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This article is dedicated to the lovely community who has been following the Taste of Lisboa at Home live sessions on Instagram.

If you've missed our previous editions, kindly note that all April long we’re sharing snippets of Portuguese food and culture via live videos presented by Taste of Lisboa hosts. On our first live, Madalena shared her knowledge about wine tourism in Portugal and, just today, our founder Filipa hosted a live home cooking session in partnership with Renato from

In the past few weeks, forced by current events, it seems like the global appreciation for canned goods is on the rise. While often perceived as cheap, quick, non-elegant options in many parts of the world, canned foods are actually a staple of Portuguese cuisine.    Portugal has a long tradition of preserving fish. More than 2000 years ago, our country was already the main supplier of dried and salted fish, specially with Garum sauce, for the Roman Empire that covered most of today’s Europe...

When you read about the inspiration of many renowned chefs, they often quote their grandmother’s cooking as a source of inspiration. When you taste someone’s food and you say something along the lines “it tastes just like my mom’s!”, that would generally be a huge compliment. For centuries, women have been in charge of feeding their families. They are mostly responsible for the survival of traditional recipes passed from generation to generation. Yet, when it comes to the world of professional cooking and celebrity chefs, here in Portugal, just like in most corners of the world, you’d be hardly pressed to find examples of women who’ve been given the recognition many of their male counterparts seem to more easily receive...