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When warm June comes around Lisboa dresses up with colorful decorations for the party. During this month we celebrate our favorite popular saint – Santo António (St. Anthony). His day in 13th of June but Lisboners love celebrations, so we celebrate all month long! Festas de Lisboa –  Lisbon Festivities - as we call it. 

St. Anthony is “Mr. Popularity” in Lisbon and the most epic night of the year happens on June 12th...

Ask a Lisboner who’s the city's patron saint and the top-of-mind answer might as well be “Saint Anthony”. This one is surely the most popular saint in town and his popularity has largely surpassed St. Vincent’s, who happens to be the official patron saint of Lisbon, even though we don't have joyful reasons to celebrate him. Why is that so?

St. Vincent and the conquest of Lisbon
If you look at the coat of arms and the flag of Lisbon you will find a ship with two ravens...

The Portuguese custard tart- Pastel de Nata - is the most iconic pastry in Portugal and one of the most delicious gifts that Portugal ever gave to the world. In 2009, The Guardian considered Pasteis de Belém “one of the best foods in the world”. In 2011, they were the only pastry to be among the 7 Gastronomic Wonders of Portugal. Alain Ducasse, one of the most influential chefs in the world, dubbed it as “celestial”. Its fame knows no borders and nowadays you can taste pastel de nata all over the world...