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1 - Pollux Terrace
It is one of the best kept secrets of downtown Lisbon. Enter Pollux, climb to the 8th floor by elevator, follow the stairs to the 9th floor and enjoy the view over the houses to the St George Castle. As it is a relatively unknown spot is still easy to find a free table to drink a coffee and read the newspaper. Friendly prices, taking into account the view.
Directions: In downtown look for Rua dos Fanqueiros, 276 and go up to the 9th floor of the home products store...

We found Feifei and Joel near Chapitô, looking for the entrance to the St. George Castle. On vacation for two weeks, the couple left Los Angeles and went to discover Iberia.

  - We landed in Barcelona and rented a car. We have visited Saragossa, Madrid and Lisbon now.
  - And why Lisbon?
  - I was born in Macau and my mother’s best friend was Portuguese. So I always had curiosity to visit the country. Joel did not want to come, but I asked and pleaded very much (laughs)...

It is the night of all excesses, the night where anything can happen. From 12 to 13 June Lisboners are keen to celebrate St. Anthony with sardines on bread and lots of beer to the sound of traditional music! This year, Mouraria been ablaze with dozens of ‘bailaricos’ (traditional balls) and lots of entertainment both in Renovar a Mouraria Association, as Largo dos Trigueiros or Largo de S. Cristóvão. The streets, the balconies and store shelves are decorated by locals with traditional manjericos colored ribbons, great balls of paper and sardines cardboard idealized by several local designers, resulting in a full color picture...