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How to have a SAFE Experience with Taste of Lisboa

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As the global pandemic still unfolds in different parts of the world, here in Portugal we are happy to announce that our country is fully open to tourism.

We are aware that those who have had to reschedule their travels to Portugal, and who haven’t booked anything yet but are potentially planning to, may have concerns and reservations. After all, Covid-19 meant the exact opposite of traveling. But after the lockdown and experiencing heavy restrictions on movement, domestically and internationally, it’s also normal to crave a change of place even more than before.

We would like to reassure you that our country is not only open to international travelers; Taste of Lisboa is also fully ready to welcome you in a trust and safe way. What does this even mean in practical terms, you may be wondering? Let’s see:

Hygiene and Safety Standards

Implementing new hygiene and safety standards during our experiences is not just about addressing your concerns. It’s about actually protecting everyone’s health and well-being: guests, staff at partner establishments and, of course, our very own team of native hosts.

We have been granted the Clean & Safe Seal by Portugal’s tourism board. This certificate ensures that we follow strict guidelines for everyone’s protection and safety related to Covid19 prevention. Every member of Taste of Lisboa’s team has been carefully trained in order to take all the advice into consideration at every step of our experiences, both outdoors and indoors. When it comes to food and drink tastings, we only visit carefully selected partners that we know take all these guidelines as seriously as we do.

During our food and cultural experiences we also spend a most of the time outdoors, as we walk between establishments where we stop for tastings, exploring freely as we share with you details about the past and present of our city. Outdoors is naturally easier to maintain the advisable social distance as well.

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Guest Safe Kit – Individual Safety for our Guests 

We have prepared an individual safety kit for every guest who books with us. This guest’s safety kit containing tools which we believe will be effective in further protecting everyone. It includes personal protection equipment such as a face mask, a face shield, alcohol cleansing wipes and a forehead strip thermometer. Furthermore, we have also included an individual recyclable glass and reusable cutlery set for our guests to feel more comfortable in using it, if they wish, during the individually plated tastings we will be presenting at each stop during our walks.

Private and Customizable Experiences

We understand if right now you do not feel fully comfortable sharing an experience with a group of yet-to-know travelers, even if our walks always happen in small intimate groups. This is why we also offer completely private experiences, which you can share with your own family, friends, or book even solo.

If you’d like to take things to the next level, please contact us to discuss a customizable experience which may best fit your taste and requirements. This is as exclusive as it gets with Taste of Lisboa!

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With these extra safety measures in place, now is truly a great time to visit Lisbon and Portugal. Our capital city is void of crowds that could have been a turn-off for some travelers longing for a more quiet yet exciting destination.

Right now you can feel the city a little bit more as your own; You can as well travel around with the full sense that you are supporting the local Economy, that is quite heavily dependent on tourism. When you join a Taste of Lisboa experience, you are directly giving back to the local community. We focus on small businesses, oftentimes family run, that have been suffeing during the pandemic and, let’s be honest, will take all a long time to recover. When you join us for a gastronomic and cultural immersion in the real Lisbon, you will be enriching your travels with very native perspectives, delicious local food and drinks, as well as the fulfillment that comes when you know your choices are indeed making a difference in the local lives and community.

We are waiting for you in Lisbon! We promise you will have a delicious, safe and memorable time with us!

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