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The best family-friendly Portuguese restaurants in Lisbon

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Generally speaking, here in Portugal, the vast majority of restaurants welcome children and are family-friendly. By default, we don’t make this distinction, even though we recognize that some establishments may be more suitable for welcoming families with their children, whether it is from a space and logistics point of view, or even when it comes to the actual food offerings.

We’re firm believers that, ever since a young age, kids can and should try most of the food adults do. In fact, during our food and cultural walks in Lisbon, we often welcome families with young ones that, often to their parents’ surprise, end up having a very pleasant time. In fact, they recognize how lovely it is that the little ones can not only taste different foods thus making them more open minded to experience the world when it comes to a wider range of subjects, but also how, this way, by tasting the food and learning more about it via the context our native guides provide, they do end up learning about the place they are visiting. This is when holidays turn into travel, and when shallower  leisure turns into a deeper learning experience. 

You may want to experience all sorts of new things while traveling, but we get it that, sometimes, you would also want to take things easy, to have a relaxing time and to have a meal out in an uncomplicated setting. This is when family-friendly restaurants can be a god sent. We’re talking about places that are comfortable and even safe for kids when they eventually step away from the table, restaurants that may even have a dedicated playing area or, in some cases, with a small menu crafted specifically for the average taste of the younger ones.


Most family-friendly restaurants in Lisbon focus on international cuisines. But if you’d like to go out to a kid-friendly restaurant while experiencing Portuguese cuisine, we recommend checking out these establishments:


Monte Mar

a group of people sitting at a table eating foodMonte Mar has put a lot of thought into making their restaurant suitable for the little ones. While grown ups can enjoy a beautiful setting right by the shores of the Tagus river, the younger ones can have a blast enjoying facilities created just for them, such as the super fun ball pool. Not only do they also offer babysitting services, there are also cameras and screens in different spots of the restaurant, which make it easier for parents to relax while still being able to check on their kids while playing around. This is honestly a dream come true for many parents dying to relax during the holidays.

Menu wise, Monte Mar is a seafood specialized restaurant, where you can enjoy many of the typical Portuguese seafood dishes, such as mariscadas, that is assorted seafood platters, chunky garlic prawns, polvo à lagareiro (roasted octopus drenched in luscious olive oil), grilled fish and so much more. Monte Mar’s wine list is also quite enticing – we’re not going to suggest you get lost on it if you’re visiting with kids, but nothing would stop you from ordering a nice glass of Portuguese wine while the kids are inside playing with the sitter, right?

📍Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa Armazém 65, 1200-109 Lisbon

Photo by Monte Mar 


Lota D’ávila

a person sitting at a table with a plate of foodChef Vasco Lello crafts beautiful fish and seafood dishes at Lota D’ávila, in the Avenidas Novas part of Lisbon. We know, and the restaurant’s management certainly knows as well, that kids aren’t always into straightforward ways of cooking fish (something that, here in Portugal, we certainly try to train them for since a very young age, admittedly with variable degrees of success), so they also have a children specific menu. At Lota D’ávila you may want to opt for simpler dishes for your little ones, including chicken tenders or breaded boneless fish – which, considering this is a seafood centered restaurant, would be our preferred option.

The restaurant includes a children’s dedicated space, outdoors, where the floor is coated with soft material which helps encourage the adventurous spirit of the younger ones. From your table, you would always be able to check on your children, which can be safely left to play at this outdoor area surrounded by glass walls, in a sort of aquarium which keeps them protected and visible at all times.

📍Av. Duque de Ávila 42B, 1050-053 Lisbon

Photo by Lota D’ávila


Pão de Canela

a man sitting at a table in a restaurantPão de Canela is located in one of the prettiest squares in Lisbon, Praça das Flores. That, in and of itself, would make it a place worth a visit. They have cozy indoor seating for the colder days, and a small but inviting terrace perched atop a wooden platform, where you can enjoy the views out towards the small garden in the center of the square, where the kids who are a little older can also play.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner but, our favorite time to visit Pão de Canela is definitely during the weekend, when they serve an extensive brunch in buffet format. This is the kind of set-up which invites you to spend a good solid couple of hours around the table, trying different sweet and savory specialities, sipping yet another cup of coffee, while the kids are entertained at the park and have plenty to munch on too.

📍Praça das Flores 25 29, 1200-192 Lisbon

Photo by Pão de Canela


Doca de Santo

a palm treeIf parents would like to indulge into deliciously crafted Mediterranean cuisine while the little ones play outdoors, you can come for a meal at Doca de Santo in the docks area of the Lisbon neighborhood of Alcântara. Most of the items of Doca de Santo are typical Portuguese, even though they also include some other Mediterranean recipes.

