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Cheese: The more smelly the best!

Cheese and bread on a platter

Forget Emmental, Gruyere, Brie or Roquefort cheese. In Portugal, the mandatory cheeses are those that smell worse! At first the scent can be a strong deterrent, but the spicy touch makes you forget everything. Don’t you believe? Pass by Zé dos Cornos tavern, in Mouraria, ask to taste the cheese of Castelo Branco, with a spicy touch and strong taste. Since you’re there take time to savor the Alpedrinha, since this is one of the few places in Lisbon where you can find this cheese from Fundão.

And if there is something that cannot miss in a typical Portuguese table is a good cheese. Cut into thin slices, serves as an excellent entry, and is also deeply appreciated with a good marmelade for dessert. But always with bread, as the Portuguese saying: Eat no bread, eat sloppy!

Goat from Trás-os-Montes (raw goat milk) – strong aroma with a slight spicy aftertaste

Azeitão (raw sheep milk) – Mildly spicy, sour and salty mix

Castelo Branco (sheep milk) – Pasta close texture, aroma and sharp flavour, witch can be slightly spicy

Serpa (Sheep’s milk) – Intense aroma and spicy flavour

Nisa (raw sheep’s milk) – pronounced aroma and taste slightly acidic

Terrincho (Sheep’s milk) – smooth, clean and very characteristic flavour

Serra da Estrela (sheep milk) – exudes intense aroma and strong flavour, slightly acidic

Emanuele Siracusa cheese