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One of the most appreciated Portuguese Christmas sweet is a round-shaped crown, has a large hole in the middle, a hard dough with nuts and candied fruit. These are the king cake ingredients, a typical cake traditionally eaten between December and King’s Day, whose name refers to the three wise men. According to legend, this sweet represents the gifts offered by the Magi to baby Jesus at his birth: the crust symbolized gold, the candied fruit the myrrh and cake aroma the incense...

In Lisbon, one of the most popular destinations to spend the last minutes of the year and watch the fireworks that celebrates the entry into a new year is Praça do Comércio. At least for those who enjoy crowds, confusion and cold!

For those who prefer quieter programs, Mouraria has other options to consider:

Zambeze Restaurant

The tradition remains the same in Mouraria and in many homes Christmas eve was celebrated with boiled cod with potatoes, cabbage and boiled egg and turkey today, accompanied by traditional Christmas sweets such as rabanadas (fried bread with sugar), dreams and king's cake.

But Mouraria is a melting pot and not everyone celebrate Christmas, as it is a tradition of Christian religion. Do the Chinese, Indians or Pakistanis celebrate Christmas?