They have a little park outdoors, where children can play under the moderate weather that we’re lucky to enjoy most of the year here in the Portuguese capital. Because no matter how much energy you spend playing you will need to have something to eat at some point, Doca de Santo has a small menu dedicated to kids, with smaller portions starting at just 3 euros. After you have your meal here, we would recommend going for a stroll by the riverside (you can also rent bikes around here), burning calories walking between the Docas and Belém, where you can always head for a late dessert, for example, at the one and only Antiga Confeitaria de Belém, the original home of pastel de nata. If, once again, you wish to enjoy the outdoors, grab some Portuguese custard tarts and enjoy them in the expansive green areas you’ll come across in the neighborhood. 

📍Armazém CP – Doca de Santo Amaro, 1350-353 Lisbon

Photo by Doca de Santo


Café Império

a dining table in a restaurantTheir slogan goes like “the destination for all of Lisbon’s generations”. It’s true – Café Império is quite an institution not only when it comes to eating a Portuguese style steak, but also when it comes to bringing the family together around the table for one of those meals where you know exactly what you’re going to get, and that’s exactly what you love about it. 

Even thought we wouldn’t think that this kind of restaurant, known in Portuguese as cervejaria, would be the most suitable for kids, Café Império is indeed very welcoming towards children, which have plenty of space to roam around if they wish to leave the table, yet without bothering other diners wishing to enjoy a more tranquil meal. Café Império is a two story restaurant, with distinct areas of cafe, bar, and restaurant. As such, you can head with your family towards the area which seems more suitable to you depending on the time of the day and the kind of meal you’d like to enjoy.

📍Avenida Almirante Reis 205 A, 1000-048 Lisbon

Photo by Café Império


Petisqueira Matateu

a bowl of food on a tableUnlike other restaurants here highlighted, Petisqueira Matateu doesn’t include a dedicated kids area, but that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for children. In fact, this is an uncomplicated place where parents and the younger ones can have a great time, enjoying Portuguese petiscos and, weather allowing, soaking up the sun in their outdoor terrace.

No matter what kind of food your family members are into, at Petisqueira Matateu you will most likely be able to satisfy your cravings, as they serve very Portuguese recipes, featuring meat and seafood, to vegetarian and even vegan dishes too. Some would consider this place a hidden gem in Restelo, a neighborhood super close to the ultra touristic Belém, which just like the neighborhood of Ajuda also super nearby, is more often than not overlooked by travelers. 

📍Rua do Arsenal Restelo, 1449-015 Lisbon

Photo by Petisqueira Matateu



food on a plateFlor-de-Lis is the restaurant of Epic Sana Hotel in downtown Lisbon. While this is not the type of restaurant we would particularly recommend to visit with your kids throughout the week, on Sunday they organize a brunch which is just like the hotel’s very own name – quite epic! This is no ordinary brunch. Not only is the food spread very impressive, including sweet and savory, hot and cold dishes (even sushi), this is a brunch specially designed for families with children. 

Adults pay about 35 euros for this brunch experience and the little ones, up to 5 years of age, can come for free, while children between 6 and 12 years of age, can enjoy a 50% discount. Chances are they won’t be too focused on the food anyway, as there’s plenty for the younger ones to be entertained with. We’re talking about a dedicated kids’ space, where they do activities such as cooking workshops, or where even video game consoles are available for anyone to play with.

📍EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel, Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco 15, 1070-100 Lisbon

Photo by SANA Hotels


Rio de Prata

a dining room tablePrata Riverside Village is a condominium complex in Lisbon with a stunning riverfront area open to everyone. It’s located between downtown and the Oriente side of the city, closer to expo than to the center, bordering the happening neighborhood of Marvila – which is one of the places we would definitely recommend for you to check out while in the city.

Rio de Prata is one of the few restaurants located in Prata Riverside Village, and it’s a lovely setting whether you’re on a date night or having lunch out with the kids. The restaurant has two spacious indoor rooms as well as outdoor seating, facing the Parque Ribeirinho Oriente, an expansive garden by the Tagus river, which not many visit, not even locals, as this is a relatively new part of town, which was for many years underdeveloped. At Rio de Prata you can taste Portuguese food but with the chef’s signature touch. We’re talking about decidedly contemporary dishes, but straightforward enough for even children to enjoy. If for some reason they don’t, do not worry, as there’s plenty of green space for them to play around while keeping them in sight.

