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The healing power of tea

Tea pot

In Portugal, the act of drinking tea goes far beyond the traditional five o’clock tea. Green, black or white, besides warming soul and hands on cold days, many teas or herbal teas have medicinal properties and depending on the plants, they are true home remedies. Take note:

Lemon, honey and ginger tea – This three in one is a powerful help to fight colds and flu. When you feel the first signs of flu just boil water with some lemon peel, fresh ginger and a few tablespoons of honey. Drink hot before bed.

Nettle tea – The first challenge is to catch the leaves without touching it, or you may feel an unpleasant tingling sensation. The leaves should not be consumed natural and when used in tea it helps to fight high cholesterol and muscle cramps.

Prince tea – Made with prince herb, one of traditional plants of Portuguese naturopathy, it helps to fight sick and heartburn. It has soothing properties and together with linden it helps to improve sleep. The gargle aid in the treatment of gingivitis and aphtha.

Onionskin tea – With anti-inflammatory and healing powers, this tea is especially used in cases of coughs and sore throats. It can be made with pieces of onion or only onionskin. It can be sweeten with honey or brown sugar.

Corn Silk tea – Powerful diuretic and excellent to treat urinary infections, kidney problems and bladder. It also helps control blood pressure, clean the blood and has beneficial effects in cases of rheumatism, sciatica, swollen legs and feet.

Chamomile tea – Relieves the discomfort of a bad digestion and combat light insomnia.

Green, white or black?

Regarding health issues, the first two are more beneficial due to the theine of black tea. Find the differences:

Green – It has a high content of antioxidants and low theine (the caffeine from tea). Can be scented with mint, jasmine, citrus or spices.
White – The purest because it has less human action. Picked in certain times of the year, with straw colour and sweet fragrance, can be flavoured with flowers or fruits. It’s the variety that has more antioxidants, and it helps the fight against premature aging.
Black – With fewer antioxidants and more theine, studies indicate that is also good for health, especially the heart and helps reduce stress hormones. It is fermented and has intense flavours.

Herbal tea or infusion?

The methods of preparation are quite different:

Tisane – Cooking medicinal plants. There are three methods – infusion, decoction and maceration – and they have in common the use of water to extract the medicinal products.
Infusion – Pour boiling water over the herb. Then cover the container to kep the essence, and let stand for 10 minutes. It is useful when we are using delicate parts of a plant, such as leaves, flowers or tender stems.

Where to buy:
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Rua da Madalena 210, Lisbon