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He gets up every day at 6:30 am to pick the fruit he sells at the Campo de Ourique Market, near his childhood home and where he has been working for 63 years.  He began selling bananas but today he has a varied but poor filled stall. After all, "the business goes weak." 

Mr. João Fernandes Dantas, who pronounces his name with proud, was born in 1920 ("do the math", as he told us). He watched all the changes in this Lisbon neighborhood, considered the best to live in by Monocle magazine, had since the first half of the twentieth century...

What makes a French couple with a steady life in Paris to sell everything and to settle in Lisbon and choose Mouraria neighborhood to live in? A consuming passion for the country they chose to live with little Marceau.

It was during the first visit to Lisbon, five years ago, that Anne-Sophie and Maxime Tellier fell in love with our country. Besides the capital they visited Alentejo and hopelessly fell in love with the landscapes and the friendliness of the Portuguese...

Mouraria is the most multicultural neighborhood of Lisbon and Portugal. You find everything in here. 

If you are in Lisbon and looking for a Halal butcher, Benformoso Street  is a must see destination. There are at least three butchers that sell Halal meat, ie, arabic word that means allowed to the Islamic community.

In Portugal there are more than 40 000 muslims, among Guineans, Bengalis, Indian, Cape Verdeans, Angolans, etc. But it is not only muslims who consume Halal products...