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15 boutique hotels that’ll make you feel at home in Lisbon

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In Lisbon, just like in most cities that welcome travelers all over the world, the rise of boutique hotels has redefined the notion of intimate and personalized lodging. Unlike their larger counterparts, boutique hotels offer a unique blend of luxury and homeliness, providing an experience that extends beyond mere accommodation. But what exactly sets a boutique hotel apart from a standard hotel? 

Feat photo by Toctoctoc Lisboa on TripAdvisor

Primarily, boutique hotels distinguish themselves through their size, design, and overall approach to hospitality. These establishments are typically smaller and more cozy, ranging from just a few rooms to a few dozen, fostering an atmosphere that is both intimate and exclusive. The design is often bespoke, with each room and common area curated to reflect the local culture and history, or sometimes the taste of the hotel’s designer. This attention to detail ensures that each guest’s stay is unique, making boutique hotels a favored choice for those seeking a more personal touch during their travels.

In Lisbon, boutique hotels are often nestled within quaint neighborhoods, occupying renovated townhouses or historic buildings, each with its own story. This choice of location is strategic, situating guests within reach of Lisbon’s vibrant life yet away from the bustle of the more touristic areas. By choosing to stay in a boutique hotel located outside the hyper-touristified zones, travelers can connect more authentically with the city’s true soul. While many boutique hotels are indeed in the city center, some others which we will also explore below are located in neighborhoods that are more likely to offer a glimpse into the daily lives of locals, where small cafés, independent boutiques, and local markets are not so typically frequented by tourists.

So why should you consider a boutique hotel over a larger, more impersonal hotel? Of course this entirely depends on your taste and even budget,, but we believe that boutique hotels in Lisbon are indeed more likely to offer a more personalized service. Many boutique hotels are owned and operated by locals who, just like us during our food and cultural walks in Lisbon, are eager to share their love for the city. By staying at a smaller place, you may be able to chit chat with the owners and the staff, who in most cases would be happy to give you insider tips about good places to go eat out at, events tourists wouldn’t normally know about, and hidden cultural gems that don’t often make it into travel guides. 


So, without further ado, these are 15 of the best boutique hotels in Lisbon, where we hope you’ll get to feel at home:


Casa Balthazar 

a bedroom with a large windowCasa Balthazar was originally the personal residence of Balthazar Roiz Castanheiro, who was the visionary founder of Lisbon’s renowned Confeitaria Nacional (Praça da Figueira 18B), the oldest pastry shop in Lisbon. Eventually, this property transcended its domestic beginnings to become a cherished boutique hotel. Since Castanheiro purchased the building in 1882, it has been a site of culinary innovation, once home to the production of delicious Bolo Rei, which is the most traditional Christmas cake in Portugal, originally introduced by Confeitaria Nacional, as well as other pastries.

The transformation from a bustling family home and bakery to a refined boutique hotel has been handled with care, preserving the essence of its past while incorporating modern comforts and elegance. The hotel’s design tastefully blends classic aesthetics with contemporary chic, creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere that appeals to both history buffs and modern travelers.

At Casa Balthazar, every detail is curated to enhance the guest experience. Rooms are equipped with top-notch amenities including coffee machines, high-speed Wi-Fi, and personalized mobile concierge services, ensuring every need is met with a touch of luxury. The charm of historical Lisbon is ever-present through the hotel’s décor and the panoramic views offered from the private terraces, where guests can gaze over the city’s timeless landscape.

The culinary legacy of the Castanheiro family continues to delight guests. Mornings at Casa Balthazar begin with a sumptuous breakfast from Confeitaria Nacional, which is delivered directly to your room, combining convenience with a taste of Lisbon’s pastry making tradition. The hotel’s amenities include a serene garden, a refreshing swimming pool, and a cozy bar area, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration. If you are a food lover eager to explore the most delicious side of Lisbon, you’d be happy to know that, when you stay at Casa Balthazar, you receive exclusive discounts at Confeitaria Nacional and restaurant Buenos Aires.

