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It is said that is the basis of the cuisine in Mediterranean countries, but Portugal follows the Atlantic Diet (as we are near Atlantic Ocean). But what’s the difference between the two? And what is the healthiest?

Nutritionists do not get tired of praising the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, either by the use of olive oil as a healthy fat, by eating fruits and vegetables, regular intake of water and regular exercise.

The Atlantic Diet shares all these teachings, but gives priority to certain types of foods and consumption of a larger amount of protein, either red meat, eggs, dairy products or vegetables...

Hidden in Largo da Achada, in the back of Rua das Farinhas, Casa da Achada is the headquarters of the Center Mário Dionísio, a cultural spot that offers several proposals as painting exhibitions or screenings outdoors. 
Includes the private library of Mário Dionísio, a portuguese critic, writer, professor and painter (1916-1993), and Maria Letícia Clemente da Silva, a teacher whom he married in 1940, which can be consulted by appointment...

Although sunny, beautiful Lisbon also has its darkest days. In a week when weather forecasts indicate some rain, enjoy these greyer days to find other charms of the city.

1 - Plan indoor visits - Old College of Young Orphans
The grey and rainy days are the best to discover the history and monuments of the city. In Martim Moniz square look for the police station. Not to feel safer, but because inside this building you will find the former College of Orphaned Boys, with eighteenth-century tiles depicting biblical scenes, which has resisted degradation of the building...