married in 1940, which can be consulted by appointment.

The Center was born of the desire to show the literary and artistic legacy, as well as the personnel file of Mário Dionísio, and in 2014 it celebrates five years of existence. To celebrate the existence will be held in weeks 26-29 of September various activities, such as the play Mãos ou as Inquietações (26/09 21:30), the opening of the exhibition 10 Artistas de que Mário Dionísio Falou (September 27) or more workshops (September 28). See the complete schedule here.

Just for curiosity Largo Achada, the address of Casa da Achada, contains a lot of history and you can find some buildings that manage to resist the great earthquake of 1755 that destroyed this area of the city.

Photography: António Alfarroba.