real people, real food


Let’s say it like it is: Portugal has the best fish in the world and the Portuguese are passionated about everything the sea allows us to enjoy. There is a Summer Queen: her name is Sardine. She quietly deals with her family affairs (ie, reproduction) throughout the winter to be available to celebrate together the summer months. Fatty, juicy and voluptuous –  These are the beauty standards we just love on her...

Good food is art too.

Lisbon is one of the most culturally dynamic cities in Europe. The abundance of creative people, galleries and museums is one of our most apreciated assets of our city and one of the secrets to its irresistible appeal.

Just like painting and sculpture, food can be art too, an even more complete form of art since it can envolve all senses. Therefore, we headed Lisbon museums to find out how culinary art is being exposed on them...