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Hello 2015: New Year´s Resolutions

Chef cooking

On the last day of 2014, one of the best years for tourism in Lisbon, we asked for New Year’s resolutions of some of those responsible for restaurants visited by Taste of Lisbon Food Tour.

Ana and Tiago, the soul and the creative chef of Leopold.
The sweet blast stop on our Downtown-Mouraria Food & Cultural Tour
“Leopold has grown considerably in this first year. My New Year’s resolutions? To expand the restaurant.”
Ana and Tiago owners of Leopold Restaurant

Cátia, The chef of 2 à Esquina in the Market.
She cooks and deep-fry for us the cruncky and probably the only 100% veggie Portuguese tidbit,
on our #28 Tram-Campo de Ourique Food & Cultural Tour
“What I wish for 2015? To mantain at least what we reached in 2014. Perfect will be to make it grow!”
Catia, chef of 2 à Esquina in Lisbon

Aziz, the owner and the heart of Afro-Indian flavours of Cantinho do Aziz.
The crunchy and spicy tasting sample in our Downtown-Mouraria Food & Cultural Tour
“2014 was simply a great year. I can only hope that 2015 equals it!”
Aziz, the owner of Cantinho do Aziz in Portugal

Mr. António, our host at Os Amigos da Severa.
The most authentic and fun old tavern that we visit in our Downtown-Mouraria Food & Cultural Tour
“The request I made to Our Lady was a 2015 at least equal to 2014, if it is better no problem. To my house and to
my clients, if 2015 is not equal to 2014 may it be better. That God gives you twice what you wish for me.”
Mr. António, our host at Os Amigos da Severa in Lisbon

Jorge and Rui, founders and partners of Oficina do Vinho.
Our trip to the Portuguese wine producers without leaving Lisbon,
on our Food & Cultural Tour Elétrico 20-Campo de Ourique
“What do we wish for 2015? That wine helps to overcome many difficulties and bring lots of happiness!”
Jorge and Rui, founders of Oficina do Vinho in Portugal