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In Portugal, summer means sun, beach and… food festivals!

Sea food

Yes, it’s true: not even in the holidays Portuguese stop thinking about food! Even if we go on holiday to Algarve beaches, to the north orin the countryside to visit family there is always a seafood, sardines or crab summer festival.

Often, the food festivals are embedded in popular festivals that liven up the country from north to south and where people celebrate local traditions. These festivals are much awaited by Portuguese emigrants, who return to the country in August to reunite with the family. Let yourself be captivated by these local festivals because they are the most genuine way to taste the local traditions.

Take note of some of the gastronomic summer festivals:

Mercado da Sardinha – Cascais (Sardine Market)
Are you in Lisbon? And have never tasted grilled sardines? Then you have to go to the Sardine Market in Cascais. Outdoors and with free entry, this is a good opportunity to taste this typical Portuguese dish. Here you will find pubs, terraces and crafts.
Where? Cascais
When? July 30 to August 2

Street Food Festival – Portimão
Organized by the Association of Street Food Portugal, this is a festival where you can eat traditional hot dog, piglet sandwiches, pizza cone, wraps and other delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere and animated by various DJs.
Where? Portimão
When? July 23 to August 2

Semana das Sopas – Arraiolos (Soup week)
There are about 17 restaurants that open their doors to visitors to taste the typical soups of the Alentejo. There are menus and and special wines of the region.
Where? Arraiolos
When? Until August 8

Ao Gosto do Porto – Porto (Porto Taste)
Festival where you can taste typical Portuguese traditional food, like the famous francesinhas (July 23 to August 5), shellfish (6 to August 16) and tripas à moda do Porto (17-23 and August). It includes craft fairs and regional products.
Where? Oporto
When? July 23 to August 23

Festival do Marisco – Olhão (Seafood Fest)
In addition to seafood and shellfish – the true kings of this festival – there are also regional sweets, craft and concerts. This year the festival celebrates 30 years and is an excellent opportunity to testify what they say: the Portuguese seafood is the best in the world!
Where? Olhão
When? 10 to 15 August

Festival da Sardinha – Portimão (Sardine Fest)
The grills return to work and fill the atmosphere with a distinctive smell in a festival where you can taste the grilled sardines in many different ways, on bread or dish, accompanied with potatoes and salad of lettuce, tomatoes and peppers. It includes daily concerts with Portuguese artists.
Where? Portimão
When? 12 to 16 August

Festival da Sapateira – Santa Cruz (Crab Fest)
In this festival there’s a dish that stand’s out in Santa Cruz restaurants: the crab seafood. This is the golden opportunity to taste the various ways of eating this seafood.
Where? Santa Cruz
When? September 4 to October 5

Sardine Festival in Portugal