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Attention sweet tooth: Campo de Ourique is the neighborhood with the highest concentration of sugary temptations

Chocolate cake close up

Portuguese pastries are by themselves a temptation, but be careful when visiting Campo de Ourique. The neighborhood is a real temptation for lovers of high concentrations of sugar, starting with the World’s Best Chocolate Cake. Really? In the Taste of Lisbon food tour you will be able to taste this and other temptations. Take note:

The World’s Best Chocolate Cake: A lot has been said about this chocolate cake and it is so renowned that is already on sale in New York. The name can make you raise an eyebrow, before such presumption, and almost forces itself to prove a slice. That’s the idea, because after the first bite you forget everything else! The light and slightly moist texture, thanks to layers of chocolate mousse and meringue chocolate is divine! It’s difficult to be pleased with just one slice.

Aloma’s custard tart: For many, the best custard tart is not to be found in Belém, but in a small, traditional pastry Campo de Ourique. Aloma won the first prize in the competition ‘the best custard tart’ in 2012 and 2013 and there are many customers looking for the pastry to confirm the prize: is it really the best custard tart? Have a try on a visit to Rua Francisco Metras, 67.
Aloma’s custard tart

The best sponge cake of the universe: A joke of neighbors gave the name of this sponge cake, to answer to the world’s best chocolate cake. But how can a low, rectangular and dark yellow cake, wrapped in a white paper, be the best in the universe? What’s so so special? Every doubt ends when enjoying a soft, very light cake, spongy and undercooked inside, but not raw. Is your mouth watering? So wait until you start to feel its creamy texture. You can taste the yolk version and the chocolate version and choose your favorite. Head to Hotel da Estrela and book your table at its Cantina restaurant.
Sponge cake

Karl’s Cookies American wafers: This is paradise for addicts of crackers American style. The showcase, full of cookies of all kinds, is an invitation to taste the most varied combinations, from the triple chocolate ones to more modern recipes with wasabi and sesame, pistachio with white chocolate to carob, almond and figs! Since the space is small, the owners bet on a concept of ‘walking food’, to savor while you discover the neighborhood.
Karl's Cookies American wafers

Homemade ice cream in Resvés Gelataria: Due to the promise of good weather for the next months is almost imperative to visit the ice cream of Campo de Ourique with the most unusual flavors. For those who like alternative experiences, the hard part will be choosing between the kaleidoscope of flavors: Basil in oat glass, cinnamon and cream, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, carob, roses or fig cheese. They also have sweet and savory crepes.
Woman eating ice cream

If you are mouth watering already, book your #28 Tram-Campo de Ourique Food & Cultural Tour right now! We take you at least at two of these sweet sweet spots. Find it out!