real people, real food


It was in Portugal, where he lives for 15 years, that Ali discovered his talent for cooking. He worked at a restaurant on Av. da Liberdade and ensures that his vegetable quiche was a success. Now he works at Ali grocery store, near Church of St. Christopher, and when we asked 'What do you like in Portugal' he has no doubt: the friendliness of the people.

Although he was born in Pakistan, Ali has always been curious about Europe and the discovery started in Germany. "I went to see the country, but a friend of mine, who was already living in Portugal, invited me to visit him...

They left Tomar, moved to Mouraria and together develop various activities in the neighborhood, where they chose to live. She has an origami shop, Mãos à Dobra, at Largo dos Trigueiros and discovered her passion for fado. He loves board games and found his associative side.
Those who visit Mouraria and enters through Escadinhas S. Cristóvão can’t stay indifferent to the mural on the wall and where there are references to fado, some traditional characters and where even the priest Edgar is present...

She lived in 3 continents, 3 different cities, but sufficed three days in Lisbon to get in love with the city. Born in Iran, Karolyn was delighted with the light and calm of Lisbon, moved form Chiado to Mouraria and loves a Carioca (coffee) with a drop of milk in the morning. "If I do not drink it feels something is missing in my day."

Karolyn was 12 when she realize she wanted to leave Iran to the United States, where she had relatives. For four years she waited for the arrival of passport to allow her to leave a country torn by war and revolution...