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Where can I find Halal butchers? In Mouraria, obviously.

Halal Butchers in Lisboa

Mouraria is the most multicultural neighborhood of Lisbon and Portugal. You find everything in here.

If you are in Lisbon and looking for a Halal butcher, Benformoso Street is a must see destination. There are at least three butchers that sell Halal meat, ie, arabic word that means allowed to the Islamic community.

In Portugal there are more than 40 000 muslims, among Guineans, Bengalis, Indian, Cape Verdeans, Angolans, etc. But it is not only muslims who consume Halal products. The Jewish community too. And the Chinese and Brazilians appreciate this food condiments very much. It is also advised to those who suffer from diabetics and with allergies.

The ritual? The animal should be turned towards Mecca, to be slaughtered by a Muslim religious and have the blood drained before the final blow. What for? To prevent possible diseases of the blood of the animal is transmitted to humans through the consumption of its meat.

The utensils used should be suitable for Halal slaughter, ie, the knife used must be sharp to minimize animal suffering.

Pig, snake, dog, and monkey are among the Haram meats, forbidden by Islam.

Halal food shop in Lisbon