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10 Ways to Enjoy Lisbon Outdoors

a group of people in a field

The warm season has officially started here in Lisbon! If locals tend to eagerly await the good weather to enjoy time outdoors, this year, after about 2 months in lockdown, you bet we are all craving to go outside. Of course, we are still respecting social distancing and observing certain restrictions so that all the effort that has been made to keep everyone safe keeps paying off.

Right now, being outdoors is preferred by most and, thankfully here in Lisbon, we have plenty to keep us entertained without having to be under a roof.

Here are our favorite things to do outdoors in and around Lisbon:


1. Go around the city by bike

a person riding a bicycle on a bridge over a body of water

Lisbon is a city best explored by walking. The next best thing? Biking! Of course biking in the City of 7 Hills is no easy task, especially under the scorching sun. That’s why we like biking by the riverfront, along the dedicated bike lane that connects central Cais do Sodré with the historic neighborhood of Belém. If you want to explore other areas of Lisbon where streets go constantly up and down, an electric bike is recommended.


2. Enjoy the waterfront

a group of people on a beach

As far as Portuguese poetry goes, the Tejo is the river known to “aspire to be like the sea”. With its wide shores and immense flow, marveling at the river is indeed a thing to do here in Lisbon. There are many areas of the city where you can go for a waterfront stroll. If you want to enjoy the view from up above, you can even hit the cable cars in Parque das Nações.


3. Hit the beach!

a sandy beach next to a body of water

Leaving in a capital city and hitting the beach in just about 15 minutes is one of those luxuries that Lisbon affords. Take a train from Cais do Sodré and enjoy popular beaches such as Carcavelos, Santo Amaro or Cascais. If you prefer to have more room for yourself, cross the bridge and make your way to Costa da Caparica in the south bank. There the sand is more extensive and there is definitely room for everyone, even on those days when every single Portuguese person seems to be at the beach.

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4. Go street art hunting

a close up of a painted wall

Street art in Lisbon is incredible! There are many colorful examples in central areas such as along the lines of the popular Santa Justa lift or the charming neighborhood of Graça. But if you’re truly into street art, we definitely recommend hoping to Marvila, a residential neighborhood that has been beatified by incredible murals such as the one in the photo above!


5. See the most iconic monuments in Belém

a close up of a pier next to a body of water with Belém Tower in the background

They say a visit to Lisbon is not complete without exploring Belém, and that is probably true. There are two main things that make this area of Lisbon relevant: historical monuments and Pastéis de Belém, our iconic custard tarts. Strolling around Belém you can see some of the most important monuments that are linked to the Portuguese voyages of world exploration. Because walking around and learning new things can indeed consume a lot of energy, we can’t help but recommend a reinvigorating coffee break for a Pastel de Belém at Antiga Confeitaria de Belém.


6. Participate in a walking food and cultural tour

a group of people standing in front of a building

Taste of Lisboa’s mission is to introduce you to our city in the most genuine way. Our team of hosts is made of born and raised Lisbonites who are eager to show you around, introduce you to the locals and talk to you about our food, wine, culture and anything else you’d like to find out. We organize gastocultural experiences by foot, with duration and in areas easy to navigate for most people. Our experiences happen mostly outdoors, always in small groups. If you prefer, we can also organize private and exclusive tours, which can be 100% personalized according to your likings.


7. Marvel at the floor you walk on

a bird walking on the sidewalk

When in Lisbon, we want you to lower your head. That’s right! But, of course, it’s for a good reason. Lisbon’s floors are covered with cobblestone and decorated with beautiful patterns that, most of the time, are not only pretty, but actually do tell a story. Sea-inspired motifs are very popular, for example.


8. Discover Lisbon’s green spots

a river with a city in the background

This is the season to enjoy parks and gardens in Lisbon! While it’s warm but not too hot that you can’t stand being outside. Explore the many free parks of the city, find a shade and take it easy for a while. These are some of our favorite green spaces in Lisbon:
•    Monsanto, the so-called “lungs of Lisbon”
•    Jardim Gulbenkian, at Av. de Berna 45
•    Jardim da Cerca da Graça, at Calçada do Monte 46
•    Quinta das Conchas, in Lumiar


9. Do a picnic

a park bench next to a tree

Parks and gardens are sinonim with picnics, at least for us food lovers. But we’re pretty sure you’d agree! Pack some simple snacks and typical Portuguese drinks and make the most of your time out. Portuguese petiscos are an ideal option for picnics – get some ideas here!


10. Catch the sunset at a viewpoint

a view of a city next to a body of water

You’d be hard pressed to come up with a better way to end a beautiful day in Lisbon, other than waiting for the sun to go down in one of Lisbon’s many viewpoints, locally known as miradouros. There are so many to choose from! Some are quite popular, but the truth is that there are others that will feel like the city and nature’s show is happening almost just for you. Don’t know where to go? Try Miradouro do Recolhimento, at Rua do Recolhimento, or Miradouro do Monte Agudo, at Rua Heliodoro Salgado.


We’ll love to see your photo shoots,  to know about your insights, suggestions and wishes on your food & culture experiences in Lisbon and Portugal.  Please share with us via FacebookInstagram or Twitter and tag us @tasteoflisboa or #tasteoflisboa.  


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