📍Rua do Duque 26, 1200-159 Lisbon

Photo by Casa Balthazar


Hotel das Amoreiras

a person standing in front of a buildingTucked away in the peaceful Praça das Amoreiras, Hotel das Amoreiras was transformed by couple Alivia Valero and Pedro Oliveira from a neglected building, into what they call a “small grand hotel”. Their journey of restoration and passion is evident in every detail, from the Portuguese marble that graces the bathrooms to the velvet and wood that add warmth and texture throughout the property.

Hotel das Amoreiras boasts 17 rooms, each decorated with personally selected artworks that reflect themes from politics to cinema, alongside dreamy hues of green, sand, and beige. The rooms also offer panoramic views of iconic landmarks such as the Águas Livres Aqueduct and the Mãe D’Água das Amoreiras Reservoir, rivaling views that larger hotels can only aspire to.

What makes this hotel stand out is the feeling that you are visiting friends in the countryside, even though it is indeed located in a rather central and happening part of the city. The hotel’s commitment to quality extends to its dining experience, where breakfast features produce sourced from small, family-owned local producers. This ensures that every meal not only tastes fresh but also supports the local community. The dining area, which was once upon a time a famous bakery, now serves as a charming breakfast room and event space.

With a terrace that overlooks the city, a swimming pool to escape the summer heat, a bar, and a lush garden area, Hotel das Amoreiras ensures a luxuriously comfortable base in Lisbon.

📍Praça das Amoreiras 34, 1250-020 Lisbon

Photo by Hotel das Amoreiras on LinkedIn


Dear Lisbon – Charming House

the outside of a buildingDear Lisbon – Charming House is a delightful establishment featuring 20 uniquely styled rooms, including terrace suites that boast expansive views of the Santa Catarina rooftops, junior suites, garden rooms that open to serene views, and street rooms that capture the essence of Lisbon’s lively ambiance.

Each room at Dear Lisbon is a testament to chic, individualized décor that skillfully blends classical elements with a contemporary flair. The careful attention to detail ensures that every guest enjoys not only comfort but also a feast for the eyes. Modern amenities such as broadband WiFi, LED TV, and standard air conditioning across all rooms guarantee a stay replete with all the conveniences of modern living.

The public areas of Dear Lisbon extend the warmth of its hospitality. A cozy lounge with a mini library provides a perfect escape for those looking to unwind in a more intimate setting. The breakfast salon is spacious and inviting, where guests can start their day with a scrumptious buffet that offers a variety of choices to suit different palates and dietary requirements.

However, the true hidden gem of Dear Lisbon is its wonderful inner patio, a tranquil courtyard that feels like a slice of Morocco in the middle of Lisbon. Here, guests can find a plunge pool that is an absolute delight on hot Lisbon days, providing a refreshing respite from the city’s bustling energy. Dear Lisbon – Charming House lives up to its name and, in the management’s own words, this is “the house you will call home.” 

📍Rua de Marcos Marreiros 13, 1200-254 Lisbon

Photo by


Santa Clara 1728

a living room filled with furniture and a large windowHoused in a 18th-century edifice in the heart of Lisbon, Santa Clara 1728 only has six rooms. Being this exclusive, and located in the same building as the high-end restaurant Ceia, this boutique hotel would be a good choice if you appreciate the fusion of classic and contemporary design, and an overall sense of understated luxury. Santa Clara 1728 is located right by the Feira da Ladra, Lisbon’s most renowned flea market, that comes alive every Tuesday and Saturday, giving guests an opportunity to step a little away from luxury, and a little bit more into the hustle and bustle of the city.

Designed for design aficionados, the hotel features open-plan bathrooms with doorless showers, emphasizing a modern, minimalist aesthetic that is both functional and visually appealing. The interiors, curated by Antonio Citterio in collaboration with B&B Italia, are a testament to modern design principles, featuring pale wood furnishings and luxurious linens that promise comfort and style. Each room is equipped with thoughtful amenities, including a little espresso machine and a mini-fridge stocked with wine, soda, and water, ensuring that every need is catered to. 

Guests at Santa Clara 1728 can enjoy a homemade meal in the communal kitchen, where breakfast is served daily and included in the room cost. While the hotel does not feature a restaurant, for excellent contemporary Portuguese food and incredible wine pairings, you could go down to Ceia. If you’d rather go elsewhere though, the staff is always happy to recommend some of the city’s best local dining spots.

