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There is a saying that where there are snacks and good food there is beer or wine to drink with it. And if the English prefer beer, the French wine and the Russians vodka, the Portuguese are beer lovers, but they are also fan of a good glass of wine. It depends on the menu and the time of day.

Beer (or imperial)

If you are in Lisbon and want to drink a beer just ask an imperial (beer served in a tall, chilled glass). And secondly you are asked a classical question: Super Bock or Sagres? These two Portuguese beer brands lead the market and are eternal rivals...

If you are vegetarian and you’re in Lisbon, take a note: you will be put to the test. Several times! Whenever you enter a cafe or a restaurant you will be faced with true culinary temptations that will make you think twice in the decision to quit eating meat or fish.

Just because Portuguese cuisine is so diversified, tasty and visually appealing that it is difficult to resist the appeal of meat (and fish). Besides, we have no great tradition in vegetarian dishes  - we think they are better as side dishes - and green options look always less appealing than meat dishes...

If you are planning a tour around Lisbon there are two things that you cannot miss in your backpack: a sunscreen and a water bottle! Although you can buy it in any coffee or grocery store, the city is filled with monumental drinking fountains that are part of its history and that can be very useful in the long walks to quench thirst.

But is the water safe to drink? Is not better to buy bottled water? You can drink at will, the water is fit for consumption (unless there is some specific notice to warn otherwise) and some fountains had rehabilitation works, such as the fountain of Largo da Achada, which quenches the thirst of visitors passing through Mouraria looking for the way to the Castle of St...