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10 best rooftop bars in Lisbon

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We love being high! We mean high up in Lisbon’s best rooftop bars, where you can share a bottle of wine with your friends, drink a signature cocktail, feel the summer breeze as it gently hits your hair and, of course, enjoy marvelous views of the Portuguese capital.

As Lisbon is the “city of the seven hills”, its topography is ideal for miradouros (that is Portuguese for viewpoints), which afford incredible vistas over the historic city center, the narrow alleys of the oldest neighborhoods such as Alfama, the Golden Gate look-alike 25 de Abril bridge, the Tagus river and the south bank of Lisbon. Watching the sunset in one of these viewpoints is a common pastime of Lisbon’s residents and everyone has their favorite spot for it – if you’re curious to know, these are ours!

But sometimes you feel like having a bit more facilities and structure than the ones you get when you are at a public viewpoint. Enter rooftop bars! Thankfully, Lisbon is home to phenomenal bars on top of buildings or in large terraces in upper floors, which aren’t just about the views, but which do end up being great food and drinks destinations. No matter if you’d like to sip a trendy cocktail in a fancy “see and be seen” set-up, or you’d rather drink a craft beer with a local selection of petiscos, there is something for everyone in our city’s rooftop bar scene.


This is our top 10 of the must-visit rooftop bars in Lisbon:


10. Terraço Editorial

We’re partial to venues that have great wine selection, so we’re highlighting Terraço Editorial first. Not only does their menu include a beautiful list of Portuguese and international wines, they are also located in the most unexpected of places. To visit this elegant rooftop bar you ought to enter a department store called Pollux, which specializes in household items and kitchen appliances, and head to their highest floor. Up there, where was once an almost secret cafe, is now one of Lisbon’s best venues dedicated to wine culture.

Terraço Editorial’s interior is super welcoming and stylish, even though, when there is room, (reservations are very recommended!), we certainly prefer sitting outdoors, as this is exactly where you get to appreciate the views of downtown Lisbon’s Baixa-Chiado district, with a glass of wine in hand.

The staff at Terraço Editorial actually knows about wine, so they’ll be happy to recommend something according to your preferences. Food wise, the venue specializes in a contemporary take on Portuguese cuisine, ranging from not too obvious finger foods to keep your drink company, to main meals ideal for a gastronomic evening out. Terraço Editorial is one of our favorite rooftops in Lisbon, because it’s the perfect blend between a restaurant and a wine bar, in an unbeatable location!

📍Rua dos Fanqueiros 276 piso 8, 1149-031 Lisbon


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9. Javá Rooftop

If we like rooftop bars by default, we like them even more when the concept blends a bar and an actual restaurant. If there are some rooftop bars which are essentially night establishments, that is not the case with Javá. This rooftop bar sits on a 5th floor overlooking ​​Cais do Sodré and it’s an ideal place not only for drinks and Mediterranean inspired meals every day, but also for brunch which is served during the weekend.

If the weather doesn’t hold up nicely, Javá includes an interior area elegantly decorated with blue velvet and marble finishes. But it is indeed in its lush outdoors where Javá stands out as one of the coolest rooftops in Lisbon.

It’s not easy to navigate Lisbon’s city center and particularly heavily touristic areas such as Cais do Sodré, but Javá is a safe bet if you’re looking for a bright terrace, delicious cocktails, a very good selection of wines, fresh food on the grill and, bonus for some of us, it’s also a pet-friendly establishment.

📍Praça Dom Luís I 30, 1200-275 Lisbon


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8. Park Lisboa

Park is consistently highlighted as one of the greatest rooftop bars in Lisbon. It may not be as polished as the other bars we speak of above but Park has an urban vibe that is hard to match. It is on top of a parking lot in Calçada do Combro, very near the bustling Bairro Alto, a famous nightlife area in Lisbon. Walking up the steps to the 6th floor isn’t always a particularly pleasant experience, but we can’t say it isn’t worth it.

Because of its location and popularity (also with locals!) Park is a tourist favorite both during summer and even during winter months, when heaters and blankets are provided to ensure you can enjoy the views and the space, without freezing away. The drinks menu is large and, for such a touristic place, it offers decent value for money. Besides cocktails, you can also select from a wide range of beers, wine and even sangria. If the sun goes down and you still feel like sticking around for a party night, you don’t need to go elsewhere for dinner. Park serves light snacks and quick bites such as burgers.

If you want to secure a seat at Park bar we recommend going early, as they do not take reservations. If not, just bring all your energy along to dance the night away, particularly during their PARKBEAT nights, when guest DJs are in charge of Park’s rhythm.

📍Calçada do Combro 58, 1200-123 Lisbon


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If a regular rooftop bar doesn’t do it for you and what you crave are full-on 360º views of Lisbon, ŌKAH is the place for you! They claim to be “the most original rooftop in Lisbon” and their location and set-up are indeed quite unique. They are right in front of the Tagus river, in an old port area and, to match its surroundings, ŌKAHs building is made out of 16 adapted maritime containers, surrounded by outdoor terraces.