📍Prata Riverside Village, Rua F aos Jardins Braço de Prata 8 loja 6, 1950-132 Lisbon

Photo by Rio de Prata


Sem Palavras

a person standing in front of a shopGoing out to eat with kids shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the most traditional of Lisbon meals. At Sem Palavras, you can do just that – enjoy a peaceful time out with your children, while working your way through a typical mariscada, featuring Portugal’s most enticing seafood varieties. 

Sem Palavras is a seafood focused restaurant located inside the Alvalade Norte Market, in one of our very favorite of Lisbon’s neighborhoods, Alvalade, which is, at essence, a family style part of town. Their food is excellent, the prices are fair, the atmosphere is calm and familiar and this is what makes Sem Palavras a great family spot. But what makes Sem Palavras even a better restaurant for families? The fact that it is located within the market, where there is a small public park where kids can be entertained while playing the afternoon away, not too far from their parents.

📍Mercado de Alvalade Norte, Av. Rio de Janeiro 52, 1700-331 Lisbon

Photo by Sem Palavras


Páteo – Bairro do Avillez

a close up of a plate of food on a tableThis is the gastro-pub of José Avillez, regarded as one of Portugal’s most impressive contemporary chefs. The concept of Bairro do Avillez, which translates as Avillez’ neighborhood, is to bring together under one roof the best of Portuguese food, but presented in different ways. The ample space in the heart of the Chiado neighborhood houses Taberna, dedicated to Portugal’s traditional hearty dishes; Mini Bar, which is more of a gastro bar space; Pizzeria Lisboa, as the name clearly points out dedicated to pizzas; and Páteo, the space in particular which we would recommend heading out to with your kids.

In the team’s own words, Páteo invites you to “spend time at the table, which is a very Portuguese tradition.” This includes not only eating per se but also lounging around the table, ordering appetizers, main dishes and desserts, savoring everything leisurely. Páteo is inviting for foreign families because of its ample indoor seating, and also because the staff is very well trained and happy to give you pointers on what to order, even if you are generally unfamiliar with Portuguese fare. Of course, the fact that they have an on-site ice-cream truck doesn’t hurt either.

📍Rua Nova da Trindade 18, 1200-303 Lisbon

Photo by Bairro do Avillez


Village FOOD

a group of people walking down a streetYou might have heard of the ultra hipster LX Factory in Alcântara, but maybe Village Underground, just a couple of minutes down the same road, might sound like a new name to you. Village Underground shares a certain post-industrial hip flair with LX Factory, even though this is a way smaller space, but that doesn’t make it less alluring. On the contrary, while visiting with kids, we feel that it’s much better.

Village FOOD is a restaurant housed inside a former bus now parked and surrounded by containers which are home to offices and workshop areas for several types of creative professionals. When you come here for a drink or bite, you can sit inside the lower or upper floor of the bus itself (something which both adults and kids tend to find quite a fun thing to do) or outdoors. In fact, outside you can sit at a regular table, or even at a swing.  

In the evenings they sometimes put on shows, such as live music or DJ sets, but during the day this is a laidback place to visit with kids or even toddlers, who can easily play around in a space which is surrounded by walls and where vehicles are not allowed. Their menu has different fast and slow foods, with changing dishes served as lunch specials, but we’re quite fond of coming here for a leisurely breakfast, featuring more complete cooked items, which aren’t often a given in a traditional Portuguese breakfast.

📍Village Underground Lisboa, Av. da Índia 52, 1300-299 Lisbon

Photo by Village FOOD


A Partilhar com a Família

a boy and a girl sitting on a tableAlso known as A. P. F. Cafe & Restaurant, A Partilhar com a Família literally translates as “to be shared with the family”. While their menu might not be the most Portuguese out there, we thought we’d give them a special shout out as if there’s a space through from scratch to be family and kid-friendly in our city, this is certainly it! It’s not just that the place welcomes families in a comfy way, above all it is about the fact that their whole purpose is to bring the family together to share some good times. Facilities wise, they have included a world of wonders for the little ones to have fun with. We’re talking about a bouncing bed to jump around, assorted toys (from dolls to cars and more), and a dedicated table area for coloring. 

When it comes to food, you may find some dishes which are a tad more Portuguese than others, but their main focus goes towards French food and, generally speaking, cafe-style bites. International items such as toast and burgers are crowd pleasers, and so are the many desserts here on offer, which certainly bring adults and kids together around one common love: sugar!

📍Rua das Trinas 67A, 1200-856 Lisbon

Photo by A Partilhar com a Família


If you travel to Lisbon with your family, we wish you all a fun and delicious time together. Feel free to reach out to us via Instagram for further tips. #tasteoflisboa


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