📍Campo de Santa Clara 128 RC, 1100-473 Lisbon

Photo by Conde Naste Traveler


Torel Palace

a view of a city streetTorel Palace is perched atop one of Lisbon’s seven hills. This stunning property features three historic palaces from the 19th and 20th centuries and an additional apartment building, all offering spectacular views over Lisbon and the Tagus River.

The hotel is dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of Portugal’s monarchy. Each room and suite is thoughtfully named and decorated in honor of Portuguese Kings and Queens. 

At the heart of Torel Palace Lisbon’s appeal is its focus on dining. The hotel’s restaurant, 2Monkeys, offers a unique and engaging fun-fine-dining concept where guests can eat in the kitchen alongside chefs Vitor Matos and Francisco Quintas. This interactive experience involves a surprise menu, allowing guests to embark on a memorable culinary journey.

For a more relaxed dining atmosphere, the gastrobar restaurant Black Pavilion provides a stunning setting with an esplanade that boasts breathtaking city views, an elegant winter garden that envelops guests in nature, and an indoor bar for cozy gatherings. 

Additionally, Duke’s Bar offers a sophisticated space to unwind with a drink in hand, complementing the overall luxurious atmosphere of the hotel. The outdoor areas of Torel Palace are equally impressive, featuring two swimming pools where guests can relax and soak up the Lisbon sun in a truly majestic setting.

Torel Palace Lisbon is a hotel but also a culinary destination – just the kind of place we love staying at!

📍Rua Câmara Pestana 45, 1150-082 Lisbon

Photo by Torel Palace 


The Felix 10

a large buildingThe neighborhood of Lapa, renowned for its embassies, foundations, and cultural institutions, is also home to The Felix 10 Boutique Bed & Breakfast, which offers a serene and sophisticated oasis in the heart of Lisbon. This boutique B&B is ideally situated for both business travelers and tourists seeking privacy, comfort, and a touch of luxury during their stay in the Portuguese capital.

The Felix 10 is just a short, ten-minute walk from the famous 28 tram stop, providing easy access to Lisbon’s iconic attractions and most sought after neighborhoods. This prime location allows guests to explore the city with ease while enjoying the tranquility and exclusivity of one of its most prestigious areas.

Accommodation at The Felix 10 is thoughtfully designed to ensure that each guest experiences a blend of elegance and comfort. The rooms and suites at this boutique B&B are decorated with a keen eye for design, combining contemporary chic with classic elements. Each room is equipped with high-quality linens, modern amenities, and en-suite bathrooms, offering a relaxing environment where guests can unwind after a busy day. The suite options at The Felix 10 provide additional space and luxury, featuring enhanced amenities such as expansive sitting areas, premium furnishings, and panoramic views of the Lapa district. Whether opting for a standard room or a more opulent suite, guests are treated to an intimate and personalized stay, with attention to detail that can be felt in every aspect of the accommodation.

📍Rua de São Félix 10, 1200-840 Lisbon

Photo by The Felix 10


1908 Lisboa Hotel

a bedroom with a bed in a hotel roomLocated in the once notorious but now trendy Intendente neighborhood, the 1908 Lisboa Hotel is a remarkable example of architectural restoration and modern reimagining. Housed in an Art Nouveau building that has been beautifully revitalized, this hotel blends historical elegance with contemporary style. It occupies a restored 18th-century building that was once a set of luxury apartments eventually fairly abandoned over the years. The transformation of this building into a hotel has greatly contributed to the neighborhood’s revival. 

Inside, the hotel exudes a modern industrial vibe with mid-century furnishings, contrasting the classical exterior. On the ground floor, by the welcoming entrance, there is a concierge desk which often ends up becoming a bit of a social hub, especially as it is located right next to the 1908 Bar and popular restaurant Infame, where the breakfast included in the room rate is served every morning.

The hotel’s rooms, each unique due to the building’s triangular layout, are stylishly furnished with one-of-a-kind antiques and modern Portuguese art. Views from the rooms stretch over the bustling Largo do Intendente or the scenic Avenida Almirante Reis where, amongst other gems, the most popular seafood restaurant in Lisbon, Ramiro (Av. Alm. Reis 1H), is located.

