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Lisbon is one of the most cultural cities in Europe. We rank among the top in classic and contemporary dance shows, concerts, and theater plays. 

However how often do we have to rush dinner in order to show up at theater on time?Have you ever thought how easier it would be to just have dinner at the theater?

Fortunately, in Lisbon we have fantastic options to dine and get cultured. Here are five emblematic theaters of Lisbon that got a fresh breeze from top culinary experiences:

Minibar at São Luiz Theater
The first gastrobar opened by chef José Avillez...

Let’s say it like it is: Portugal has the best fish in the world and the Portuguese are passionated about everything the sea allows us to enjoy. There is a Summer Queen: her name is Sardine. She quietly deals with her family affairs (ie, reproduction) throughout the winter to be available to celebrate together the summer months. Fatty, juicy and voluptuous –  These are the beauty standards we just love on her...

The Portuguese custard tart- Pastel de Nata - is the most iconic pastry in Portugal and one of the most delicious gifts that Portugal ever gave to the world. In 2009, The Guardian considered Pasteis de Belém “one of the best foods in the world”. In 2011, they were the only pastry to be among the 7 Gastronomic Wonders of Portugal. Alain Ducasse, one of the most influential chefs in the world, dubbed it as “celestial”. Its fame knows no borders and nowadays you can taste pastel de nata all over the world...