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The tradition remains the same in Mouraria and in many homes Christmas eve was celebrated with boiled cod with potatoes, cabbage and boiled egg and turkey today, accompanied by traditional Christmas sweets such as rabanadas (fried bread with sugar), dreams and king's cake.

But Mouraria is a melting pot and not everyone celebrate Christmas, as it is a tradition of Christian religion. Do the Chinese, Indians or Pakistanis celebrate Christmas?


Traditional markets and fairs are fantastic places to find traditions that thought forgotten in time. At every last weekend of each month, Praça da Figueira receives Figueira Marca-te (Figueira Marks You), a traditional market where you can local producers, regional products and artisans. You can find and taste sausages, suckling pig sandwiches, convent sweets, chocolates, teas, hot wine in the winter, typical breads from various parts of Portugal, paired with our best cheeses of Alentejo and Serra da Estrela...

London, Amsterdam and Barcelona: we visit them last November. The three cities were already familar to us. At least we thought so. So when we finally manage some free time to wander, we choose to look for locals to show us the less touristy areas and discover the food culture and get along with those who live there. How we decide to do it? By doing food tours, of course!

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