📍Largo do Intendente Pina Manique Nº 6, 1100-285 Lisbon

Photo by



a large buildingRenowned architecture firm Aires Mateus was responsible for restoring the building where Montecarmo12 boutique hotel is now located, very near Principe Real and Lisbon’s botanical garden (Rua da Escola Politécnica 58).

Montecarmo12 occupies a corner of quietude in an area known for its bustling streets. The building, originally a classic structure, has been transformed into a modern haven with interiors that emphasize space, light, and contemporary comfort. With just 10 rooms spread across three floors, the hotel promises an intimate stay without sacrificing the grandeur of its urban setting. The design philosophy at Montecarmo12 is marked by clean lines and an open, airy feel. Each room boasts a decor that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, featuring custom furniture and soft, neutral color palettes that inspire calmness. The bathrooms are a highlight, offering a touch of luxury with fixtures made from native Portuguese Lioz limestone, providing a cool, serene place to unwind. A standout architectural feature of the hotel is its central spiral staircase, which not only serves as a practical component of the building’s layout but also as a striking decorative element. 

Starting the day at Montecarmo12 is a delight, with a breakfast menu that emphasizes healthful, locally sourced ingredients. This morning meal is designed to energize guests for a day of exploration in one of Lisbon’s most endearing neighborhoods.

📍Tv. Monte do Carmo 12, 1200-244 Lisbon

Photo by Montecarmo12


Palácio do Visconde – The Coffee Experience

a plate of food on a picnic tableSet within two beautifully restored 19th-century palaces in Lisbon, Palácio do Visconde – The Coffee Experience offers a complete immersion into the world of artisan coffee. We love lodges that revolve around the theme of foods and drinks, so there is no way we could explore the scene of the best boutique hotels in Lisbon without recommending this hotel which you can stay and relax at, while also sipping coffee in a way that takes you on a journey from bean to cup. The hotel offers coffee related guided tours, and guests are invited to relax in the garden while enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee, an experience that even guests not staying at the hotel can participate in. 

Breakfast at Palácio do Visconde is an affair fit for royalty, served daily in the noble salons and the garden until 11AM. Guests can choose from an à la carte or full menu, featuring freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs prepared to order, and breakfast dishes that honor traditional Portuguese recipes with ingredients like Azorean meat, alheira sausage, Alentejano black pork, or typical salt cod dishes, reminiscent of grandmother’s kitchen.

Further enhancing the gourmet experience, the hotel sources its coffee beans from the oldest roastery in Lisbon, Cafés Negrita, ensuring that each cup offers a fresh, eclectic mix of flavors. The Barista Menu includes classic drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos, alongside signature recipes such as Thai ice latte, Nutella latte, and affogato, crafted by barista Dilver Gutierrez and his team. On the other hand, cocktail enthusiasts will enjoy the inventive Cocktail Author Menu created by bartender Alexandre Pacheco, who draws inspiration from the unique themes of each of the 23 rooms in the palace. 

For accommodations, the hotel offers 11 guest rooms featuring personal safes, flat-screen TVs with satellite channels, and smoke detectors. The beds are very comfortable – so enjoy the coffee experience this hotel provides but avoid over caffeination, so that indeed you can rest great at night!

📍Rua Maria da Fonte 55, 1170-220 Lisbon

Photo by Fever


Lisbon Garden Boutique

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a tableLisbon Garden is a boutique guest house with just 12 rooms, ensuring a private and homely experience, ideal for travelers looking for a quiet haven in the middle of the city. The property has been decorated with a blend of vintage and contemporary elements.  

One of the highlights of Lisbon Garden Boutique is its Terrace-Bar-Lounge, a perfect spot to unwind after a day out and about exploring Lisbon. This relaxing outdoor space invites guests to sit back and enjoy a variety of specialty cocktails crafted by skilled bartenders.

Privacy and a home-like feeling are the hallmarks of the Lisbon Garden Boutique Guest House. Each room is decorated to balance good taste with comfort, providing a personal touch that enhances the overall experience of staying in a boutique setting. The intimate scale of the guest house ensures that every guest receives attentive and personalized service, contributing to a memorable and pleasant stay.

