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Urban Picnic for travellers – Everything you need you find in Downtown-Mouraria!

Picnic picture

Downtown and Mouraria have plenty of culinary choices and invites you to an irresistible journey through the flavours from various corners of the world without having to leave the neighbourhood. But for those days when you fancy a family moment or a special meal for two, Taste of Lisboa Food Tours proposes an alternative DIY program: a picnic in the many corners of Mouraria.

What do you need?

Plates, cups and cutlery – The mecca of housewives is Pollux. Located at Rua dos Fanqueiros, there are 8 floors dedicated entirely to the home. Here you can find all kinds of dishes, from simple plastic dishes to the famous Bordallo Pinheiro.
Pollux store on Lisbon

A basket – The completely trendy and typical models of Portuguese baskets can be found in a little shop in front of S. Cristóvão Church – A Loja. Hopefully you still find a blanket from Alentejo to provide support to the picnic and some typical colourful dishes from Alentejo.
Typical Portuguese baskets

Food – In restaurant Cantinho do Aziz you can find the best samosas (veggies and meat), Cantina Baldraca has tasty pasta dishes to take out and Mercado de Fusão, in Martim Moniz square, has several kiosks with gastronomic proposals, such as mussels ready in five minutes. In Manteigaria Silva can get bread, cheese for every palate, ham, nuts, fruit and wine.
Portuguese style Mussels

Drinks – The Ali grocery, close to A Loja, is a good alternative to buy bottled water or juices. And why not prepare your own ‘juice’ in a flavoured water version? Just put some slices of lemon and orange in a glass, half a stick of cinnamon and some mint leaves.

And where? – Largo dos Trigueiros, Largo da Achada or Largo da Rosa are good alternatives for an urban picnic. After the works of redevelopment of the area, these places invites people to relax and enjoy some quality time. The Largo da Achada is perhaps the most quiet of all and with space for a family picnic. Prefer a Garden? The best is the Torel garden, near Campo Mártires da Pátria. Quiet, has fabulous view over Lisbon and is one of those places that only locals know.
Table set on a square in Lisbon