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Have you been to Praça da Figueira market?

Traditional markets and fairs are fantastic places to find traditions that thought forgotten in time. At every last weekend of each month, Praça da Figueira receives Figueira Marca-te (Figueira Marks You), a traditional market where you can local producers, regional products and artisans. You can find and taste sausages, suckling pig sandwiches, convent sweets, chocolates, teas, hot wine in the winter, typical breads from various parts of Portugal, paired with our best cheeses of Alentejo and Serra da Estrela.

The Praça da Figueira Market dates back to the times of the earthquake in 1755. Over the ruins of All Saints Hospital the merchants began to gather there. In the nineteenth century it was the main market where the Lisboners used to do their daily shopping. It became so important that an iron structure was built, at the style of markets such as Covent Garden, and it was lauched by our king Luis and queen Maria Pia in 1885. In 1947 this market was closed and ordered to be dimantled, in order do open the square to traffic. We would love to see this market old structure reassembled in here, now the Lisbon markets are being requalified and relaunched. In the meantime, you know: at the last weekend of each month you’ll find on this square the pop-up market. For hang out, eat and buy good regional products.