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Lisbon best outdoor food markets

Lisbon farmers markets


People often say that one of the things they love about Lisbon is that it’s so close to the countryside. We could go one step further and appreciate the fact that it’s so easy to enjoy some of the best things from the Portuguese countryside in the heart of our city. We are naturally talking about food – all the fresh produce and artisanal goods that nearby producers harvest and prepare, and that us city folks get to enjoy.

Perhaps we don’t always have a realistic idea of all the work and care that goes into the things we eat on a daily basis. But visiting farmers’ markets sure is a way to learn how to respect where our food comes from. These kinds of initiatives give those who may be interested the opportunity to chat with the people who truly know what goes into our mouths. Focusing on what’s local and in season, green markets promote sustainable eating and respect for our food system – this includes the ingredients, but also the workers involved in growing them.


If you are in Portugal and would like to browse for incredibly fresh foods, we recommend the best outdoor markets in Lisbon for food lovers:


AGROBIO markets

a person standing in a garden

No one can beat AGROBIO (The Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture) when it comes to organizing farmers’ markets in and around Lisbon. Unlike most other markets that tend to happen during the weekend, those by AGROBIO take place during the weekend but also on weekdays. Their goal is to encourage local production of seasonal foods, and make organic produce more widely available. The proofs that these are indeed markets for the common man are that AGROBIO aims at keeping prices fair for both consumers and producers, and the markets pop up a little all over the city: Areeiro, Parque das Nações, Campo Pequeno and the parish of São Vicente are a few of the most central locations in Lisbon.

Besides fresh fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and dried legumes, these are great markets for buying other essentials straight from the source. Focusing on Portuguese products, you can expect

 things like olive oil, wild honey, wine and free range eggs.

🌽 Best for: local seasonal fresh produce

📍 Many locations all over the Great Lisbon area

📅  Several days of the week and weekend. Check on:


Farmers’ market by Comida Independente

Lisbon farmers markets

Comida Independente is a hybrid between a store, a deli, a wine bar and a small grocery store that works towards “bringing the best of the countryside into the city”. Founder Rita Santos keeps on traveling across Portugal to find small producers that she believes deserve to have their high-quality products showcased to folks who appreciate their uniqueness and character. 

Even though they already work with over 700 products from more than 150 producers at the store, Comida Independente started a market that brings together farmers, artisanal food producers and chefs. Visiting this market on a Saturday morning brings together the possibility of shopping for fresh produce to take home, as well as sampling sweet and savory foods by up-and-coming chefs and brands. The quirky mix of vendors you’ll find at Comida Independente’s market keeps rotating weekly (check Comida Independente’s Facebook page to see what’s coming!), and will have you purchase some vibrant bio beetroot from Vale das Dúvidas or a vegan cheese from Muka, just before you travel with you palate with El Burro Sin Dueño’s authentically Mexican tacos or Miss Dumpling’s Chinese ​​jiaozi and baos. A mix of typical Portuguese products and world foods, mostly prepared with local ingredients, make Comida Independente’s market a unique destination for food lovers in Lisbon!

🍉 Best for: pop-ups by up-and-coming chefs

📍 Praça de São Paulo, Rua de S. Paulo 71, 1200-429 Lisbon

📅  Saturday 10AM to 2PM


Príncipe Real’s organic market

a group of people in a store

This market in the area of Príncipe Real is a classic of farmers’ markets in Lisbon. Known for its international restaurants and cool bars, this hip neighborhood breathes a totally different vibe on Saturday mornings, when organic producers from around Lisbon and a little all over Portugal set up their stalls in the main square. All of a sudden this green area becomes even greener, as folks young and old walk around with leafy greens peeking out of tote bags. This is the ideal market to visit if you want to shop for your weekly needs while also taking a leisurely weekend morning stroll in a pleasant area.

Príncipe Real’s organic market is known to offer good value for money, especially considering that it takes place in the very center of the city. Come here for fresh vegetables, fruits and other basic products like bread and, why not, bio home-made fruit jams to complete the deal!

🍇 Best for: for all things organic from across the Portuguese territory

📍 Praça do Príncipe Real, 1250-096 Lisbon

📅  Saturday 9AM to 1PM


Santos Collective Market

a group of people sitting on a bench

Santos Collective came together during the pandemic and, even though times have been tough, they’ve accomplished so much ever since! As an NGO, their goal is to promote the community vibes in the neighborhood of Santos, which was until now lacking a farmers’ market. But Santos Collective Market is more than a green market where you’d go to purchase food. It’s all about giving local folks an excuse to come out on Saturday and Sunday morning, get some fresh air, buy unique and high-quality products, while supporting small farms, producers and cooks. Here you’ll see stands of fresh produce right by those selling home-made cakes, artisanal bread, speciality French pastries, tacos, Asian food, vegan pizzas, and more! Apart from food, Santos Collective Market focuses on lifestyle as well, showcasing small brands of cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, and more. 

The team who organizes this market knows that if, besides food, there’s one thing that brings people together, that is music! That’s why live music is also a part of the program here. The ever changing lineup of artists is announced weekly on Santos Collective’s Instagram page, giving the public who comes here for shopping the opportunity to sit down, grab a bite and a drink, and enjoy the show.

🍒 Best for: community vibes and hanging out with friends while shopping

📍 Igreja de Santos, Rua Santos-O-Velho 15, 1200-813 Lisbon

📅  Saturday 10AM to 3PM, Sunday 1.30PM to 6PM


LX Rural

a group of people standing on a sidewalk

This former industrial area in the neighborhood of Alcântara is known for its unique restaurants, artsy ambiance, cool bars and, generally speaking, hipster vibes on steroids. As such, this may not seem like the most obvious place to host a producers’ market, but that’s what LX Rural indeed is! Bringing together food producers, small eateries, drink carts and a few arts & crafts brands and well, LX Rural puts the limelight on small producers and homemade goods. It’s as if new-age and tradition came to co-exist on Sundays. 

Even though you can get fresh produce and flowers at LX Rural, perhaps the highlights are the small-scale goods you can get here. Think of homemade preserves like the much appreciated peri-peri sauce we use to flavor Portuguese BBQ chicken, freshly baked goods, dehydrated fruits with Azorean spirulina, local infusion blends, typical cured meats, and other flavors that will transport you straight to the Portuguese countryside!

🍆 Best for: to also check out the unique retailers and restaurants in Lisbon’s hipster paradise

📍 LX Factory, Rua Rodrigues Faria 103, 1300 – 501 Lisbon

📅  Sunday 10AM to 6PM


Between freshly harvested produce, internationally inspired food pop-ups and artisanal hidden gems, there’s a little bit for everyone in Lisbon’s outdoor food markets! Do you also value being able to shop at a farmers’ market? Let us know your thoughts via, Instagram or Facebook! 🍅🌱 Tag us @tasteoflisboa or #tasteoflisboa.  

We’ll love to see your photo shoots,  to know about your insights, questions, suggestions and wishes on your food & culture experiences in Lisbon and Portugal.  Please share with us via FacebookInstagram or Twitter and tag us @tasteoflisboa or #tasteoflisboa.  


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