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Three friends got together and are now at Mercado de Campo de Ourique, in one of those marble stalls, where we used do the shopping by the hand of your grandmothers or parents. The market of Campo de Ourique is full of new stuff, full of charm and life that lasts the whole day even after the lamps are lit, and the intimate yellow light invites to stay for another drink in hand in front of any snack of the new food hall that opened last November. Around, old marble stalls people let people get familiar and buy classic and renewed regional products...

Downtown and Mouraria have plenty of culinary choices and invites you to an irresistible journey through the flavours from various corners of the world without having to leave the neighbourhood. But for those days when you fancy a family moment, or a special meal for two, Taste of Lisboa Food Tours propose an alternative DIY program: a picnic in the many corners of Mouraria.

  What do you need?

Plates, cups and cutlery - The mecca of housewives is Pollux...

If Belém has Pastéis de nata (custard tarts) and Sintra it’s Queijadas (small cheesecake), since the end of 2013 that Mouraria has Pastéis da Mouraria (Mouraria Tartlet). Made from white beans, almonds and egg bedridden in a thin and crispy layer, Pastéis da Mouraria it’s an idea of João Guedes, who at the age of 22 decided to bet everything on this gastronomic adventure.

"I was born in Mouraria, I live in Rua do Benformoso, and always followed my uncles and my parents in the family’s pastry...