Breakfast is served daily in the in-house restaurant, offering a delightful start to the day with a variety of choices to suit all tastes, from international spreads to a more standard Portuguese breakfast

The Lisbon Garden Boutique stands out for its prime location in Lisbon, but also for its beautiful accommodations and excellent service, knowing how to strike a good balance between being attentive and helpful yet not too overpowering and respectful of the guests’ own space. If you plan on exploring the city by foot or using public transportation, its location near Arroios will certainly come in handy for that.

📍Rua Gomes Freire 64, 1150-175 Lisbon

Photo by Lisbon Garden


The Late Birds Lisbon

a man in a pool of waterThe Late Birds Lisbon is an urban resort specifically designed for the male gay community, located between Bairro Alto and Principe Real. This concept of a gay hotel or resort caters to the LGBTQ+ community by providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment tailored to their needs, fostering a sense of community and belonging. In Lisbon, while there are many accommodations that are gay-friendly, dedicated gay or LGBTQ+ exclusive resorts like The Late Birds are not as common, making it a significant and commendable niche in the city’s accommodation scene.

Housed in a beautifully restored late-18th century building, The Late Birds Lisbon offers twelve climate-controlled rooms that combine comfort with the elegant aesthetics of Portuguese design. The interiors are designed to make guests feel like they are staying in a friend’s sophisticated, yet comfortable home. With a decor that balances classical elements with modern Portuguese design, the guesthouse also features personal touches from the owners, adding to the welcoming atmosphere.

The resort’s facilities are thoughtfully designed to enhance social interactions among guests and hosts alike. The lounge, bar, and stunning garden with a UV-treated swimming pool provide perfect settings for various gatherings, from gay weddings and birthday celebrations to casual socializing among new friends. 

Each room at The Late Birds Lisbon is equipped with modern amenities including a computer, cable TV, free WiFi, and a private bathroom stocked with complimentary toiletries, ensuring a stay that combines luxury with the comforts of home. The guesthouse emphasizes social dining experiences, offering small cooked breakfasts daily and a special brunch on Sundays, allowing guests to mingle and start their day in a communal joyful atmosphere.

The Late Birds Lisbon places guests in the heart of the city’s most historical and lively districts. If you are eager to experience the nightlife, uncorking local labels at one of our many wine bars, or visit trendy cocktail bars in Lisbon, this is for sure a good location to stay at, from the hotel, you can walk to most places downtown.

📍Tv. André Valente 21, 1200-024 Lisbon

Photo by Mister B&B


Toctoctoc Lisboa

a person with an umbrellaToctoctoc Lisboa transcends the typical boutique hotel experience by offering the intimate and personalized touch of a bed and breakfast. For those unfamiliar with the distinction, while boutique hotels are smaller than large chain hotels and provide unique, stylish accommodations and full services, a bed and breakfast (B&B) usually offers overnight stays in a more residential setting with breakfast included, often showcasing the personal touches and hospitality of the hosts. This makes B&Bs like Toctoctoc Lisboa ideal for travelers seeking a more homely and personalized stay.

Toctoctoc Lisboa is nestled near the lush Estrela gardens, providing a serene oasis in the bustling city. Each room at this guest house is impeccably clean and beautifully decorated with fine interiors and charming decorative items, while some rooms even feature patios or balconies, offering lovely views and a place to relax. Even if you don’t have your own outdoor area, there’s a beautifully landscaped garden where you can unwind and enjoy a drink at the wooden bar after a day exploring Lisbon.

Breakfast at Toctoctoc Lisboa is an experience in itself, served in the beautiful garden setting where guests can enjoy the early morning sun. The breakfast is continental, made from local, fresh, and homemade products to support local trade. Available until 11AM, it includes gluten-free and vegan options upon request, thus catering to all dietary needs.

📍Rua de Santo Amaro 29 R/c, 1200-803 Lisbon

Photo by My Boutique Hotel


A Casa das Janelas Com Vista

Believe it or not, Bairro Alto still has some tranquil streets, and A Casa das Janelas Com Vista (whose name translates as “The House of the Windows with a View”) is located in one of them. This home offers a charming boutique bed and breakfast experience, in a stylish atmosphere with unique architecture. The interiors are a thoughtful mix of modern designer furniture and retro decor, creating an inviting atmosphere that embodies the essence of a traditional Portuguese townhouse.

