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3 friends in Lisbon – Seeing is believing!

Three friends posing

Were the stories told by Ana, the daughter of Portuguese immigrants in Paris, which led Marina and Julie want to see Lisbon with their own eyes. They took the summer holidays and followed Ana to discover a city they felt warm and full of charm.

Marina – After everything Ana had told us I had to see with my own eyes. She told us that every time she came to Lisbon she used to feel a different emotion.

And now, after visiting the city, what do you feel?

It is … poetic! All houses with different colors … it is special!

Julie – I was delighted with the narrow streets, the houses and all the colors. It is a very warm city with an intense life and many cultural offerings. One word to describe the city? Warm!

Regarding local cuisine they were surrendered to the Portuguese style pork and, of course, to the custard tart!

Pork meat a la Portuguesa