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Lisbon, which this year welcomes Champions League final, suffered an invasion of Spanish fans, among which we found Tomás and his group of friends in Costa do Castelo coffee, between Mouraria and Castelo S. Jorge.

  - How did you arrive in Lisbon?
  - We arrive on a van and this is where we will sleep today. It's cheaper!
  - Have you already taste some typical Portuguese dish?
  - No, we brought food from home to save.

Although they arrived on the morning of the day before the game, they were enchanted by the beauty of the city, as well as the quality of the beer!

  - Today we've been in Praça do Comércio, see the Champions League Cup, and the river Tejo...

Passionate about travel and long weekends, Kat and Fabio arrived in Lisbon in full football fever. "We must be the only people in Lisbon that are not here to see the football game", they say between laughs.

They found a hostel in Belém - "the only place we found a room" – and tasted some of the local cuisine.

"We loved Pastéis de Nata, I think we even exaggerate a little ..."
Ok, how many?
I ate six, confessed Fabio.

As for dinner they chose Enoteca, in Belém, where they tasted rice with duck, veal, prawns and mushrooms...

The sound of the harmonica is unmistakable and announces the arrival of Mr. António, the amola-tesouras (a typical Portuguese name for professionals that repair umbrellas, scissors or knifes) to Mouraria. Every month he goes around the neighbourhood looking for any umbrella in need of repair, or scissors or knives in need of a new life.

Amola-tesouras for 30 years, he relies in older customers, who are still happy to arrange objects they are fond of. "The young people do not care, when things are broken they throw them away, buy another"...