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What is a trend, by the way? According to the TrendsObserver, trends are changes that typically occurs across a large numbers of consumers. And therefore created by changes in political, economic, social-cultural and technological environments. A trend will no be in the past, but as a prediction of something that will happen and somehow accepted by the population in general...

When people think of food in Lisbon they might remember first of the pork steak sandwich Bifana, charcoal-grilled sardines and snails. Nevertheless, the trend of plant-based diets is spreading fast and we can find more restaurants serving no meat nor fish than ever before. Vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, paleo, raw and ayurvedic are becoming familiar concepts for Lisboners and the options available are as tasty as they are healthy. 

Here is our list of Lisbon vegetarian and vegan favorite restaurants to go:


Portugal has an ancient tradition when it comes to wine production. This beverage is so important in our gastronomy that Portugal is one of the biggest consumers of wine per person in the world.
The value for money of our wine is second to none and many might even envy us for that, but when in Lisbon it is a blessing to be able to enjoy such product with the variety, quality and price that we have. It’s like drinking great wine is a fundamental right we have (and our visitors too, obviously).
Go on a pilgrimage to our “temples of wine” to celebrate this holy beverage and meet the gurus that present us with the best specimens of this Portuguese product that makes us so proud...