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Mouraria melting plate

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Mouraria is known, among other attributes, for its multiculturalism and for get together various cultures in a climate of harmony. Here you will find Indian restaurants, Chinese, Pakistani or Angolan relatively easily and we know what happens when there are many options: the choice becomes more and more difficult! What to taste?

If you fancy a typical dish of Nepalese cuisine for lunch and discover the intense Goan cuisine flavours at dinner accept some of our suggestions and embark on this journey to the flavours and aromas of the world.

Warning: this post is not advisable to sensitive stomachs and can cause uncontrolled hunger.

Taste of Goa – Tentações de Goa
Enter this restaurant an idea in mind: you will taste food with a spicy touch. Even when they say it’s not spicy, the spicy is there and it will be felt on your mouth. After this warning go ahead and get into a casual atmosphere restaurant and try the samosas, the crab curry with the traditional mango lassi. Since the space is small you should consider book a table. It has as no ATM.
Where: Rua de São Pedro Mártir, 23
Taste of Goa Restaurant

Taste of India – Caxemira
Known among lovers of good Indian food, this is a quiet restaurant, tucked away on the first floor of a small street that connects the end of Rua da Madalena to Praça da Figueira. It has a simple decoration, so you don’t get distract from what truly matters: the food. The samosas are delicious and you can choose from various types of curry or Goan dishes. Attention to the plate marked as very spicy: it is VERY spicy. For dessert there is bebinka, a Goan coconut cake and eggs baked on the plate.
Where: Rua Condes de Monsanto, 4
Taste of India - Caxemira Restaurant

Taste of China – Chinês Clandestino
Not so long ago this was a clandestine restaurant in the true sense of the word. Nowadays its location is well known, but it is still possible to have lunch or dinner in the room of a typical Chinese family and taste authentic Chinese flavours. Not suitable for those looking for refined environments. To drink taste the Chinese beer.
Where: Rua da Guia, 9, 2nd dto
Taste of China – Chinês Clandestino Restaurant

Taste of Vietnam – Pho-Pu
Restaurant suitable for those who have never tasted pho, the Vietnamese soup based on a rich, flavourful broth. Served scalding in a bowl, the broth comes with slices of meat, small pieces of gut, onion and three possible choices of dough according to the menu. A complete meal by itself, but you can still follow up with bean sprouts, basil, mint, lime, chili and hoisin sauce, creating your own pho.
Where: Rua do Benformoso, 76
Taste of Vietnam - Pho-Pu Restaurant

Taste of Baglandesh – Bangla
When a foreign restaurant has more local customers than Western the result can only be good. That’s what happens with Bangla, a small and simple restaurant where you can taste the onion tarts or sliced fried onion (onion bhajee), fried chicken, flour, vegetables and spices (chicken pakora), scrambled eggs wrapped in crispy batter (muglé), various types of curry or palok Ponir (spinach with cheese).
Where: Rua do Benformoso, 147
Taste of Baglandesh - Bangla Restaurant

Taste of Pakistan – Taste of Punjab
In addition to the delicious samosas, you can start the meal with nan bread, which comes with three sauces of different flavours and intensities. For main course you can choose one of several tandooris (heated meat in clay ovens), curry dishes or biryani (basmati rice cooked with meat / vegetables and spices.
Where: Beco dos Surradores, 18
Taste of Pakistan - Taste of Punjab Restaurant

Taste of Mozambique – Cantinho do Aziz
During the guided tours of Taste of Lisboa, the visitors have the opportunity to discover this restaurant and taste what are probably the best samosas in town. But Cantinho do Aziz has much more to offer, such as crab curry (very nice according to the menu), shrimp curry (recommended by Portuguese TSF radio station) with coconut rice or shrimp Mozambique (Maning nice). It has a terrace for warmer days, adorned with photographs of photographer Camilla Watson printed directly on the walls.
Where: Rua de S. Lourenço, 3-5
Taste of Mozambique – Cantinho do Aziz Restaurant

Taste of Cape Verde – São Cristóvão
Relaxed, with a family atmosphere, do not be surprised if halfway through the meal you start hearing the owner of the restaurant singing accompanied on guitar by a friend. Here you can taste some of the African specialties like muzongue (fish soup), chicken moamba or rich cachupa. For dessert bet in sweet coconut. For those who like strong drinks, ask for a grog as a farewell drink (rum of Cape Verde).
Where: Rua de São Cristóvão, 30
Taste of Cape Verde – São Cristóvão Restaurant

Taste of São Tome – A Cartuxinha
Initiation into African cuisine can be a bit tricky. It’s like entering a restaurant in the dark looking for the best table. Ask for the help of the hosts to adapt the best dishes to your own palate. You can experience the kizaca with fish or vegetarian, and taste a thick sauce made with boiled cassava leaves, with coconut. You can also replace the banal fries for fried banana, whose flavour resembles between potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams.
Where: Rua das Farinhas, 7
Taste of São Tome - A Cartuxinha Restaurant

Taste of Germany – Markt 7
The latest kiosk in Martim Moniz Square bet on Germany’s flavours, as the typical chucrute, a slice of beer bread or chicken soup the German way.
Where: Mercado de Fusão, Praça Martim Moniz
Taste of Germany - Markt 7 Restaurant

Taste of Belgium – Moules & Gin
At first glance mussels does not match with gin, but believe us when we say it is those experiences that work perfectly. The idea came from the Belgian tradition that mussels and beer go hand in hand, and in Martim Moniz Square it’s the gin that goes with the snack (although you can also opt for beer). As for mussels there are several options: Mediterranica, pesto, mushrooms, Thai Chilli or the irresistible bulhão pato.
Where: Mercado de Fusão, Praça Martim Moniz
Taste of Belgium - Moules & Gin Restaurant

Taste of Portugal – Zé da Mouraria
Typical, noisy and Mouraria atmosphere is what you’ll find in this restaurant. The servings are generous and is the ideal place to taste the flavour of genuine Portuguese food. The baked cod, the cuttlefish and the steak house are some of the best known dishes. It is best to book a table because it is always full. It’s a good sign!
Where: Rua João do Outeiro, 24
Taste of Portugal - Zé da Mouraria Restaurant