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Christmas in Lisbon? Eat codfish with all.

Tradition says that Christmas Eve in Portugal, from North to South, is spent with the family gathered to eat cod with all (vegetables)! Even those who are not very found of cod, this is the night in which an effort is made to taste the boiled or roasted cod with potatoes, cabbages, turnips, carrots and boiled egg, drizzled with olive oil.

In Lisbon there are several groceries that sell codfish, as Manteigaria Silva. Ask for help to select the best cod, ask to cut into several slices, and put it to soak for two days.

Then just go through Mercado da Figueira to buy the vegetables: potatoes, Portuguese cabbage, onions, turnips, carrots and egg.

Roast or boil the cod for 15 minutes and apart boil the vegetables in salted water. Choose a nice platter, plate the cod with vegetables and bring to the table. Drizzle with plenty of olive oil.

Finish your meal with the Christmas desserts!

Merry Christmas.