A Casa das Janelas Com Vista is owned by a Catalan couple who fell in love with Lisbon during their travels and seized the opportunity to transform an abandoned building into a welcoming guesthouse. Their vision was to create a unique, social space where guests could not only relax but also connect with each other, sharing experiences and stories in a communal setting. The owners themselves are usually happy to talk with guests and particularly equip them with good tips to make the most of the city, including those dedicated to neighborhoods a little away from the most touristic areas, as well as culture and art related gems in our city.

The rooms at A Casa das Janelas Com Vista are designed to maximize the scenic views, with some overlooking the intricate grid of steep, cobblestoned streets, charming red-roofed townhouses, and the distant Tagus River, offering guests a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Even though the owners aren’t locals per se, they have been deepening themselves in Lisbon for years now, and this establishment sure offers a charm and hospitality that feel authentically Portuguese.

📍Rua Nova do Loureiro 35, 1200-293 Lisbon

Photo by


Sublime Lisboa

a dining room tableHoused in a century-old mansion in Amoreiras, Sublime is a 15 room boutique hotel in Lisbon, where historical architecture meets contemporary touches. The building’s well-preserved period features set the visual tone, while local designers have skillfully integrated modern colors and an eclectic mix of furniture and artwork, enhancing its unique character.

While some of the rooms in Sublime Lisboa are compact, a characteristic often found in hotels housed in historic buildings, they do not compromise on comfort. The suites expand up to a generous 56 square meters, offering spacious accommodations that exceed the typical expectations for a hotel of this size in a European capital. 

Sublime Lisboa surprises and delights beyond its luxurious rooms. Contrary to what one might expect from a small-scale hotel, it features the Davvero, a chic Italian restaurant led by chef Isaac Kumi, a seasoned veteran of the global Cipriani empire. The restaurant encourages guests to start their evenings with a traditional aperitivo, stimulating the appetite with expertly mixed cocktails and a selection of snacks in anticipation of a memorable meal.

The luxury extends to Sublime Lisboa’s concierge service, which is designed to cater to high-end clients. The hotel prides itself on offering personalized itineraries crafted by highly qualified personnel and exclusive partners, which often focus on some of the best day trips from Lisbon. Overall, we can safely state that Sublime sure lives up to its name!

📍Rua Marquês de Subserra 10, 1070-012 Lisbon

Photo by Sublime Lisboa


OnJ S. Lázaro Lisboa

a large buildingOnJ S. Lázaro Lisboa offers a contemporary urban retreat in the form of a boutique aparthotel, ideally located within walking distance to the bustling Praça da Figueira and only 10 minutes from the heart of downtown Lisbon. This modern establishment combines the freedom and privacy of apartment living with the comfort and convenience of hotel services, making it an excellent choice for travelers seeking a blend of independence and pampering.

Each studio and apartment in OnJ S. Lázaro is designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The units are air-conditioned, featuring a fully equipped kitchenette, a seating area, and a large flat-screen TV with internet access, catering to both short and long stays. The apartments also boast a dining area and a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, rain shower, and complimentary toiletries, ensuring a homelike experience with the luxury of hotel living.

One of the standout features of OnJ S. Lázaro is its sun terrace, which offers panoramic views of the Graça area. This terrace is an ideal spot for guests to relax and unwind after a day of exploring Lisbon. Equipped with a comfortable relaxation area, it provides a perfect escape from the city’s hustle while allowing guests to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of their surroundings.

If you travel with your four legged best friend, you will certainly appreciate that OnJ S. Lázaro is pet-friendly, welcoming animals for an additional fee, allowing guests to enjoy their stay without having to leave their furry friends behind.

📍Calçada do Desterro 22, 1150-126 Lisbon

Photo by My Boutique Hotel


It’s quite easy to find a home away from home in Lisbon. And now that you know where you’ll be sleeping, figure out where you’ll go out to eat, browsing the tips we regularly share on Instagram. #tasteoflisboa


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