In the interior, you will find ​​ŌKAH Restaurant, so whether you’d like to have a pre-dinner drink or do it the other way around, you don’t have to leave the building, which below includes LACS co-working space and creative studios. The restaurant’s menu is quite eclectic, ranging from Portuguese classics with a contemporary presentation, to Asian fusion dishes.

ŌKAH is a popular name amongst the many Brazilians who now call Lisbon home, as on Sunday evenings they host samba nights which go by the name Samb’okah, with a live band and lots of dancing. ŌKAH stands for more than just good views and drinks, this is clearly a venue for music and entertainment, with fondness for hosting events which draw in different crowds, who have in common their love for enjoying life at one of Lisbon’s finest venues, which can also be rented for private parties and exclusive events.

📍Cais Rocha Conde de Óbidos 4th floor, 1350-352 Lisbon


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6. Rossio Gastro Bar

As much as we love a nice drink in a pleasant place, we will always give preference to spots which combine good drinks and great food. Rossio Gastro Bar goes even beyond that, throwing some live music in the mix. This bar sits on top of the 5-star hotel Altis Avenida. From the 7th floor you can overlook the nearby square of Rossio, one of the most important in downtown Lisbon, Santa Justa’s lift, the arch of Rua Augusta and the Tagus river too. Rossio Gastro Bar includes an indoor seating area elegantly decorated art deco style, as well as a large rooftop terrace with stylish furniture which makes it inviting to lounge around.

This is not the kind of bar where you’d want to order a classic drink. Instead, our recommendation would be to try the signature cocktails by Flavi Andrade, who keeps coming up with new enticing recipes making the most of seasonal ingredients. All the elements used by Andrade are prepared from scratch, thus resulting in flavor combinations you will not easily come across elsewhere.

Chef João Correia is responsible for the food menu, which includes dishes meant to be shared with friends over drinks. We wouldn’t per se come here for dinner, unless something informal is what we have in mind, but for a pre-dinner drink with some appetizers. When we come here after dinner elsewhere, we like enjoying the happening party vibes, particularly during weekends when they host live DJ sets.

📍Rua 1º de Dezembro 118, 1200-360 Lisbon


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5. TOPO Martim Moniz

There are two TOPO bars in Lisbon: one in Chiado, near the convent of Carmo, and the other one in Martim Moniz Square. We are partial to the one in Martim Moniz because it’s a very special place from which to admire the iconic castle of S. Jorge during the day and, even more specially, as the sun goes down, as it becomes dark, and the warm yellow lights which highlight this monument after dusk come on creating a certain kind of magic. This is also a great spot from where to see a different perspective of the neighborhoods of ​​Graça and Castelo – and it’s funny because you normally go to these neighborhoods to enjoy their viewpoints and, from here, you can actually reverse the most common points of view.

To reach TOPO Martim Moniz you must go up to the 6th floor of Centro Comercial do Martim Moniz, a shopping center which does not at all anticipate how cool things will be once you reach the rooftop. TOPO has been one of Lisbon’s most sought after casual rooftop bars for years but during Covid they had a make-over which made the space even nicer. Now, they even have video game arcades.

Behind the counter, a team of bartenders crafts signature cocktails and our favorite thing to do is to simply ignore the printed menu and ask for them to surprise us. Of course the bartender will ask you what kind of flavor profiles and booze you are into and, because life should be an adventure, this way you’d most of the time get to try something new. If you prefer to go by the book though, dare to try interesting concoctions such as their Don’t Worry Be Happy, with cognac, banana, cinnamon, red wine and citrus; or the Fizzical, with gin, plum, peach, Korean soju and wine. The fact that they have a pretty complete menu of snacks and dishes makes us give bonus points to TOPO Martim Moniz!

📍Centro Comercial Martim Moniz, 1100-341 Lisbon


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4. Ferroviário

Ferroviário is a very versatile space, which combines a restaurant, a rooftop bar and even a dancing venue. The setting is super lively and lush, even though once again, the building from the outside, which happens to be in a non-touristy area of Lisbon, wouldn’t lead you to think so at first. The decor is meant to immerse you in a summer vibe no matter the time of the year. And even though you may not have a paradise-like beach right in front, you do have the expansive Tagus river and great views towards the south bank.

Their menu has a pop touch and includes pizzas, pastas, burgers, Portuguese prego sandwiches, and light bites which tend to gather common consensus. There is a big range of cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages too, which make all sorts of customers happy. This is the kind of venue you come to with friends, to enjoy the atmosphere which gets particularly lively when they run events such as live DJ sets, stand-up comedy shows and themed movie nights.

The thing that we like the most about Ferroviário is their weekend brunch, which serves as a great excuse to drink a cocktail in the late morning. In the summer, the fact you’re on a higher floor and close to the river makes it nice and breezy and, during the winter, they cover parts of the rooftop so that things get warm and cozy, A winner all year round!

📍Rua de Santa Apolónia 59, 1100-468 Lisbon


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3. GO A Lisboa 

For a drink at a rooftop away from the touristic center of Lisbon, head to the neighborhood of Alcântara (home to the hipster LX Factory), where GO A Lisboa is located. This is one of the newest trending rooftop bars in Lisbon, nearby Necessidades Palace.

The self-proclaimed “yummy and funky” rooftop bar, which takes inspiration for its name from Casa de Goa, the organization in which complex they are located, is indeed an unexpected venue which feels more like an oasis in the city. Because of its name, some may think that this is a place dedicated to the food from the former Portuguese colony in India, Goa, but it’s in reality a breezy rooftop bar with live music and DJs, wich a sleek interior space which instead of branding itself as a regular restaurant, says to be a Supper Club. Up and coming chef Inga Martin is responsible for a menu which focuses on international dishes, including fish, meat and vegan options, but that have in common the preference for seasonal and local ingredients, used at their peak freshness.

There’s lots going at GO A Lisboa! Of course you can simply come here for a drink with an expansive view towards the 25 de Abril bridge, but you could also pop over for a yoga class, a weekend brunch, dinner or more

📍Calçada Livramento 17, 1350-188 Lisbon


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2. Carmo Rooftop

Carmo Rooftop sits beside the historical convent of Carmo, in what is, quite possibly, one of the most privileged locations of any rooftop bar in Lisbon. If you are into contemplating historical locations while you sip your cocktails, make sure you include this address on your Lisbon plans, as Carmo Rooftop’s home is literally the terrace of the Carmo Archaeological Museum.

This rooftop bar in the heart of the Chiado district is of course great for views, but it also offers a good selection of drinks, food (focusing on light meals such as burgers, pizzas and salads) and cultural programming. On Saturdays, for example, they put together a market with local fashion and handcraft brands. During the summer, they host regular movie nights, which allow visitors to watch classic movies “under the stars”.

Because of its super central location, Carmo Rooftop is hard to miss. In fact, if you access the much sought after Santa Justa lift from the back (hint from those in the know: this is how you can skip the long queues up front!), you can make a mini detour and come here for a drink and a bite to recharge, as you keep exploring downtown Lisbon.

📍Terraços do Carmo, Largo do Carmo, 1200-288 Lisbon


a sign on the side of a building


1. Catch Me

Formerly known as Le Chat, this panoramic terrace in the neighborhood of Santos has been one of our favorites for years! It faces the Tagus river, and more precisely the port area, offering a view that mixes idyllic sunsets with a certain industrial charm – similar to ŌKAH above, which is across the street from Catch Me.

The venue reopened after rebranding as recently as March 2023. With Le Chat it has in common stunning views, drinks and food. But now, Catch Me (short for Catch Me If You Can) also offers cooking demos, live DJ sets and other fun surprise events. So, we’d say they’ve taken what was good about the previous brand and turned it into something even better, in such a fortunate location which lots of Lisbon locals are in love with.

The owners of Catch Me also manage other venues which we quite like in Lisbon, including cocktail and jazz bar O Bom, O Mau e O Vilão, in Cais do Sodré, and healthy food restaurant Eat, Pray, Love. All in all, we feel that the future of our city’s bar and restaurant scene is in good hands.

📍Jardim 9 de Abril, 1200-736 Lisbon


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Rooftop bars are “a thing” in Lisbon, not only because going out to drink with friends is very much in the Portuguese DNA, but also because the city’s topography is ideal for this kind of set-up. As such, there are many other rooftops worth exploring besides our favorite ones above.


Some more rooftop bars you should check out in Lisbon include:

BAHR & Terrace

To sample the cuisine of Michelin starred chef Nuno Mendes

📍Praça Luís de Camões nº 2, 1200-243 Lisbon



For dinner on a rooftop, in the heart of Bairro Alto

📍Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 35, 1250-237 Lisbon



For coffee or a drink, and a light meal in Santa Catarina

📍Miradouro de Santa Catarina, 1200-401 Lisbon


Silk Club

For Japanese dining

📍Edifício Espaço Chiado, R. da Misericórdia 14, 1200-273 Lisbon


Memmo Príncipe Real

For their rooftop pool

📍Rua Dom Pedro V 56 J, 1250-094 Lisbon


Rooftop Bar – Hotel Mundial

Once upon a time a hidden gem… not anymore, but still great!

📍Hotel Mundial, Praça Martim Moniz 2, 1100-341 Lisbon


Limão Rooftop Bar 

For drinks and mouth-watering Portuguese petiscos

📍Av. Duque de Loulé 83, 1050-089 Lisbon


Sky Bar Lisboa by SEEN

For a fancy drink overviewing the bustling streets surrounding Avenida da Liberdade

📍Av. da Liberdade 185, 1269-050 Lisbon


So now that you know about the coolest rooftop bars in Lisbon, we’re curious to know: what would you order to drink? Let us know via Instagram, where we’re always happy to chat with you and share delicious Portugal travel tips! Please tag us: @tasteoflisboa  #tasteoflisboa


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